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Business Credit Card: Rewards For Charity | Capital One

Business Credit Card: Rewards For Charity | Capital One
20 Aug

[upbeat music] – I think running Therapy's more like a lifestyle It's not really a job or a career

We really bring therapy into our life every day – We want people to feel better about themselves when they leave our store It started out, we're buying stuff at tag sales or estate sales or garage sales, and then we graduated to auctions, and then we graduated to trade shows – We pay for all the invoices for the product that we carry, store supplies, for our meals, for our travels – But then we started thinking about, you know, how to garner different types of rewards

Anybody that will accept a credit card, I'm not giving them a debit card I'm not giving them cash I'm only giving them the Spark card We donate one dollar of every hundred that we collect We are able to do that not only because we have a profitable business, but because we have 2% going straight to the bottom line

– Other charge cards, you can only use it as a credit, but when we get the 2% from Capital One, we can really run the business more efficiently – At one point, we had a fleet of four minivans to move cargo with I just kinda posed it to Jing as a challenge I was like, you know, we need a new vehicle I didn't really think that Jing was gonna turn this card like a waterwheel, and so, all of a sudden, there was, like, a couple thousand dollars rolling in to the bank account

We actually collected more in cash back rewards in one year with the Spark card to buy a brand-new sprinter van This is a way to make 2% of your expenses become profit How else can you turn expenses into profit?

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