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10 Tips to Host a Frugal yet Dazzling New Years Eve Party Bash

10 Tips to Host a Frugal yet Dazzling New Years Eve Party Bash
30 Dec

“Time to chug the booze and dance on top of the table as the clock strikes 12”, does this sound familiar to you? Ah, the art of welcoming the New Year merrily.

New Year calls a new celebration of life and times that lie ahead. However thrilling the New Year Eve party idea might sound, it’s as good as filling up money in a box full of crackers and setting it on fire… or is it?

This NYE, we’ll set the box of crackers on fire alright. But we’ll make sure that with these New Years Eve party ideas, NYE bash stays on budget. After all, it takes some money to sing Auld Lang Syne and count-down to the New Year.

Here are 10 New Years Eve party ideas on a budget that’ll make your NYE bash THE ONE to look forward to next year:

1. Home is where the Party is

We are talking New Year Ever party ideas on a budget, and renting a place the party or hitting the club would cost a lot more than crashing at your humble abode (or your friend’s bachelor pad).

It doesn’t take a lot to shake things up if you’re hosting the NYE party at home. Make sure that you keep the place tidy, lock the rooms where you don’t want your guests to go, and manage some food and cutlery.

We’ll get to food and cutlery later, for a start just host the NYE party at your place. It’s a simple trick that saves a lot of money.

2. Tell ‘em to Pick their Poison

A New Years bash is just incomplete without the booze. Tell me something, can you really dance senselessly and count backwards to 2019 if you’re sober? Well, you can do it, but it’s super awkward.

If you host a party of 15 people, it would dig a HUGE hole in your pocket to imbibe them into the festive spirit. I’ll do you one better- Tell all the guests to pick their own favorite alcohol and pool in with their share.

Not only would you get to try 15-something different kinds of booze, but you’d also save enough money for an alcohol-infused night out some other day. This New Years Eve party idea on a budget keeps a check on your expenses like nothing else.

3. It’s a Party, NOT a Dinner

Dude, its New Year’s Eve party– The actual celebrations begin at 11 PM and continue till everyone passes out. People have already eaten their hearts out, now they just need small appetizers to chug with champagne.

As the folks have had dinner at home, don’t try too hard on the food. The best New Year Eve party ideas for serving food on a budget are cheese crackers. Those babies feel like heaven when you’re gulping ‘em down with some spirit.

To be in the spirit, you can obviously make small Hoppin’ John Balls with Black Eyed Beans (while playing Black Eyed Peas tunes). If you’re a meaty person, go for the pig in a blanket (and eat ‘em in a blanket).

4. Celebrate with everyone Close Ones

New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating the occasion with your close ones- particularly the one(s) who you’d kiss for good luck and others that you actually care about.

When it comes to guest-list, keep the headcount low. When you have close ones around you, you can just be yourself.

Generally, the close mates know their way around your condo; you don’t have to show them around. Don’t go around inviting everyone at your NYE party- your place’s safety is at stake.

There’s a good chance that most of these people are going to crash at your place, and you don’t want to start your New Year by getting mugged. With close ones by your side, NYE is twice the fun, and on budget.

5. Décor? Meh!

NYE is all about paparazzi, fireworks, booze, Instagram and Snapchat stories- did you read the word ‘decorations’ anywhere? Nobody, I mean nobody gives a fly’s buzz about how you decorate your place for the NYE.

Is the Christmas tree still there? That’s your décor. Are the stockings still hanging? That’s your NYE décor. Don’t do anything extra for the NYE party when it comes to décor.

The place is already decorated with Christmas spirit; you can carry it forward to NYE party as well. We aren’t going to steal anything away from you; you can get that glittery ‘Welcome 2019’ balloon set.

That should be enough to fill the room- best décor New Years Eve party idea, on a budget.

6. Don’t let ‘em Ride back Home

Okay, this one isn’t really a ‘New Year Eve party idea on a budget’, but it is a crucial thing to consider when you are the party host. With the great party power comes great host responsibility.

Make sure that your mates find their way back home safe. Now there are two ways this can go down:

  • Pick a designated driver and put him on chauffeur duty.
  • Book a cab service like Uber and Lyft in advance, so that they get home safe.

Make sure every booze-lusted guest puts his/her keys in the hat. Old Gods and the New forbid- New Years Eve party can take a very wrong turn if you don’t take care of this.

7. No Crackers, No Party

Crackers are pretty cheap when it comes to the NYE as many families love to hold their personal firework show. I know it’s too late, but you can save that 4th of July stock and use it on NYE.

Come on now, you just saved a big amount of money by hosting the party at home, you’re only inviting the close ones and they bring the booze- you have enough money saved to buy a good amount of fireworks!

After all, fireworks are the spirit of the NYE. To be honest, you don’t really need to buy fireworks yourself. Just get on the roof with your guests, bring a bottle of champagne, and watch mystique unfold as the sky lights up.


You don’t really have to spend money on buying a NYE party dress. The party is at your house (or someone else’s) right? Why don’t you theme it up as a Pajama party?

Nothing beats the tenacity and sensual tension that a Pajama Party holds in the air. The best part is that you don’t really have to go to extreme lengths in order to get the perfect NYE party costume.

Girls, nobody’s stopping you from doing a touch-up, you’re all your own queens! But yeah, this New Year Eve party idea would keep it on a budget. You’re hosting a party and spending money, why spend it on clothes?

9. The Final Countdown

The adrenaline rush should be enough to make the party go wild when the clock’s about to strike 12 AM. You’re sitting at home with a great group of folks that you love, and it can’t get any better than this.

You can go for the simple yet effective technique to celebrate New Years- Watch the big Ball go down at Times Square, NY on the telly. Kiss your loved ones on the hour-mark and parry away all the evil spirits as you step into 2019.

PRO TIP: Gather all the clocks at Ground Zero and watch the clock strike 12 as the tick-tock intensifies. It might not sound exciting but works like a charm in reality.

10. The Next Morning…

Welcome to 2019. You just woke up in your own bed (thankfully) and you have the tough job of cleaning up the mess. Now here’s very useful advice for you– Crack open ALL the windows and let the fresh air come in.

Throw the disposables, empty six-packs, empty bottles, ANYTHING EMPTY. Re-cork half-emptied bottles of wine and shelf ‘em up.

Eat some ginger to cure the hangover, check the corners of your place to make sure there aren’t any guests that crashed then and there (especially the loo, there’s always one in the loo). Finally, you can tally the damage.

Congratulations! (If you followed the New Year Eve party ideas on a budget) You just hosted one helluva NYE bash that is destined for greatness. Your guests will remember this one for a long time to come.

This Holiday season is one to Cherish and the New Year calls for new beginnings. Follow these 10 New Years Eve party ideas on a budget and your NYE party would be a lot more fun while being frugal at the same time.


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