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4 Prime Day Tips for Amazon Sellers

4 Prime Day Tips for Amazon Sellers
14 Aug

hello my friends I just wanted to go over four tips that I use leading up to prime day and prime week to be able to squeeze out some extra sales and I'm just gonna do a quick video for you so this is four tips that I use in in our businesses to get more sales come prime week and this is stuff that you can do entirely for free and it's really quick to do too in this example we'll be using the AZoptimizer software of course because that's what we use but we'll all go through as quickly as possible so the first tip tip number one is to add terms that are going to be appropriate for prime day so what we did here first as we put prime day into the keyword generator and we came up with some terms and then we downloaded the results and the results come up as you know you get prime day Amazon Prime day prime day together in prime days Amazon Prime day so we've got all of these terms and I just as an initial check you also see how many searches per month those terms get but I picked out a few terms that you're gonna want to make sure that you put into your listing and get indexed for so we've got prime day week amazon prime together best deal prime day giveaway in sale so this is 66 characters with the spaces so I'll find a place in your back end where you can squeeze those in and make sure that you get indexed for those because people are gonna be searching for terms like let's take a look here so I always use copper bracelet as an example but if we put in prime date deals for copper bracelets we can see now any if you're selling a copper bracelet and someone is looking for those deals there's only 10 results for that and that's because their index for all of these terms primed a deal copper and bracelet our index for all those but look what's showing up in those ten only two products two copper bracelets are actually showing up for that search and you would actually be surprised as we go down here and we take a look let's see here right prime day deals only like 22,000 are a little over 21,000 products out of the millions of products on Amazon are actually indexing for prime day and deals so you need to get in there and make sure you do that now you don't have to do it right away I do it a couple days before prime day hits and then keep it in while prime week is on and make sure that you're actually indexing for that and you can do that by going into our indexing generator and once again this is completely free and you put in your ASIN and then we'll put in some terms that we feel that we want to index for and then you just search and and what I put in here actually is the ASIN for this guy here and we'll see if the terms that I picked are actually being indexed for so actually let's go here see what he is indexing for so we will troll see that and let's ctrl V that and we'll see what he's actually indexing for here and you can do this with all your competition if you want just to see if they're gonna be able to show up for those keywords okay so we can see here that we're starting to get some results and I'm not gonna take all day to do this but you just get the general idea of what's happening so this this product is actually indexing for prime day best deal and sale but what they aren't indexing for is week so prime week amazon prime together prime Day Giveaway now this is actually tip number two you want to check your main competitors and see if they are going to be indexing for this sort of stuff and of course you can do that for free in here just do it as many times as you need and then go ask them or not outside but go go see down the list and see if they are indexing for these main terms and you can do it for all the terms if you want this isn't a tip exclusive to prime day but in this particular case it is for prime name so that's tip number two to use the indexing generator to see if the competition is indexed for prime day or prime week terms so now let's move on to tip number three and this one's I I really like this one because it uses a lot of data and it's it's fairly smart and intuitive so what we do is we go over to the PPC generator the AZoptimizer PPC generator and what you want to do is you want to put in terms that you know your product your own product is indexed for so you use the indexing generator to see what your listing is indexed for and what you do after that is you put those into here and you generate the PPC what this is gonna do is it's going to take all these terms and mumble jumble and put them all around and then give you a whole bunch of different terms to using your PPC so you would generate the PPC and then you would get you would download and be able to get a whole bunch of terms in this case we've got it gave 536 different terms keywords that you can use in your advertising but in this case you know so they as they go down they get a little bit less relevant but here you can see things like if we're sticking with the copper bracelet arthritis bracelet or let's see down here what do we got diabetic bracelets and of course you get the the searches per month on that arthritis pain arthritis pain relief so the way Amazon works in its advertising is if you already have terms in your campaign that you've been trying to advertise for and you find out that hey my impressions are getting less and less and less well what's happening there is Amazon is checking your conversion rate they really like the conversion rate and if if your ad isn't converting for some reason then they're gonna give you less and less impressions over time so you always want to you want your conversion rate to be increasing and increase in the increase and you do that by optimizing your listing your images your price etc to make sure it meets the customers expectations so what happens sometimes is is when you have keywords that you know are really relevant to your product but they're just not getting impressions that's what's happened amazon has said hey you're not getting the conversions that we want to see we're gonna give those impressions to someone who actually is getting those conversions a way around this is to go in using our PPC generator and fight and find terms that you've never advertised for before and make sure that you're optimized for those and then come up on prime day terms like this you can really hammer with a with a high bid and and since Amazon is just learning your conversion rate they'll they'll give you impressions on it so you're gonna want to find for the week these these types of terms that you haven't thought about advertising before and try and stick them into a campaign raising the bids on on the other terms that aren't you know that didn't convert and they just sort of dropped off your impressions it honestly it isn't gonna work Amazon is just going to say yeah we're we're done with you we're not going to give you anymore impressions and stuff like that right so finally these alternative terms put them into the campaign just for the week they may not be super relevant but just for the week put them in there and make sure that you're advertising for them so that's tip number three now tip number four is in your advertising campaign you want to use terms in an exact match ad group so use the exact match and you want to put in terms like since now that your index form you want to put in advertise for terms like prime day deal on copper bracelets right so that's what we did here I think prime day deals for copper bracelets or a prime day deal on copper bracelets or let's say prime week deal on copper bracelets and you want to be the person advertising for those terms or that exact match because you're going to be one of the only people showing up for that and it's gonna be you know you're gonna be able to get clicks that way and Amazon is really gonna give you that spot that top spot because no one else is bidding on it so you're gonna be able to bid fairly low for those terms and you should be able to get a lot of exposure that way so that's you know tip number four and you know those are all the tips that I have and there are things that you can do real easily and you know go in there quickly and update your listings and you can do it for free once again we used to of course I run the AZoptimizer software and that's eight different Amazon tools and previously we were charging $49 per month but we just decided to make them all free we got rid of the paid plans and you know we made all eight tools free and you can go down here and see there's videos on each one you know we've got the keyword generator you saw the indexing generator you saw you haven't seen the 4k generator check that out one thing that we're excited about is our newest program the keyword rank generator so basically it tracks your keyword ranking over time and other programs are doing this for like $50 a month we just made that free for you and you don't even have to use a credit card you can see what we've done we put in banner ads so of course we hope that you click on these affiliate banner ads but if you don't then fine you know just use the tools it's free and there is no gimmick here just go in sign up and use it and that's at Azoptimizercom so I hope you use these tips and I I hope that your your prime week goes really well guys so I will talk to you later

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