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Business Credit Cards for Bad Credit… How to Get an Initial Business Credit Profile and Score

Business Credit Cards for Bad Credit… How to Get an Initial Business Credit Profile and Score
09 Sep

Hello everyone and welcome to our Webinar Today , today were going to diving in and to teach you how to build the initial business credit profile score, so for being business webinar today it’s a hot topic I can tell because when I was schedule webinar I could tell by how quickly and how many people register how popular the topic is, this one is a hugely popular topic

You see business credit is awesome, but a lot of people struggle to build it specially the initial steps, so today what we’re going to do is dissect this we’re going to teach you exactly how you could start a business credit profile score because don’t be mistaken once you have it started, once you have a business credit profile score an initial trade binds, it’s fairly easy to expand back credit profile score and get more money, it’s just getting it started that usually an uphill battle so many people thanks so I will tell you to get questions today just ahead I will put up my email address and send it to me this is just going to be an hour packed full of information I’m going to move there pretty fast paced because we have so much content to cover and I have another webinar right after so I won’t have a time for question and answer session so if you sent me an email with your question I’ll definitely gets you answer so let me before we jump in, let me make sure that that I introduce myself my name is Ty Crandall, I’m actually the Directorr of Business Services here in CreditSuite, what I actually do as I work with the companies to help them offer Business Credit Services, and find answer to the clients and as a result I oversee a very, very large coaching , I would probably guess means the big of the country that helps thousands and thousands of people build their corporate credit So if you’re interested at all in building your credit or working with our team most importantly offering Business Credit and Finance it to other people need, in appropriate free check sites, or there is a website creditsuitecom forward slash business credit there’s going to be a pictures, sales yeah I here’s should be straight information certain are interested in learning more you could check at creditsuitecom forward slash business credit you could get all the details there so let’s go jump in I was looked to to start by getting it over you will quickly what business credit is Because a lot of people coming on my webinar are there first time and there just not clear on exactly what business credit is, what were first talking about so I want to go over some slide and sometime that will be general on some of my webinar’s but don’t be worried in some of these before, I have a ton of press conference as a webinar and also I have never shown before done before including giving you access to Like like seven basically 10 trade references to trade to able to add the searchable stuff so there’s a lot of stuff will be adding it to So if you’re up to in a Business Credit, business credit is basically credit that it is a unique business like, so what happens with business credit is that a business itself a corporation build its own credit profiles score you’re probably obviously familiar with credit and suite to your social security number What we’re talking about here Is a credit profile that somebody could pull that lead to your EIN, so that you can use your EIN to pull your business credit profile and then whatever credit is link to your business will show under that EIN credit report so with an established business credit profile score, the business will then qualify for credit, actually you can qualify for much the same credit you can qualify for while the consumers up

So if you think about loans and credit lines and look and I autonomy says and thinking about credit cards in stores and VISA Master Cards , all of that same stuff you can get for a business that late to your business EIN and not your personal security social number So this credit business name is based on business disability to paid up this services One of the reason people really love business credit, is to get a crew the decision is based on your personal credit it is based on your EIN’s Credit your business ability to pay no the business owner so since the business itself are qualifies and a lot of cases there is no personal credit check requires from the business owner When the huge big benefits on business credit now Some people like this because they have bad credit and they have sometimes severely challenge personal credit but it doesn’t matter because when you build business credit correctly as I want to show you this webinar how to start then they pull your credit link to your EIN and it won’t even full yourself not if I can leave you search yeah and get approved based strictly on corporate credit not personal credit But even if you have a good credit this is very beneficial because any credit you get that you put on your personal credit as you utilize that credit affects your personal credit scores as a matter of fact a lot of people took notice but if you use more 30 percent of the limit of a credit card that you have your scores will go down it hurts your scores sometimes as much as you paying the account out late So with business credit it requires a credit check which I see to get back credit but it’s also nice because it is linked to your business credit not your personal so as you uses credit scores won’t be a grossly effective, like I said once you had actually build business credit profiles score we’ve been talked about today you can use it much the same as you can business personal credit loans, lines of credit all the different store credit card with Apple, One Target, Walmart Lowe's Best Buy most retail stores offer business credit scores link to your EIN and not your social security number as you qualified one on top is VISA credit, Master Card Credit Loans, Leases um again these were in commercial real estate

