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Bad Credit Tips | 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Bad Credit Rating |

Bad Credit Tips | 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Bad Credit Rating |
15 Sep

How You Can Improve Your Credit Rating In 5 Easy Steps Starting Today Now you have discovered just how important it is for you to get rid of your bad credit problems and what lenders can see on your finance report, below are 5 easy steps you can take today towards improving your credit score: 1 Register Yourself At Your Home Address This is perhaps one of the easiest steps you can take towards improving your financial situation starting today

You can check you are registered as living at your current home address by visiting wwwaboutmyvotecouk and entering in your home address details 2

Destroy Any Old Credit Cards You May Have The greater the amount of credit cards you have, the greater potential you have of getting into debt This is how lenders view having multiple credit cards listed on your credit reference file, which they see as increasing the risk of lending to you Simply cancel any unused cards you may have with the respective companies It is important to note that they have to be clear of any money owed before you cancel 3

Report Any Ex-Partners You May Have On Your Record This only really applies to anyone who has taken out finance with a partner only for you to break up and forget about the joint financial agreement This could be a big problem if your ex-partner is someone that is affected by bad credit as this could hamper you in any future applications you make By checking your credit report file, you will be able to see if any ex-partners are still referenced and if applicable, you will be able to notify the credit agency to get the removed 4 Make Sure All Your Applications For Finance Are 100% Accurate If you make any future applications for credit, it is really important that all the information that you present to them is 100% accurate

It is considered to be a fraudulent practice if you apply for any type of finance with false names and/or addresses and could significantly affect your credit score in the future 5 Build Up Your Financial Reputation This step is one of the biggest ways you can overcome your poor credit score but it is also takes the most amount of time to achieve If you have bad credit score, the chances are that this is because you have a poor history of borrowing and paying back money or you have you history at all Lenders like to lend to people with who have a good credit reputation, which is built up over years of borrowing money and paying those amounts back on time and to at least the minimum amount required

In the 'Take Action Today' section below, we have listed the possible ways you can take to build up your financial reputation

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