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Amazon Prime For Free????

Amazon Prime For Free????
01 Aug

yo whats going on guys FactoTastic back with another video link to previous video in desc keep the same individuality never saw it he's in the description oh crap anyway guys for this tutorial you do not want to be doing this inside of the Amazon shopping app it will not work it will not work if you do it inside of this app so don't do it so what I say is going to Chrome and search at amazon

com I recently done this so yeah anyway gone so what I am gonna do is I will be creating a new account to show you guys and as you can see it is – credit card year both of them are not really correct codes but anyway let's sign out and it's making it count okay guys about to catch to disease whoever puts in this account first gets it no trick box with his YouTube you can see the email and everything yeah so ever gets it first keeps it but anyway let's go on put in my name oops okay you know YouTube each other there we go and okay ETB you can see anyway okay and let's create my account and as you can see it says try Prime and you see Chopra let's try prom prom prom prom prom prom prom okay let's do it anyway yeah so to do step and try for you prime and get and say try problem in occultist or 30-day free trial yes and I am done with that now I'm just kidding okay so what you wanna do is you wanna go in here and you wanna say add a god now for this um you want to go and you want to look for the fake name generator' and you want to use this too but you do not I repeat you do not want to use this to get that count it will not work just using this as a backup so you put into this and you go in over there okay random there we go generate and let's start first yes the name and esto el Harwood okay I think I'm hunting in a copy it okay and then we are gonna need the MasterCard there we go but yeah it is it and copy and then I go back to Amazon and then you want to place it in the chase Gordon number then the name is obviously an Esther l Howard expiration date is second off so when you say okay second into no2 and guys you guys do want to follow the steps very crucial now for the addressee go back in there and you put English address at the shows now what I do under state is that he will be having problems at first with the street name but just follow my step okay in the address line fufufu Mu Shu shway I think it's four four four four and she said yeah okay and even put it in again in there say go back and put in the ledger I don't know if I'm saying it right sorry cast and then you wanna put in Canada what can and Canada and this app is mindful 5 nano okay put in nine four five and nine and okay let's not show you guys that that's my phenomena and as you can see there's the problem the street name is invalid we were two days removed in the street and then you wanna retype it in C and now this should only happens because of the ABS auto detection it's almost like they don't think it's real so they wanted to do it again so yeah if it does this you just follow what I'm doing and yeah that isn't actually my phone number that is the generator phone number so you see as you can see does it again you just want to keep doing it until it accepts it sorry for any black background noise on the some people outside and so for you anyway as you can see it is that and I'm just gonna show you that if you do if you do like try it it will not work with the fake name generator so what you do is you go to your account a you go back into primes or E and then it will show up with this sorry now this is the fake name generator that you just put in so what do we cut you account go to payment options and then you won't say addict god I look up and now what you want to do is I'll put this link in the description as well you want to go to I think I'm pronouncing right you say out foreign hair crabs the first one is the proper one and this number will also be in the description by the way yeah and if you worrying about how much X is the audio seven X's just the out because and yeah a little space there we go and generally okay and now you want to take one of these and don't worry these ones are real but they will not get you in um any products this only works on free trials so what you do is you want to put in the code number and the name you can make it if you want if we intersect I'm gonna make it let's say now like Michael Jackson yeah whatever name you like you can put God and in exploration that was yeah 3107 it so seven 201 there we go you want say add your call now what you wanna say is adding new address cuz let's do that I skipped it though because it's like crucial I know yeah and as you can see it's made magic anyway so now as you can see it says titties payment added then oh but the thing is if you're gonna go to start your free trial if you have the app you will open up in the app I don't do you just want to press back and it should go back now I want you go to start your free trial what's all going to notice now the only one great god that is not at the credit card that you want to use because this one will not work use the one with your address which you entered so what you do is even if you're gonna refresh it's not gonna be there okay so what you do want to do to do this sorry what you want to do is you wanna go back as you can see if you try and do this you doesn't look by what you wanna do is you and go back to your car and you want to go back and do your wallet so then you go back to payment options and you want to go to the card that you in today press anyone say use use across Amazon and done there we go you just wanna say update hand boom so it should work now so now the old critical won't be used in this one rule so what you wanna do is just go back to prime the Samba one happen of opening the app you're gonna play start today free trial and then what you want to do is you just want to go and say proceed as you can see it ends in 0 1 1 so I proceed and now it won't do anything and this is where the port comes in we have to like just don't freak okay this is normal what you wanna do is to open up an app just push back again anyone reload your page just reload so say continue and look in the top right corner top left corner sorry you're already a prime as you can see it works and everything works go back here and you can see his music you have a nice I had a lot it oh and I said I said listen to music anyway of topic boy yeah because that's about how you do it that's prime 30-day free trial and you can do this multiple times on different accounts does not matter what you just keep creating accounts you do this unlimited shipping and yeah that's about it through this video yo thanks for watching like subscribe see my own video and yeah peace I

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