So the easiest way to think about it is not much different on what you could use it for,than what you could use personal credit for So there’s a lot of benefits on these, in one benefits is that you’re creating a completely separate credit profile for your business and personal so that’s nice because then you could get twice as much credit And now you can have a Staples Credit Card in the personal name and the staples Credit Card in the business name so it gives you a lot more gross and a lot more credit that’s available to you when you’re building credit to your EIN and resource freedom now another benefit is Business Credit Score remains only on weather they bill Business pays bills on time so it is much faster to build business credit that it is consumer credit Consumer Credit the fight those requirements 6 months, which means you have to have a trade To get a trade binder courted and get a score excuse me I’m going to verify that, you can get a trade like reported that if I can get issued you a score you have to have an account and paying for six months that’s the way that it is So no credit profile and you’re just getting started , you get a credit account approved today If I could make you an account for six months before you’ll get a score on a business credit world you can get credit today it could easily report within a month your trade finance scores profile that establish and you’re literally getting revolving credit cards within 30 to 90 days As a matter of fact within six months on the business credit world you can’t have like ten twenty thousand dollar VISA Mater Card units as the same time find that on the consumer worlds takes you to even just get score, so significantly faster to build business credit than personal credit which is another huge benefits, and approval limits into a higher to You know I love SBA, because SBA had a good called on the saying that approval limits is 10 to a 100 times higher on business credit accounts and consumer it’s very active, very true

So for example you deliver two thousand dollars Staples Credit Card then chances are good you could probably get a 2500 to a four thousand dollar this is credit cards see so not only can you get a personal card and business card major business cards have significantly higher limits which helps you just get even more access to credit money Now another huge benefits is again as I mention before when you do this correctly you can obtain this credit without personal credit check Now a lot of people mess this up and where going to dissect this a little bit later in top exactly you have to do to make sure that they don’t pull on your credit report but it you can easily do it's very easy to go incorporate credit, that leads your EIN and not your SSN ah it’s just a matter of knowing how do it Mess with it dissect it a little bit, so another benefit is that you can build business credit without having any liability So it means in case of default, the business orders the personal assets can’t be pursued this rare you know, I was having a meeting today with our team and this is the things that we’ve talk about a personal guarantee versus no personal guarantee Most business funding requires personal guarantee, but with business credit you can obtain this without having any access to a personal guarantee, which again means not your personal credit But you’re not personal reliable so if you ever did default or you know something happens it’s out of your control and it it causes you to be late or whatever it maybe Then they can’t pursue your personal assets if you ever default

And this is just a great way to keep your family’s you know on finances safe and secure its effort from the business Now when the business owner applies for financing in any way, when you go to a bank or wherever a loan , your credit is going to be reviewed They do look or for credit and if you don’t have a business credit profile established you’re probably going to get declined But you need to be aware that they will not tell you this ever there’s no regulation reason a bank send you a notice in the mail that tells you, you’re declined whatever you’re going to call it is because the Fair Credit Reporting Act to the consumer world made it it requires its law, but in the business world there is no such regulations, there is no such law, so lenders 100 percent of the time when you apply for money for a business and own your credit and if you have no business credit they denied you and they never tell you they hold it as a matter of fact a lot of the bankers don’t even know and owe it so as a result, you may never know that it is happening But it does happen I mean in it should be administered but if you ever go to an advisor or personal credit card or a mortgage or loan or any kind always going to pull your business credits Like never going to be surprising to you that is not always for, was a safety for a business score if you have at any kind of the business financing they always pull your credit file There’s no question they always for but they won’t disclose it to you So it’s important to note cause if you don’t have a history or excuse me if you don’t have a future in any kind of business you have to have access in money

Okay whether it’s Facebook Microsoft or Apple all of them started with injections of cash and or grew with other people money, if you want to build your business you’re going to access to money and if you could only access the money is you could have business credit bill otherwise these lenders are going to pull your credit See you have no credit to established, and just like they would do it in the consumer world there just going to turn you down and they will not give the money what you need Another thing that to know about business credit or I guess to get into the starter part of exactly how you build the initial business credit is that to know business credit it’s not really that much different then what you would do to build consumer profile You start with no credit profile at all, and then basically you get approved from your credit reports to the credit reporting agencies and in that business uses again and you use the credit and pay the bill on time So, so far this is no different on how you build the consumer credit profile you think about you’re start on nothing and then you go out and then you get approved for some new credit reports to the credit reporting agencies, and then you use the credit you pay your bill and if you pay your bill on time then they’ll report it lyou pay your bill on time to the business reporting agencies See soon you have a credit profile status and as you continue using their credit paying your bills you qualified for more and more credit

