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Andigo Credit Union Review: Checking, Savings, CD, Money Market and IRA Accounts

Andigo Credit Union Review: Checking, Savings, CD, Money Market and IRA Accounts
01 Jun
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Andigo Credit Union checking account options

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How Andigo Credit Union’s checking accounts compare

The Andigo Credit Union Cash Back and High-Yield checking accounts are just spectacular. With the Cash Back Checking account, you can earn a cash back rate that’s as good and better than most reward credit cards.

On the other hand, the High-Yield Checking account earns an interest rate that not only crushes the average checking account but is also better than the majority of CDs and money market accounts on the market today. Both are excellent choices and the right pick depends on whether you want to make more debit purchases or keep the money in your account, earning interest.

The basic account is an afterthought and not worth using, especially since the other two don’t charge a monthly fee. You could get the same benefits as basic with no real downside by signing up for the other two instead. If you want to see just how good the Andigo Credit Union checking accounts are, see how well they compare against the other best check accounts on the market today.

Andigo Credit Union savings account options

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How Andigo Credit Union’s savings account compares

To be honest, it’s hard to see why Andigo Credit Union offers this savings account. It pays an interest rate that’s a fraction of what’s available on Andigo’s High-Yield Checking account. And even worse, it takes regulatory restrictions on certain withdrawals to a new level.

On the bright side, at least this account is free and does not have a minimum balance requirement to earn the interest rate. But you can find these features on plenty of other free savings accounts which still pay a decent interest rate, with many of these savings account options.

Andigo Credit Union CD rates

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How Andigo Credit Union’s CDs compare

Among Andigo Credit Union CDs, the best of the bunch is their 14 month promotional option for new clients. It offers the highest interest rate even compared with their long-term CDs which require a multi-year commitment. You’d expect this with a promotional offer.

While their other CD rates are much better than what you’d receive at larger national banks, that’s not saying much. If you opt for the promotional 14 month CD, think carefully before auto-renewing at the much lower 12 month CD rate.

The Andigo Credit Union Jumbo CDs are also a little puzzling as they offer nearly the same interest rates as their regular CDs, despite the $250,000 minimum deposit. It’s worth checking out your other options, especially if you plan on making a large deposit. These top rated CDs are a good place to start.

Andigo Credit Union money market account options

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How Andigo Credit Union’s money market account compares

When it comes to money market accounts, you could do worse than what is available at Andigo Credit Union. Their interest rates are above the national average and crush what you would receive at a large national bank.

However, this account is not worth considering unless you plan on keeping a balance of at least $2,500 so you can avoid the $10 maintenance fee. If you fall below this cutoff, you’ll end up paying much more in fees than you’ll earn in interest.

There are money market accounts out there that offer even higher interest rates and don’t charge the monthly fee on smaller deposits. They could be a better choice than Andigo Credit Union.

Andigo Credit Union IRA account options

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How Andigo Credit Union’s IRA rates compare

Andigo Credit Union’s IRA rates are solid but not spectacular. The IRA Market offers better interest rates than a lot of the accounts out there but they aren’t the very best on the market either.

The minimum deposit amount is not that large, which is good for smaller retirement accounts. There is no minimum for the IRA Market account, though they charge a $10 monthly fee when your account balance is below $2,500.

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