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Best Credit Cards of 2018

Best Credit Cards of 2018
14 Sep

Hey I'm Adam Jusko from ProudMoneycom and in this video I am looking at the best credit cards on the market today in 2018, We're gonna look at credit cards in a few different categories, not going to go into massive amounts of detail, just gonna tell you what some of these cards are, some of their high points, and you can do further investigation to find the cards that match up with your needs and your spending patterns and whatever else you have going on in your life

So the first category we're going to look at is cash back cards, which I also think of as being sort of your everyday credit cards that you're gonna use for your purchases all along the kind of, the first card that you're going to pull out of your wallet for most people at least So the number one here is the Citi Double Cash Card

It gives you one percent cash back on everything you buy and then you get another 1% cash back when you pay off your purchases, so you are essentially getting 2 percent cash back on everything you buy with this card, provided that you eventually pay it back The PayPal Cashback Mastercard is also a good cash back card that gives you 2 percent cash back and it doesn't do that weird 1% on one end and 1% on the other thing that the Citi Double Cash card does, so that is a pretty nice card One thing to note on the PayPal Cashback card is the cash back goes into your PayPal account so you can either use it from your PayPal account or you can have it transferred to your bank account But you should know that that is where your money is going to go when you get your rebates Other cards to consider in this category: the Uber Visa gives you a 4 percent rebate on dining, three percent on airfare and hotels, 2 percent on your online purchases which includes Uber, and one percent on everything else that you buy

Those are some pretty nice rebates on those certain categories there, so we like that one a lot The Discover It Miles card is the fourth card in this area It gives you 15 points per dollar that you spend, which just sounds like, whatever, it's just a travel card with points, BUT you can either use those points for travel or you can use them for cash back, which equates to a 15 percent flat cash back rate on everything you buy

The bonus here, since there are a lot of 15% cash back cards out there, is that after your first year Discover is going to double all those points that you earned so you're gonna go from a 15% cash back card to actually getting 3% cash back in that first year or 3% toward travel if you choose to use it that way But looking at the surface you kind of wouldn't know that that card is kind of the deal that it is So that's something to look out for as well

So those are the cash back cards In the Travel arena we're going to look at the luxury end of things and the reason for this is, for the average credit card user, you don't really want to look at travel credit cards unless you are already already earning miles through, you know, through an airline program or through a hotel program and you travel a lot for that It makes sense to piggyback on what you're already using and essentially get more out of programs that you're already in and that you're already earning with It allows you to redeem them more often, obviously But if you're not in those programs, you don't travel a lot in particular, a lot of these travel cards are not going to be that good for you

The cash back cards actually make more sense because they're going to give you a higher rate and you're gonna redeem them more often and you'll be able to use them you know more often as well Now on the luxury end, though for those people that do travel often and do spend a lot with their cards, you have the the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the American Express Platinum Card

Both of these cards have annual fees that are $450 or more, you know, depending on when you watch this video I'm not sure where they'll be but that was definitely the case as we are sitting here in 2018 And while that sounds like a lot, the upside to these cards is that you are going to, you know, you're gonna get a lot of that money coming back to you As a frequent traveler, you're gonna get, you know, perks such as discounts or rebates on the in-flight purchases you make and other purchases that you make with the airlines You're gonna get airport lounge access, you're gonna get all kinds of perks that the frequent traveler likes and then you're also going to have reward points on top of those things So if you're putting a lot of money on your card, you're traveling a lot, you are really going to like those and that annual fee is not going to seem that bad to you

But if you don't travel very much and you don't use your credit card a ton, then there's no reason to spend that kind of money for a card that you are never going to, you know, never going to get the value out of You'll end up paying more than you actually get out So that is Travel In the retail area, there are all sorts of credit cards that offer points programs and that sort of thing from individual retailers There's just a few that I would point out for you to look at

both because they are popular retailers and because their cards offer something of significance The Target Redcard gives you five percent off everything you buy a target which is sort of a no-brainer The Lowe's credit card, same thing, five percent off everything you buy

And then the Amazon Visa gives you has a rewards program but then if you are an Amazon Prime customer, it also gives you five percent off everything that you buy at Amazon And that's in addition to the other rewards that you can earn there

So that is another strong credit card to consider in that area Finally we will look at balance transfer credit cards If you have a hefty balance on another credit card somewhere and you want to move it, you can consider one of these two credit cards that will allow you to move your balance over to this credit card at a zero percent interest rate for a length of time So the two best here or the actual best is the BankAmericard, which gives you 0% on your balance transfer for 15 months and you don't pay a balance transfer fee, which is kind of rare in the industry There aren't that many cards that will let you transfer a balance and let it sit at 0% for a while without charging you a 3% fee or potentially even more than that, so the BankAmericard is one of the few that does The second card is the Chase Slate which has the same thing — 0% for 15 months on balances that you transfer from one card to the Chase Slate The only reason we say the BankAmericard first here, in this case, is because the BankAmericard has a little better interest rate schedule after that 15 months is up

With both of those cards you should understand that that 0% no-fee transfer has to happen within a certain period of time, I believe at 60 days on both of those cards, but make sure you check that out if you need to transfer a balance So those are your best cards sitting here in 2018 Please go to ProudMoneycom to see other lists of good cards and all sorts of other financial information as well Thanks for watching


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