Every single thing I listed here is exactly the same in the business and consumer world there is no difference there no initial you start with nothing , you get approved for credit, you use the credit pay the bill on time there reports to the credit reporting agencies and you have a credit profile score Now there are something that you want to make sure that you do before you go and start applying for credit and again these are this webinar as much about states the people makes uh as a lot as well step by step formula to actually have success here So what are the things that you have to do before you really think about applying for corporate credit is to make sure your business setup credible because this perception that lenders have about you is everything Especially when you’re just starting to build business credit profile Remember the topics is how to get started, how to get initially get this credit bill, well in order for you to initially get your credit bill your application itself has to be strong enough for you to get approved and as your business continues to grow lenders as much as application to find out the details about you as they do business credit profile So if this is something important to know you need other secret formula approval what are they really looking at because when you set up your application where your company’s very credible in their mind then you send an excellent chance of getting approved specially, as you established business credit and they see a credible business, they can see established business credit profile that formula home really tied to get access to a tremendous amount of money so before you able to start applying you have to make sure that you let your business itself meets this lending credibility standards, now I’m not going to I dissect all twenty of them okay that’s a whole webinar Now if I got webinar videos available on my youtube channel when you can access of them a lot of information but I will look on the some main points that needed to address to make sure that your business is setup credibly in the lenders eyes, and one of the things is very important that you use your exact business legal name your full business legal name must include any DBA introducing and you need to insure your business name is exactly the same on your corporation papers, licenses and bank statements Believe it or not this one of the leading reasons for denial of that well you know our senior business our advisor Maggie Christianson use to work on one of the biggest bank on the country as a matter of fact she was the top banker of the country in this bank and it shows time and time again one of the most irritating things for her to see application denied because of this

Somebody would put the name on the application they would search it, the name wasn’t exact and because they were searching in and not exact name of the business they couldn’t find the a lot of cases is very common to think for example your business might be well artists for example your business might be well occupied our business name is credit suite well credit suite is different from credit suite incorporated, believe it or not those are two completely different names And CreditSuite doing business finance suite well that’s completely different name come together The members will not go looking for the right information they can find it, so you’re going to make sure when you’re going on the putting the application is exactly as your corporation laid out stay, if you do this they can look at your record find your secretary and state your information and know you really exist But if you don’t and if you leave the incorporation out you read the DBA out and a lot of cases they can’t find you and it releases instant denial , so you really going to make sure home address and once you know you have a name correct in the application papers also right on the corporation licenses, bank statements a lot of people make same mistake, they go in and apply for Credit Suite or in the role name Credit Suite Incorporated, you need to make sure that everything is uniform this is what lenders are looking for a lot of us information like your corporation papers this is public record to they can easily accessed your license This stuff is easily accessible for them to do checks okay it’s very importantly in finding incorporation and get your EIN information hey you get your phone listed with 411 well there’s actually a huge base so let me one you need to make sure that you your EIN you have to do this if you cannot apply for credit if you don’t have EIN number so once you get incorporator you say any your stay it’s fairly easy beyond that actually set up your EIN that you go online and Google get any EIN number and you’re find millions pages about it’s fairly easy that links to your IRS form that you need to do it, so it’s very easy to get EIN you just have have any incorporation set up first, you can get your EIN because all purpose of business credit is to build credit is pay to your EIN not your social, so how do you do that, you have to have an EIN and make your credit to, Now as equally as important you need to make sure your phone number is listed with 411 all finds certainly crazy comment , I just told when you get the phone number listed on 411 was just as important in getting you’re EIN believe it or not the business credible world it is

