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💳 Chase Sapphire Preferred Card Review 💳 & Benefits & Ultimate Rewards System Sneak Peak

💳 Chase Sapphire Preferred Card Review 💳 & Benefits & Ultimate Rewards System Sneak Peak
01 Aug

What's up guys today, I wanted to do a review of the Chase Sapphire Preferred card But if this is your first time here, my name is Jason I'm the founder of Nomad travel hackercom, and I'm a travel rewards consultant

I teach people how to use Airline and travel miles to travel for free as well as discuss life as a digital nomad so be sure and subscribe so you don't miss anything so I wanted to do a review of the ultimately popular Chase Sapphire Preferred card But first of all just wanted to apologize if it's a bit loud on the background here I'm coming at you from Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Aka Saigon and this city is super loud super chaotic 24 hours a day even on the 16th floor It's really loud so if you hear anything in the background I do apologize, but let's get into it So the Chase Sapphire Preferred is my number one Recommendation as far as beginner cars, and if you're just getting into this game You should definitely at least consider this card so first of all if you are Considering this card you will also want to look at the Chase Sapphire Reserve card because you are not allowed to have both of these cards anymore, which really sucks, but now you've got to decide basically which one makes more sense to you so if you're looking for more premium benefits such as access to the priority past lounges free TSA or Global Entry and Some other really nice perks then the reserve might make more sense, but it's gonna Have a much higher annual fee and the Chase Sapphire Preferred is It's gonna have a $0 annual fee as well as a 50000 point bonus which both of those cards have But that zero dollar annual fee is you know really popular with a lot of people just getting started in this game After the first year it's a yeah after the first year It's only 95 dollars, so it's still really not bad and It does have that nice 50,000 points signup bonus after a four thousand dollar minimum spent So I just wanted to walk through some of the other benefits of this card It's been around for you know about five years or so now and it's won all sorts of a war awards, it's Yeah, it's still one of the most popular and best cards out there So as far as some other benefits you see things like Double points on travel and dining so basically you get two x points at any bar restaurant or really any kind of travel related spence such as uber flights hotels Airbnb and pretty much anything in between like I've gotten those points before for like buying beer at like a football game, so Really uh really liberal giving those double points away, so that's pretty cool, and you know if You eat out a lot of travel a lot

It's a good card to have most of these travel reward cards have is trip cancellation auto rental Collision damage waiver so that's not quite as good as full auto insurance, but it is better than nothing You get also no foreign transaction fees so basically usually when you're outside of the US And you buy something with a credit card or a debit card They charge you an international fee, so you get no fee Just like you're using the card back home Which really comes in handy for international travel so they also have a really nice Customer service department so you can call them 24 hours a day you know 365 days a year You're gonna Talk to a English-speaking American and they can really help you out if you ever need anything I've had really great experiences with them Now also they've got things like baggage delay insurance if something happens if your bag is delayed more than only six hours You get up to $100 a day for five days, which is you know really awesome? they've also got some things like you know events the VIP things you could go to I Personally never really use any of those, but maybe they could be nice depending on your interests But a trip delay reimbursement is a really nice benefit and If you know you get some delays due to some hurricanes or some crazy events going on That cause you to miss your flight You may be able to get reimbursement for things like hotel lodging and food in any other expenses As long as you are delayed more than twelve hours and As mentioned you know the fifty thousand point signup bonus is kind of the main attraction here It's what draws most people in and is definitely the most valuable benefit, and when you book inside the system essentially you get 25 percent more points so these 50,000 points act Like sixty two thousand five hundred points, and I'll show you what that means in just a second But a few other things that you get are things like lost luggage Roadside dispatch we have a broken down car and you know there when you're redeeming these points There are no blackout dates or anything like that so You know you can use them essentially whatever you want and really probably the second most valuable thing in here outside of that 50,000 points ina bonuses being able to transfer these points to some Frequent traveler programs, and they've got really amazing ones like United Hyatt British Airways, and I'm gonna show you those in just a minute here, but There's a lot to offer here for a card with a zero dollar Fee for the first year and only 95 after that so let's see here So I just wanted to show you guys what it looks like inside this ultimate rewards system It's really friendly really easy to use You'll see I don't have any points in here because I keep all of mine on the Chase Sapphire Reserve I signed up for both cards when you were able to do that and now they only allow you to have one But anyway, so just showing you the system here It's you know it's very nice looking it's very easy to use it works really well and You know outside of just travel you you you can redeem your points for gift cards for cash back Which you're not gonna get the most value out of that But I guess if that's what you really want to do with your points that's your choice, and you've got that option you can shop with points for Amazon and Stuff like that so you've got quite a few options in here I'm going to show you what it looks like if you actually wanted to book something It's very similar to using something like kayakcom or Google flights So there's really no learning curve here if you're brand new to this and you don't feel really comfortable booking travel I think you're gonna be able to use this system there easily You can use it for flights hotels cars And you know other vacation type activities to do anything you want pretty much roundtrip one way you know multi-segment flights no I think really where There is so much value here and most people don't even understand how to do this I'm actually gonna make another video on really how to maximize your chase ultimate reward points by transferring to these different programs, so this is a little bit more advanced and Most people actually don't even understand that you can use this so of the partners United as my favorite personally I think it is the best of the US carriers, just they just have the most availability they have fairly low fees and Generally their points are the least amount of when when you're trying to fly a lot of the routes that I tend to fly So just looking at some of the airline partners here Aer Lingus is actually brand new on here But through these different partners and again

This is a little bit more advanced but Inside any of these airlines you're able to transfer to the three major Airline alliances and through each one of these airline alliances you can book through their partners Which through the partners you can basically get anywhere in the world so? through their airline partners Which I think they have like nine or ten you can get pretty much anywhere in the world that you can imagine So that's something that's really powerful you can play around with these Partners and find out some of these will be flying the same routes and possibly even the exact same flight It's just a book through a different airline And you can find ones that have lower point requirements for the flight or lower fees so you can really learn how to maximize your Flights here, and it's really really easy You know you just transfer your points to this specific airline Or a hotel partner that you want if you see HD Marriott high ritz-carlton lots and lots of value to be had here folks so definitely understand how to use this but Did just kind of wanted to you know show you what the you know backend of this Ultimate reward system look like so you know this card is highly recommended Really the only question mark is if you should have this or not in my opinion is if you think a Chase Sapphire Reserve card makes more sense for you, but you know this card is incredible It's a fantastic beginner card It doesn't require a high annual fee, or a crazy high minimum Spend to get that boat that signup bonus You can also get away with having a fairly low credit score if that's a concern for you But chase points are my personal favorite and undebatable some of the best out there If not the very best so that there's really nothing not to love here folks so Definitely recommend at least having this card or the Chase Sapphire reserve if you are looking to get into the travel awards game but I Hope this video was helpful for you and really helped explain the Chase Sapphire Preferred I've been saying It's it's a must-have card It's either must have this or the south the Sapphire reserve so Definitely have one of these two cards in your pocket this video is helpful Please give me a thumbs up it really helps me out here And if you have not already do go ahead and subscribe so you do not miss any upcoming videos Thank you for your time guys, and I will talk to you next time you

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