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Bitesize Guide to Pre paid Travel Credit Card Revolut and App.

Bitesize Guide to Pre paid Travel Credit Card Revolut and App.
31 Jul

Hello and welcome to the disscot guide to a revolut card The revolut card is a prepaid travel card that you order online

Its costs you £5 minimum to get it delivered and it looks like this The card works with an app you download it to your phone your smart phone and you can attach a debit card which allows you to then transfer money from your bank account to the card You then use it abroad like you would a credit or debit card in the uk The app is connected to the card so if you are on wifi or have a mobile phone signal you instantly get an alert on your phone saying that you have sent money and tells you for example how much you spent in dollars and then next to it how much that would have cost in pounds So its brilliant because helps you keep track of your spending

It lets you know how much you have spent in stirling instantly which I find really really handy I will show you the app just now So far example I was in New Zealand recently and I bought an ice cream for $5 New Zealand dollars and it cost me £264 The app tells you all the information

Now one major bonus with the revolut card is you get a really really good exchange rate I was getting sometimes 20 – 20 cents more per pound than member of my family were getting that had bought currency in stirling back in the uk It changes It fluctuates because it goes with the most recent market rate but its so handy you can keep an eye on how much money you have spent, how much money you have got left on the card You can add money very easily on to the card if you have gone on a shopping spree

You can transfer the money back to your uk account when you get home very easily so if don't spend all your money you can send it back You don't get charges for using the card and you can make cash withdrawals as well I am not certain of how much you can withdraw its restricted but to be honest I only ever used it as a way of paying for items Its just a safer way to travel When I ordered the card it came really quickly however I would suggest if you are planning on using this when you are travelling that you order it as far in advance as possible so you are not in a situation where you are going away and you don't have your card yet

You can use the card in lots and lots of different countries if you go on their website its lists where you can use the card so dont necessarily use it for your one trip for example Florida you can use it in New Zealand, Australia What I will is I will leave a link below on the revolut card and how you get it If you just click the link it will take you there Its on of Martin Lewis's recommended cards Thank you very much for watching my guide to revolut travel cards

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