And this is one of the fundamental mistake that people make now, it’s not easy to do you have to open line with 411 no problem myself I got started four months on this I found nobody out there out there to do it, I might say that four months research time is called lease to yourself As a company we use their goal lease yourself no idea how much they cost because we like do all of this for free for our clients, our bills like outrage thousands and thousands of dollars I don’t know how much you just occur I can give you just doing our video but this is not not our problem the help your number listed in 411 and when you start building business credit this are very important and you’re going to see later on this webinar you’re going to find actual resource that will prove you if you just have any EIN and 411 you have to have those two things, there very essential which is why I had put very underlying really big bold on the top these are very important crucial to your success you need to make sure you listed the 411 Again these two item are essential you ever seen in a webinar do I latex bold underline red that is like what are the most important things ever going to mention a webinar and these two things are essential to get approved for business credit, and if will fail miserably and I shall unless you have have them you need to make sure you need to get those two things that you ask You need have a real brick and mortar building address a deliverable physical address cannot be a home address cannot be a PO Box UPS box Okay a lot of owners are not going to approve you for money if they see you’re using the whole address a lot them they just will not do it, as a matter of fact some of our banking lenders that do bank loans do site inspection so this is important now you don’t need to have an actual physical address you can get a virtual address so a lot of people email me say Ty where can I get a virtual address? Well company I can recommend is called reguscom REGUS, reguscom has a virtual address and virtual address is where you have a physical address you put on the application but you don’t actually work out often you just get mail there So many could you know email mail something to [email protected] in this high rise building Tampa and it looks like that’s my office but that then that Regus Office there jut forward me my mail so I just its giving the perception of being I got a big high rise building but then I get my mail delivered to me in mail like in the house

