Monday, 20 September 2021

Amazon Cash Offers Online Shopping Without a Bank Card

Amazon Cash Offers Online Shopping Without a Bank Card
05 Sep

Shopping on Amazon just got even easier The e-commerce giant unveiled a new service called Amazon Cash, and it lets customers use physical money instead of credit or debit cards

So for those without a bank card or others who fear hackers could get a hold of their financial information can now shop on Amazoncom without a worry Here's how it works You head to a select brick-and-mortar retailer, such as CVS Pharmacy, Speedway, or Sheetz There, you can hand the cashier some cash and the amount shows up in your online Amazon account by scanning a barcode

Each customer gets one barcode located on their account page, which can be saved to your phone You can add any amount between $15 and $500 in a single transaction The company says there's no fee to use Amazon Cash, and the service will be available in about 10,000 locations in all major US cities

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