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✅ AmazonTube may be YouTube’s next Competitor! Amazon Prime Cost Increase?

✅ AmazonTube may be YouTube’s next Competitor! Amazon Prime Cost Increase?
07 Sep

what's up shenanigans John here and I am back and back to ring in the weekend to close out the workweek we're all been looking forward to it it's been a crazy week we have YouTube melting down we have the government melting down the looming closure happening it's just the world's going crazy right now it's going crazy but I'm here to bring a little levity and a little bit of a good discussion about Amazon Prime and how do I get rid of cable and cut cable and do away with the nonsense I'm gonna need your help with that I've talked about this in the past but I can't figure it out first I have to say this to all of you thank you so much thank you so much for watching this thank you so much for subscribing there's a ton of you that are new to this channel thank you so much and thank you for all of you who have been supporting this channel for a long time the views have been going through the roof the watch time is going through the roof the engagement from you and me is going through the roof I love it you guys are actually getting me to the point where it's overwhelming it is getting overwhelming to respond to all the comments I maintained my promise I told you I apologized for last time but I've done it I've responded and I hope you guys feel the love I feel the love it's like the circle of love I don't that's not a thing it's a ring of fire it's a circle of light you know what I'm saying it's it's it's love it's yes so today today I'm reading something that blew my mind you guys help me out help me understand that please help me understand Amazon has a subscription by month I pay $99 a year been doing it for years but I've read today they're moving from 1099 a month to $1299 a month and all I could think of is why is somebody paying monthly for this you're you're gonna be paying now you're gonna pay almost $60 more a year for a service that cost $99 a year why would you do that you can't say it's about affordability it's the below you don't have $99 but you could pay 12

9 a month I know everyone's freaking out saying they want to cancel Amazon Prime now over this but what does pay that $99 I don't understand and before any of you start yelling at me for saying they paid monthly because this pay-as-you-go you can cancel any month like if you just want to join Amazon Prime for like the month and then you cancel it I think that's what they're trying to get away with attorney stop everyone who just kind of joins for a month or two and then they cancel it I think they want to rope you in for the whole times I know you're gonna spend money on Amazon I'm this guessing that's what it is so I get it I'm kind of tongue and cheek in this I don't understand but I don't understand and also for the college students I think they pay about 550 a month it's gonna go up to about 650 a month per year and when you're in college that was poor in college absolutely poor you know $500 a lot of money but they can just pay $49 a year and they get the same services and you don't even have to worry about it's about paying monthly you pay it on your credit card you can pay it off how you want so first suggestions for me is if you are paying monthly for Amazon please stop please stop stop with the craziness right now it's 1099 but I think immediately now they're raising the prices but it was ten ninety-nine a month don't do that I pay it get a credit card get a prepaid card do something and pay it that way it just it hurts it hurts Amazon said you know while it's happening immediately if you have if you're paying ten ninety-nine a month you have until February 18th to order everything you can before the price increase yeah well you know what I think you should do is just cancel it and then re-up it again just pay the full $99 and stop stop with the insanity the other thing I want to talk to you guys about is the fire stick I have two of them and it's ordered another one for Christmas and I had another one I've had another one for a couple years I love it I watch all the shows I have Amazon music but I want to cut cable I want to replace it I need to know I need help I'm slow I'm slow a little teeny bit lazy when it comes to this kind of stuff I bust my rear on all kinds of things but trying to figure out this TV situation guys I need some of you that are smart I hire you guys tell me what should I get for to replace cable I don't think this does it I have an Apple TV it doesn't replace cable I want to have local stations I wanna be able to watch HBO is it YouTube TV is that what I need to get does that replace cable I'll get you tube TV and supplement that with Apple I don't know I think that's what I want to do is that sounds like a pretty good ideas they can get kind of the premium channels and I think some local stations or do I go get an antenna that picks up the local networks I don't know I don't know from all the sharing is going around on YouTube it got brought to my attention that back in December Amazon filed for a copyright for Amazon tube what is there gonna be a fight is there gonna be some sort of battle between YouTube and the Amazon I know they already are battling through all the nonsense I've not been able to get to YouTube through Amazon because that's what I used to do through this I used to be able to watch YouTube through this on my TV and now I can't because they're fighting but now YouTube is gonna be fighting with Amazon with some sort of Amazon tube that's gonna get interesting tell you what folks I'm waiting for that fight I don't even know what it looks like I don't even know what's gonna happen but I know it's gonna be interesting I know it's gonna be fodder for all kinds of content coming out on YouTube and Amazon tube if they actually do anything with it and it was probably gonna take a while for it to compete with YouTube but with all the craziness going on YouTube I could see they're bringing over some big stars and it's probably what they're gonna do they're gonna have some sort of way of trying to bring in creators over there so they're gonna be probably some really cool incentives that's the only thing I can speculate I'm just back but if they can get a couple those guys like over like you know maybe Luke and Paul he's having some issues now if they were paid a buttload of money to go over there and start there and bring views over there man this could get interesting this could get very interesting guys let me know down below what your first off I need help on you know how to fix my stupid TV situation I know you guys done this before and cutting cable but it's a whole bunch more of you out there give me some hints this Amazon – really what do you guys think is this gonna be a thing I don't know I haven't read a ton about it I read a little bit of one article listen me crazy guys I'm looking forward to it I hope you guys had a good week honestly guys want to come on here have a little bit of fun talk about some things I'm interesting this week you guys are awesome I can't thank you enough for this week this week has been probably one of the funnest weeks on YouTube for me there's so many more of you have joined and I've had so many discussions with hundreds of you one thing it does never surprises me about YouTube is all of the passionate people out there who want to create and like-minded people that's why I'd like you to that's why I go to play the slide got to hang out with other people who like to create stuff and you guys are awesome honestly from the bottom of my heart thank you this has been a really good week and it's all because of you guys and I can't thank you enough so I'm not gonna say thank you again cuz I've said a lot so thank you one more time thank you alright guys I'm out of here you guys rock I will see you tomorrow I got a good video for tomorrow so my tips and tricks on how to get your view count how to get your watch time up you've gotta sing it it's a view kind of thing it's how I get your you watched I'm up for a small youtuber I'll show you my tips and tricks and that ought to be fun because they're gonna be all kinds of craziness going on here soon with everybody trying to get more subscribers and more watch time I could only imagine the creativity that's going on out there I've seen a little bit of it you guys are good you guys are smart that's it I'm out of here have a good weekend love you guys I will remind you I am a family vlogger but I do film all kinds of different content from unboxings and talk about tech stuff and I do these talking head types videos or I don't really do rants but I have general discussions and I do family vlogs and usually on the weekend I do family vlogs that are more cinematic and edited and these are what I do just to kind of get to talk to you and interact with you guys cuz it's hard for me to go flog the family my kids aren't even all here tonight and most of those nights are filled with homework and dinners and going to bed and spending time with them not breaking out the camera and trying to film all that stuff it's disruptive so you guys can get whole out of this during the week and then on the weekends I'll film the more family vlog style stuff so I appreciate you guys if you want to go check that out and if you are new to the channel I have 350 videos you can go watch and catch up on me and my family get to know us good stuff I like it we'll bias though hello oh my gosh stupid Otto robot callers

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