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7 Cool Must-Have Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon in 2018 (Under $50)

7 Cool Must-Have Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon in 2018 (Under $50)
13 Jan

you introducing the evasion portable mini shower it's so compact it fits in your backpack we've included adapters so you can set it up anywhere it's great for outdoor adventures all you need is a bucket of water or a lake just hook it on a tree drop the pump into a bucket and a constant spoon water that will Jim while an active built-in water filtration system filters the water this lightweight portable shower can be used virtually anywhere it's also fantastic for washing your car it's soothing flow is also great for our furry friends too even the panicky ones they love the gentle spirit of our portable shower this portable shower has a battery life that allows up to one hour of continuous use to charge simply plug into any USB socket it's as simple as that I've ation for life connect to your home anytime anywhere in three simple steps just download the app plug in the camera and connect to your phone the 111 degree angle lens creates a comfortable viewing zone and 720p resolution ensures on-demand live feed the accompanying me home app notifies you when the motion is detected so you can be alert for the things that matter even at night two-way audio lets you use intercom mode the saint commands or just say hi to me the e home camera supports up to 32 gigs in local storage or for the most secure storage solution subscribe to me cloud to protect all their footage from theft and damage the e home camera includes a micro USB cable and power depth to store footage just add a micro SD card or subscribe to any cloud the Yi on camera and the leader in home security cameras you eh s50 stereo gaming has is the ultimate do-it-all headset whether your game on PC mobile console or all three the HS 50 was engineered from the ground up to give you amazing sound quality at a great value the HS 50 s industrial design hits all the marks from looks to versatility you can take this headset anywhere let's start with the ear cups now whether you're in a six-hour gaming session or on a 12-hour flight you're gonna want to be comfortable with the HS 50 our engineers spend a tremendous amount of time developing cozy plush memory foam ear cups that gently mold to fit your ear we also designed the ear cups to swivel so they'll sit perfectly no matter the shape of your head the size of your ears or a fewer glasses unlike most headsets in this price range the HS 50 structural components are built with a high-quality rugged metal and we've really taken extra care and all the materials used to ensure long-term durability and performance which is what we build our legacy on but none of that really matters if the headset doesn't kick ass the HS 50 is loaded with specially tuned 50 millimeter drivers and a wide fidelity range which creates an immersive gaming experience on the side of the ear cup you'll find on air volume a mute controls for quick adjustments on the fly one of the things that I'm most excited about is the versatility of the mic the HS 50 stereo gaming headset uses an optimized unidirectional microphone and finally the microphone easily detaches for use on the go the HS 50 is compatible with PlayStation Xbox PC or any mobile device you can play on any system anywhere to find out more information head on over to corsair comm err chance isn't that enabled guitar pick from civics now if you could play air guitar you can make real music with air jams simple motions trigger notes riffs and even power chords at the touch of a button you hi I'm David Nance vice president of security Equipment Corporation manufacturers of Sabre pepper sprays and Sabre safety products in this segment we're going to talk to you about how to select a quality pepper spray first you need to think about your specific needs what situation do you need to protect yourself in there are four different categories you need to think about first is the home defense category typically larger sizes with greater range second the athletic models something to protect yourself and walking running or cycling third you have the compact size and you can carry discreetly that are readily available in your pocket fourth our most popular category is the keychain pepper spray great tool to protect yourself and walking to and from your car commuting or walking across the parking lot specific things you should consider before purchasing a pepper spray number one is distance how far it is a product fire we recommend a pepper spray that has at least a 10 foot range take a look at the consumer packaging make sure the spray your choosing covers at least 10 feet putting a safe distance between you and your potential threat second number of shots we recommend a spray that has at least ten burst you may encounter multiple threats this allows you to protect yourself against more than one person if need be it also allows you to test fire at the product periodically to ensure it's performing properly up into its expiration if you're gonna do that go outside spray it into the ground give it just a quick burst next do a little research go on the Company's website make sure the company is available you can contact them via email if need be to ask them any questions also are their products being used by Public Safety officers that rely upon these products daily that's very important if the professionals are using it chances are it's a good product also do they have any third-party endorsements the environmental protection agency regulates bear spray are they an EPA establishment do they have EPA registered products have they obtained the very prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification which is the best endorsement a manufacturer can have so in the end these are serious products serious tools you're choosing to purchase to protect yourself and your family so the little research make sure you have a spray that sprays up to ten feet it has ten bursts to protect yourself against multiple threats if need be products are used by law enforcement agencies that way you can ensure that you have a good quality pepper spray to protect yourself and your family

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