You could do that so you don’t have to have a but on the application you need to have physical address even if it’s a virtual address use it Okay you should have a toll free number now this is easy to do its essential 9 dollar and 99 cents a month for toll free number If you’re in the local service like the pizza shop then most of people now a days are doing business you know throughout the state or nation why and you’re going to need a toll free number just make sure you look unprofessional if you’re not a local delivery type of service you don’t have a toll free number just spend so very minor amount of money that you need to do, to do that the same as the fax number nowadays ring central you can get your fax number phone number together okay so on ELAC she kinda might and you'll hear me mention companies like rain century just as you can see I will give you an affiliate link later you could be discussed stage money I'm not giving you decide to go buy stuff from them so I get 8 I'm just telling you who we use a teaser we used almost all these companies out there tell you we use because in my opinion that the best you'll never hear me recommend somebody as it works very well hundreds asks height the essential to the company a good 30 easy to set up and you get a toll-free number and fax number eighty even though you might not use actually still at one eat backs nowadays will just send a fax to your phone like to your email uniquely its facts you need a professional enough it's like might not Thai actress yahoocom your name your company dow up I always use the same example EE use it party chick 2013 not if this its leader of people trying to do that you just can't be that you don't use it MSN or Google or Yahoo email address because it's so easy like you get a professional don't tell me I credits we got car or whatever it may be for very cheap maybe not Chris carcass asked premier me but you can get most domain names like 78 bucks company might go daddy: cost and maybe get you free now I best cell it's really easy to get a professional email separate professional but man really cheap less than 10 bucks place I go daddy: really should do that n/a you also need a professional looking website letters look at your website workroom you now some automated system still approve your build route you I looking at the website a just look at Cirque right sorry automate the approval but if anybody's manually reviewing your application you're gonna typically look at your website and believe it or not only how solid good professional website is to determine how much money cool or so it really is importantly how I phenomenal looking website to really have the best chance acts another thing to keep in mind which doesn't really tiny approval but some things that you need to keep in mind to some sources look at this is that having a I bank account balance will give you high Bankrate out if you're not familiar with what a bank rate yes a bank rating is eight banks internal credit reports k lot of people don't realize that you go to obey American apply for business financing a polar own business credit school were basically his colleague bank grady and the bank trading mostly looks at how much money you have your back so having a good day rating is really essential purple one that the magic number there's 10 great if you have ten thousand dollar Alex in your credit report a your bank how you have a high bank lady What's Up ho hi I Brady and that gives you the best chance getting a crippled banks loans on it keep in mind not this really applies this strategy look like having a low balance the bank out is it gonna hurt your ability to build this trade I'll I'm just adding this in your biggest you probably building business credit to get high and bank loans it's something to keep in mind down rose is that you want to have her balance and that accounts possible the higher the better on 10,000 high-risk best Bankrate Inc how scared like hotspot they also ensure that you have the proper licensing state City County make sure your address is cracked all the sliced still do you need an occupational license are you a contractor that needs contractor license are you kirker company that needs a of you know there's a lot of different industries happens after the house suck licensing or bond a on in East are things you need to make sure yet but nobody wants to get the money your unlicensed contractor for example so whatever you're doing you just need to make sure your setup legitimate because a lot of cases there internal systems will check some the best just to make sure you are set up as shit you with a preview and you also again in our mission is earlier need to make sure the tape I 10 look at your IRS documents bank statements for 411 list a on in the same as ok what you put on the application dole needs beer exactly the lane with any EPA's with the incorporation exactly as it is filed with the actual state sup take a little drinking water am will jump to the district court so it's a sectional idea to pull your 42 DX 30 check your trade lines score profile flower pot you know it makes sense try to meet you're gonna try to build business credit well the first thing you should do is try to like build business credit arm or know what's on your credit report we go climb is you get a positive or negative stuff on it now you don't eat L and a lotta clients come to us for this trade Billy and a half circle the airport source worth twenty or thirty which is really bad and then every knew that stuff was there and then we help them get that stuff it see you need to make sure because if you start going in our clients Facebook bad credit night you never really know why unless she call you crater our profile and pay it so trying to get through the existing bad credit possess unique additional approval challenge is not to say it can't be done if you have bad business credit there you can get that txt you also can still build new credit but it's a different for you know your obstacles are a little different than it get no credit I'll so you least want to make sure you know what some its trade reports really essential to its success summer your work just you drop it or guidance before I furnish right now I've got a great video YouTube channel how to dispute this tragic and you know he search my name out you go on not just on money market yet what are then you look at that and you keep the I think I great let our just tossed unit whole our law can only cover now I can tell you that all three credit reporting agencies may stunted rights yet backs spirit do you offer you online way disputing naked specially your are honored so that you of the three easy ways to its yet been a that nation it's not like consumers UK I consumer just Utes become a business like an entire process there'll also covered lots all and this is gonna roll there's not much what Coach Lewis so what we've how is that like almost eighty-five percent negative I don't artist you get that weed so it's harvest naked this credit actually air easy you for starts to know that happy know it's there then you can easily you a lot to do a quick search on Google looking at my video mapping out process you dispute any that drop it or not tried a bit so what you've done this the next thing you want to do is get your district court's necessity she use its credit era how many give you my affiliate make credit era an end to a net two reasons why the first reason is that I'm going to give you this affiliate make credit care is because I want you to happen best price and I safe this price some good typist Shack I'm pretty sure that this price will be on the best price I don't know if you can't get this sheep outside using somebody asks would you like hotter deals with current year so that being said massey affiliate link now credit tara is the best out there a lot of priests and if you want to check out actually have issue here's our week but this doesn't work check I web guy ever got to get this to him to put up a week your cell you could look at this today in a slight lebanon probably take you know what your and then if you were to look at the same link tomorrow yeah seriously just gate well there so I just typed ok take the affiliate makin check or if you go to this late probably as a tomorrow you actually out actual link there on that site hit so why would usually right there 20 I mile so much HR credit other and you'll never we get you get dun bradstreet and experienced business which is not now if you go to dun bradstreet itself experience I'll they'll charge you about e-books peace so like each one they will charge a lot of 40-50 bucks for credit honored with credits are you get both the last 30 but and you also get ranging experience personal I that nothing like this I owned a character company built so let and I had a descriptor many years every single one of the sources individually charges you about 40 to 50 bucks for credit Iran in with credit here you get ranging in personal extreme personal DnB business experience this is for 29 not now would also school but as you can search I competence so not only can you find your cur or you can even search companies fight for other companies at any time have five companies are looking at but again they're really phenomenal they have a lot of cool stuff why the other cool things they have 30 only company that offers the new business like score it's not available anywhere else this is why we got set up a trade terror many many months as we got waylaid that they were going to have the best strikers form shifted left on infractive with the creditor no crest the price is better services better the report says so much more information you're getting where else and their she not like combinations like what we have to have absolutely lost so I checked me recommend credit care strongly they've been a great service for us and a minute a little bit later on this webinar why you really should consider using their but best bang for the buck most stuff on the report those some problem that's the problem each so now you would have a new got shot separately you got some access your business credit reports next thing you need to do is you need to attain vendor accounts first see well as my secret formula right its bold underlined red that means it's like ridiculously word k in rehab tell you this as a lot of people mess this up loyally they make States go apply for credit rock right order and get some turn back I don't want you to make tax take it you're in a taped statement correct right now so this is her poor kitty started much the same as consumer or as we're talking about in and get started usually the smart you think about it you know myself personally I started building my credit I'll kiss my tackles I'm not a truck launch me when I was in Notre but a lot of people have that luxury lot of people start building your credit with small secure credit card slot secured credit card ruin that this locator Gary very available there are some out there they're pretty rare hi but there are small then your credit accounts dark or vendor k so business can be approved for small credit cards to help you build an initial credit profile and again these are called then your credit caps so in the business credit will your credit file start with this is a catch this is how it starts so when you talk about what it takes to initially start your business credit profile that's exactly what it takes our vendor accounts you need to get a crew for vendor accounts to establish initial profile stylish initial tradewinds score and then start getting into revolving store tight credit so what our vendor swell he's our accounts that do you credit on net terms could be yet 15 30 60 or 90 usually net 30 is the most common so what this means that maybe you could purchase a product and then you have to pay back within that time frame so for example if you set up on the net 38 Cal you buy suffered three in a box today then you have to pick up 43 her back but back within 30 days now this is obviously different than revolving try a few years to revolving credit card 3 r

