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10 Ways Celebrate Martin Luther King Day

10 Ways Celebrate Martin Luther King Day
19 Jan

Get Out and Go Away is what we should ask from the Storm but instead let’s do the possible and literally storm out for this 21st Jan, Martin Luther King Day.

This day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of January and instead of getting just 1 we get 3 days off!!
So if you haven’t planned anything for this long weekend yet then scroll down and find out 10 Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King Day.

1. Snow demands to be Shaped as a Snowman

A visit to various parks which offer you free entry on Martin Luther King Day will surely make you revisit your childhood.

So, grab some shovels and hand gloves and dig out an Amazing Snowman with your kids.

If not a visit to National Park then at least get the best use of your backyard and streets to Celebrate Martin Luther King Day.

Even storm has its own perks coming along with a snowy day out followed up with a hot chocolaty day at home.
With this awesome recipe, even the deadliest of the SNOWBALLS thrown at you won’t hurt!

2. Home Alone but with Kids

Going out in this cold weather to Celebrate Martin Luther King Day is a challenge in itself and making your kids understand the same is not at all easy.

Simply make sure that you allure your kids with amazing DIY projects which you can easily find on the internet along with the meal that they have been craving for since long!

Developing your kids’ skills in this vacay is the best that you’ve got, so go crazy and let the colorful craft work speak volumes.

3. At Home All Alone

MLK day weekend is the perfect time to be the spoiled couch potato. Just download all the web series from Hulu that you were planning to watch and pamper yourself in a hot tub.

Scented candles and soaking your body with Epsom salts might just do the trick and relax you to every bit. Visit Walmart or SallyBeauty to buy these pampering products at a reasonable rate.

4. Celebration with Food (Our BAE! Which we keep on forcing away)

Keep the workout and fitness regime for working week and simply indulge in good food (Trust me! This is exactly what your soul is looking for). For our entire hectic week, the very important thing that we ignore is food!

So just break the habit and indulge in cooking and if you don’t feel like investing your time to cook then there are various apps like Caviar, Butcher Box and Uber Eats which provide you home delivery for reasonable snacking items.

5. Fly Away for the ENTIRE WEEKEND

MLK day brings the best perk for us as we can simply plan a small getaway starting from Friday and getting back home on Monday!

So grab the opportunity and get out of your home just visit Crystal Travel and get the best deals far but no so far away from your home.

A small vacation is even prescribed by doctors, so make sure that you leave and relieve your stress and take along extra carry-ons.

6. Be the Award-Winning Host!

If the previous point does not work for you then keep on reading because staying at home is sure going to be worth it, so this year Celebrate Martin Luther King Day in a different way!

Be the Monica Geller among your F.R.I.E.N.D.S and host the party full fun and surprises, but also make sure that you don’t burden yourself with extra work.

So keep the invite list to the minimum, in fact just 1 or 2 couple friends could also work, to bring a twist in the same you can turn it into a potluck party.

If you’re completely engrossed in vacay mood then simply order food from Caviar, Butcher Box and Uber Eats.

7. Celebrate by Making some Cash

Some people enjoy spending and rest focus on earning something extra as and when they get a chance.

This MLK day not only gives you chance to rest but also earn some extra cash by just being cuddled up on your comfy couch.

Visit this site, it will prove to be the best way to earn.

And if you need help with Debt Consolidation then check out this article.

8. Be the Real You (Freak?!, Workaholic?!)

If you’re a total control freak just like I’m and the word relaxation in your dictionary means doing daily chores, then relax by bringing a change in the home. Decorate or redecorate your stuff, you can find some amazing stuff at Walmart.

This brings in new energy at your cozy corner and always keeps you occupied along with a change which proves to be refreshing for workaholic freaks like us.

But whatever you do never opt for doing office work at home, these two territories (i.e. Home and office) are meant to be kept apart.

9. National Day of Service

Celebrate Martin Luther King Day by helping others, pick up the cause that you would want to associate with and lend a helping hand.

There are various beautification projects around various campuses which will be willing to take you in as a Volunteer.

Talk to your neighbors and friends, chit-chat a bit and find out all about the place where such events are happening.

10. Teach yourself more about History. Knowledge Never Hurts!

Watching movies on King’s life will be the best way to

Martin Luther King Day. Start with the movie “Our Friend, Martin”, visit Hulu and get your free trial.

If you’re a bookworm then do check out the Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr.

Hope that just like me you too have a great celebration on Martin King Luther Day and make sure that with all the fun you teach your kids too about the importance of this day!

And if not an essay, if not a painting or even a museum tour with your kids but do make sure that you watch “I Have A Dream” speech by Martin Luther King!

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