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Benefits of Credit Cards | 6 Amazing Secret Perks

Benefits of Credit Cards | 6 Amazing Secret Perks
31 Jul

I'm Jason with the honest finance Channel today I want to talk about some benefits of credit cards that you probably haven't heard of before if you just came across this channel and you are interested in more information like this feel free to subscribe or at least give the video alike now under these six benefits of credit cards now I'll always advise that you don't want to pay interest on your credit cards but keep in mind that credit cards do have some seriously cool benefits also all credit cards aren't created equal there's a lot of credit cards that have different benefits than other cards but most of them kind of range within the same type of benefits and this list comes from my own personal cards from an American Express and a Visa I'll start by saying that rewards points are probably the number one benefit when it comes to credit cards but that's not even the one that I want to touch on on this list we already know about credit card points so I'll just mention that right here so let's start the list number one is a free FICO score so basically if your credit card has this feature then you can check your credit score any time you just log in to their website every single month when I pay my American Express bill I check my FICO score to see if it's going up or if it's going down and that's a really cool tool just for having a credit card the next benefit I want to talk about is no foreign transaction fees so what does this mean it just means that if you're out of the country and you buy something with your credit card they'll do the currency conversion for you and they won't charge you for it most banks will charge you a fee when converting your money so it's nice to use your credit card knowing that you're not gonna pay anything different so if you're in Germany and you buy lunch then that transaction will show up on your credit card just like any other and that makes things a lot easier when you're traveling next up is card activated coupons I can tell you personally on my American Express I can go through a giant list of different offerings and all I have to do is activate them to my card follow the terms and then I can get the benefits of that coupon an example is this Etsy coupon right here take a look at it spend 40 get 10 back it's as simple as that all you have to do is activate it on your card spend 40 bucks and then you'll be credited back 10 bucks after that transaction has gone through the next credit card benefit I want to talk about is extended warranties did you know that your credit card will extend us manufacturer warranties by one year just for using your credit card you'll get an additional year warranty as long as that warranty wasn't originally longer than three years so I'd say that's pretty cool the next perk I want to talk about is purchase protection this is a cool little perk that'll basically cover your new purchases for a hundred and twenty days against damage or theft and you can claim up to five hundred dollars per claim I've actually had to use this feature a couple times and it worked out great and the last perk I want to talk about is auto rental collision damage waiver that sounds long and fancy but let me explain what it is basically if you rent a car go ahead and decline there CDW they call that their collision damage waiver the reason you can decline this from your rental car company is because as long as you use your credit card to rent the car then they're gonna take care of that for you your credit card will cover collision damage or theft on the rental car and that's just another benefit for using your credit card there are even more benefits to using credit cards but these are the six that I really wanted to touch on today feel free to comment below if you know of any perks that I didn't mention once again I'm Jason with the honest finance channel feel free to subscribe if you're into this kind of information or at least give the video a like that's all

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