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Amazon HQ2, Whats the Best Credit Card, & What to do With $20,000? | Low Budget Ep. 1

Amazon HQ2, Whats the Best Credit Card, & What to do With $20,000? | Low Budget Ep. 1
20 Aug

Everything is broken We don't have a script

We don't really have a plan But you got, me All you got is these two guys It's going to be gold That's all you need, we're beautiful

Hey, everyone Thank you for joining us today This is going to be our first take on a brand new BiggerPockets show And we don't have a name for it yet (Low Budget) And we are just testing this out to see if it's something you guys enjoy and something you want us to continue working on

So, basically, here's what we got We're going to do 3 sections, 5 minutes a piece And we're going to cover different topics Some of them are going to be just things that Zach & I came up with it about real estate Some are going to be about personal finance, we're going to have news and we're going to eventually hopefully put this live and we'll have a Q&A and all sorts of stuff

So that's basically the idea But today, we're going to be talking about Amazon HQ2, and it's implications on real estate And we're going to talk about things that you guys asked on the forums like what's the best credit card? Interesting one, ok And what to do with $20,000 Those are our three questions

Alright, lotta ideas Awesome, ya, so think hard for the next 10 seconds while I'm doing this and come up with some answers It's going to be a great show So stick around, learn some stuff, hopefully you laugh at us, because we have no idea what we're doing And let us know what you think at the end, if it's something we should actually put some effort into in the future, and keep them coming

So, before we do let's introduce ourselves Who is this man? I am Andrew Keal, a real estate agent here locally in Denver Ya, and my name is Dave Meyer I work here at BiggerPockets and am a real estate investor as well And I convinced Andrew to do something because he has nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon But hey, at least you guys put a lot of thought into and we have a good opening dialogue going

Ya I'm really glad we brought you out of your work, to come here, and we have no plan for this I couldn't be happier Ya it's perfect I didn't have much going on just a super low keyed day, so Ya, we're not wasting your time at all, it's perfect So, should we get to the first question? Is that where we're at now? Yes, we should

(Volume Up)

The Best Obama Care Plan
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