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10k Easy American Express Platinum Membership Reward Points (Targeted Amex Platinum Credit Card)

10k Easy American Express Platinum Membership Reward Points (Targeted Amex Platinum Credit Card)
02 Sep

What's up guys today, I wanted to show you a way to possibly get 10,000 membership reward points from American Express super super easy But first if this is your first time here My name is Jason I'm the founder of Nomad travel hacker comm I'm a travel rewards consultant, and I teach people how to travel for free with airline miles and Travel points as well as discuss life as a digital nomad So be sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification, so you don't miss anything Okay, so if you have the American Express Platinum, then you potentially could be targeted for 10,000 super-easy membership reward points I'm not sure if this offer or targeted offer it works for the business platinum But I would say it's worth giving it a try so I actually was not targeted with my business platinum at the moment I don't have the personal platinum, but I tried this method with the business platinum But it did not work for me, but essentially they're sending out targeted emails as well as physical amount For this offer of basically 10,000 American Express membership reward points for only making 10 purchases by the 31st of January But you need to enroll by the end of the year to do so So there's actually a link that is floating around out there And they will probably shut this down at some point so if you're seeing this video I would go check right now and basically you can just use this URL, which I will put in the description below And you can check by logging in with your American Express card Using your card information, or if you have that RSVP code From email or physical mail you could put it in there as well But hopefully you guys were targeted I wasn't but there are quite a few data points Floating around the internet saying that this is working for some people It seems you working for people that don't use this card very often or people that they are about to come up on their anniversary date and American Express is probably targeted because they're worried that they will cancel due to the really high annual fee so guys I hope this was helpful for you

Hopefully you get targeted Please give this a like if it was helpful Comment down below and let me know if you were targeted, and if you know any special tricks to get targeted And if you haven't already go ahead and subscribe So thanks for your time guys talk to you again soon

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