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Amazon Basics 8 Sheet Cross Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder – Review

Amazon Basics 8 Sheet Cross Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder – Review
09 Sep

what we do here is go back back back back back are you tired of tearing paper tired of cutting credit cards with scissors paranoid that someone's gonna steal your information really that was those supposed to be paranoid like we're not we're not paying this guy right I mean for that though you oh oh yeah oh yeah why don't I come act it out no I can do way you better than yeah you see what you're doing you come after you come out well here's the deal though I'm not paid to act you're paid to act I'm paid to stand over here and talk hey you think you could do it better yeah I could do it better but I'm not need to do that you're paid to do that sure I'm paid to talk no I'm not going to show that to you oh that's that you saw it yeah okay or do you just enjoy destroying things if you answered yes to any of the above questions then look no further the Amazon basic shredder has you covered this eight sheet capacity crosscut shredder will shred paper and destroy credit cards with ease it shreds paper into 3/16 by 120 7/32 meeting security level p3 standards I don't know what that means but man does that sound secure that was 10 need to shred a bunch of crap this bad boy will run for 3 minutes straight making it easy to destroy all those classified documents you're not sure what to do with so stop comparing shredders now go buy the Amazon basics eight sheet cross cut paper and credit card shredder link in description below what's up guys got a kick out of the Amazon basic shredder video it's a good shredder what can I say I mean if you need a shredder I can't recommend it more it's like 34 bucks on Amazon so uh yeah you should use my link and go get yourself a shredder by the way high functioning introvert teas are officially up on millennial made calm no need to go anywhere else you can go right to millennial Nate I'm uploading all my videos my review videos all funny videos everything to millennial Nate dot-com ads in and the number 8 for Nate or na te because I think I own that one also so if you liked the video hit the thumbs up please subscribe and I'll see you guys next time Elena

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