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Amazon – Philippines Shopping Guide (UPDATED 2018)

Amazon – Philippines Shopping Guide (UPDATED 2018)
01 Aug

Hi, this is Nehemiah So this is just an updated version of my previous video Amazons – Philippines shopping guide

I've decided to recreate it because the first one was just confusing, as well as embarrassing Well that was my very first Youtube video, so I just hoped that this one will fix some of the errors So let's get right into it! First of all Amazon is not in our country yet, okay Amazon Philippines? Ahah not available yet But it doesn't matter because you can now easily shop in the US

– Amazoncom And why shop at Amazon? Well simply because there's so much great things out there that you cannot find here in the Philippines Or you might find them but they're too expensive, especially the finest brands, so why don't we just buy them ourselves directly from the US, right? We could save more money You can buy anything on Amazon like books, electronics, health and beauty products, collectibles, anything

that's not illegal to ship to the Philippines Now you need to credit your debit card to shop at Amazon, alright Of course you need an Amazon account, computer, and internet connection too, but it's common sense If you don't have an Amazon account yet, just head to Amazon

com and sign up, there you go! Now if you don't have a credit card, that's not a problem because you can easily sign up for virtual credit cards Later in the video we're gonna discuss about those But for now let's talk about Amazon shipping to Philippines Because that's probably what you came here for There are two basic ways you can ship Amazon products – Direct shipping and Third-party shipping

Amazon can actually ship items directly to your home address here in the Philippines and that's what you call Direct shipping It's the usual way but it's very expensive, so I don't do direct shipping If you're gonna buy from Amazon you should use Third-party shipping This means you need to use a forwarder or forwarding service to ship your items to Philippines It's actually cheaper, safer, faster and it will allow you to ship items that don't ship directly to Philippines

You know, not all items on Amazon can be shipped to Philippines That's why you need a forwarder What I use as forwarder right now is Shipping Cart other forwarding services that are actually good are Johnny Air and MyShoppingBox But I find Shipping Cart easier to use

So if you want to get started, just sign up on their website at Shippingcartcom Once you got the account, they will give you a US address It is free and it comes with a unique account number

You can use it every time you're shopping in the US So all you have to do is get Amazon to deliver your shopping items to that US address And then Shipping Cart will forward your package to your address here in the Philippines It's very easy but if it sounds confusing no worries, I've actually created the step-by-step instruction on how to use Shipping Cart Just check it out in the links below Also if you're watching this on YouTube I'll be posting all the important links in the description box, so please check them all out The reason I said that using a forwarder is cheaper, faster, and safer is because a forwarder like Shipping Cart offers a lot of features

Not only their shipping rates are cheap, but they also allow you to consolidate items That means if you're buying many items from the US Shipping Cart allows you to store them all in their US warehouse first

Then when you're ready to ship them to Philippines, you can have them all delivered in a single package only Therefore reducing shipping costs by a huge margin Another feature is Sea Cargo You have the option to ship the package via sea Instead of using a jet plane, they're going to ship the package on a boat

The delivery takes a while though – 45 days, but will drastically reduce shipping cost especially if you're shipping numerous or bulky items Now a forwarder is also faster and safer because if you're gonna use direct shipping, there's a bigger possibility that your package can get held at Customs It could get stuck in there for days or even weeks Some say that Philippine Customs inspection is slow and unreliable, so it's best for you to use a good forwarding service to look out for those inspections and monitor the shipment on its way to your doorsteps So that's all you need! You can now go ahead and shop at Amazon

But for those of you who don't have a credit card yet, we're gonna talk about that right now To buy items on Amazon you must have a credit or debit card at least in the form of MasterCard, Visa or AmEx Me I don't have a credit card either so I had to turn to virtual or prepaid credit cards, which you can easily get I'm actually a Globe Gcash user and Gcash offers two prepaid credit cards for me Gcash AmEx and Gcash MasterCard

So if you have a Globe or TM sim, just go sign up for Gcash You can do it online or through your phone And then to apply for the cards you just have to pay a small fee of 150Php Gcash Amex is actually 250Php because it's partnered already with a forwarder – MyShoppingBox I've actually created a step-by-step tutorial as well on how to use Gcash Amex together with MyShoppingBox when shopping at Amazon

So if you want to check it out just see the links below Though if you don't want MyShoppingBox, you could also use any forwarding service with Gcash Amex like Shipping Cart Now when loading my prepaid credit card, I simply transfer money from my BPI bank account directly to my Gcash wallet Remember they're prepaid so you have to put some money in first before you can start purchasing So if you have a bank account, it's very easy to transfer funds using just your phone or PC

On the other hand, if you're not a Globe user, other prepaid credit cards you can use are Smart Money, PayMaya, BDO Cash card and there are a lot more I'm not gonna go through them in details, so just feel free to do your own research and see what's best for you But really I just want to point out how easy it is to get prepaid credit cards to shop online So that's about everything! If you have any further questions, just leave a comment below and if you find this video helpful, Smash that Like button for me and consider subscribing to the channel if you want more videos like this one I would really appreciate it

Also I'm actually looking for business partners so if you're a creator who wants to make Youtube videos or maybe a writer, just give me a contact you'll find my email address on my Youtube channel or you can contact me at our website – Asiatechguidecom Okay, contact me anytime and let's do a collaboration, let's partner up! So again my name is Nehemiah Until next time! Cheers! God bless ya

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