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5 Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs!

5 Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs!
22 Aug

i do think it is worth getting your credit card but you do need to handle it very responsibly if i want to talk about af five things that you away should not do with your credit card and we'll talk about what to do instead uh so one of these things that uh that is a credit card don't don't not to keep track of your purchases so do you keep track of your purchases um

obviously your statement is going to be keeping track of your for just a m but you should also keep your seats because if u dollar yelled something computing that i mean in the case and identity theft something good end up understatement they didn't buy but if you don't have a record of all you receive maybe you're not gonna remember aided by its um yet i don't keep track of receipts but i do occasionally checked out my online thing but the problem is uh one intensely pre lag like stuff might take days to post to it by then i forget that i've even bought it uh to some of the stories don't they're not easily identified by what you see there sausage charges i have no idea of texas and yeah i hope that for it's like you have your number letter codes that that you have is that as they like ralph survived intensely you know but but if somebody doesn't like i had once i've also been online did surgery five times for aetna so thankfully i was looking at that so-called muting obviously never checked online and would never known it was possible to tell us when you have to have your receipts to prove it do i mean do you keep track of your receipts if you can and just keep a little like envelope or something like that at home to stash in your wallet and we get home you can keep okay to that's alright as i was able to be responsible i mean i decided that he didn't have a problem and your credit card company or the source says what we need a receipt to prove that are also not gonna get your money back and guess what you're out like a couple about something you know a savior c that's the point sadhana one other thing that i would say to is how the socks have it for a little island just paying my bell and not working that out and econnect online but do review your statement because then i have other times are viewed my statement realize there are charges on there that i don't make it if you think like i will fax that that's about the my i'm out of money and spend per month all just obs pay the bill ukraine it be and first of all paying for charges that you did not in career south and second of all your credit card number could be stolen and you're continuing to go on aware because these charges are being made in your not brit on bringing that up to the attention of your credit card company and there's another one of these that you'd like to talk about yes so and for some like to say the reason that every time we talk about money stuff i think the people who goes to the board which i will make it is a super important and i know that when i was in college i went through a couple cycles of when i got my first credit card paid for and we did a really long time first off because in eighth grade my teacher told us about how scary they were going to bring your life everything so we had a long time finally got one and i did get like five thousand dollars in debt sit so islington even realize things you're spending it on uh and that it might be tell yourself that paid off but when you're paying a hundred and fifty dollars a month and interest rallies the spinoff of the amount of money that you can be making a college of shortly after a great time at home people end up getting like fifty thousand dollars that his all you can do is paid on the interest and then just keeps accruing occurring in the growing and growing yet and you'd like to think well what is it really matter find paying on the credit card debt paid off its that would be spending the money anyway but in my personal experience you were expenses will field to fit the amount of that there have been out of the did to limit that you have so i know that i was buying things metacritic or they wouldn't have otherwise padre and so they stayed here to control your person that things are the most obvious thing in the world but you need to to question the things that you body especially if using a credit card as opposed to depart is this something that i would be buying if i didn't have access to the clinton uh

i think that you'll find that your threshold for buying something is very different in the case using credit card or even just cash it i would say if you don't hear someone just doesn't have a lot of self restraint payment kashmir at several different world likes lighting class taking no money leaving your hand at the time even if it is debited cleaning your bank cannot really realize they have been taking out that cash and having to to fort battle their it's just mentally a whole different different ball game where you're much less likely to buy something and then if you don't have cash you can't buy it uh and that one thing that happens mean college to which is another good reason to contrive spending keep track of your purchases aids i look at my credit card bill and i had spent six hundred dollars in one month which for me in college but attack on of money non so i was like the what my spending on the site and you don't realize it every little hence i have for five ten by angrily at da yes i went there when i highlighted every single purchase that was not like a necessary for just the entire thing was highlighted and that was all going out the evite an alcohol that with the whole thing remain with us now

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