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Best Credit Cards for Students

Best Credit Cards for Students
31 Jul

Hey WalletHubbers! Today we'll go over how to get the best credit card when you're a student Opening a credit card is a great idea while you're still in school because it then allows you to build the credit you need to rent an apartment, to lease a car, even to land certain jobs after graduation

The easiest way to find a card is to check out WalletHub's top picks for students by clicking the button right here You can have no credit history and still get approved for the best student card out there All you need is an active college or university email address and enough income to pay not only for your regular expenses, but then also monthly minimum payments of around twenty dollars, usually, for most student cards The biggest thing to look for in these cards are: a zero dollar annual fee, which most of them already have, and rewards on every purchase that you make A low interest rate could also come in handy, but we recommend that you get into the habit of paying your monthly bill in full at the end of every month

And some cards also offer generous signup bonuses so keep an eye out for that as well The bottom line is that you shouldn't be getting a bad credit card deal just because you're a student All you need to do is shop around to find the best one for you

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