bug so I then you my only have to make a minimum payment like 15 bucks on that count are Intel it all paid off but with the vendor account the net 30 I account you have to pay the full balance of work and what are those terms are usually Thursday I to be able to keep a ass agree so you can get products or services for your business the for the pay 30 days which is pretty cool the not only are these good because you can build your business credit by establishing a but they're also good because you could use like it's it's good to get credit I of the supplies for example that you could buy hallal not 8 Apr 30 by a under discredit as your staff miss you straight so pretty cool he can get stuff you needed the late payments for 38 on hot up building your district boss K and a lot of these companies are gonna see today will prove you or as live with as little as it yeah I am for one month remember I told you how important those things were earlier because now you're starting to assert see layer is so heiko a lot of these accounts that will give you initial credit will look at tonight best you have any idea and are you asleep or 11 the answer is yes you get approved the answer is No I'll wall k so another thing I touched on earlier as you do not ever will life for this kinda credit using so sturdier you with one of my first without the social now some sources again a request only demand L tell you that have it but you always want to try to submit those al and many the people you're talking to Tony know you your crew how I use an example were quite with Mason's and they say they want to discredit army girls and I know nothing about she called over manager he said I know something about heard about it house to he call this corporate manager and his brother Regional Managers regulators I or something about that he answers is regional manager called his boss his boss had yes so that's how many people up the chain took a most people will just tell you no they would never walk asahara che this person was interesting cuz you gotta see how far have to get up the management chain before we didn't do so by me %uh work to meet the new year that was possible and this is Nate's pretty big company so the bottom line yes a lot of people on the front lines the stores like they don't know you can apply for credit not using SOC maybe like a lot on this letter you know every of this hockey stores don't know that the don't listen to them when they tell you not to do it anybody this is an application from credit sold out with the social Lake is gonna take a setback editor hey man you can't do that like your social like you so when SoC when they get you went to them and said no I'm I'm don't fret late might yeah and they would look to like it yet they would you go to top so don't listen to the main whoever did you talk to the list every dollar talk about most you absolutely can't go quietly qeii and it won't happen if you put this SSL yeah H because you are using your social you almost always are getting your wilson/getty axe look that beats you're getting a social your sign the application your personally guarantee it so easy to you know get this is credit already is that you applied for money and that use such you know this happens all the time although to look at the bench with the love release more entrepreneurs and I'll be like yep this and then somebody they all have this straight yeah I got that bill years ago that was easy did and I know right away disperses probably does how so I said look this is a I debit card hazardous what we're not talking about if how many college credit the you have now were you were able to just not even if the latter so stern about yeah okay and then that's when they'll say well I don't have any right back well that's high least a fine what this suspected if you have real discredit your able to get it leaving your social of yeah did you get credit and you use your social we got a credit card hazardous they might probably not will distract in my issue with your name and your business a on it but it probably doesn't report the distractor yeltsin's and you have to get a credit check get a you also personally year T so you could call kisses her I guess but it's not this is Craig my it might find business credits credits a jury I had not are so short major social pls way you put your social media you probably personally get the distributes its credit doesn't require social all K business trip to your yeah I and all credit so when you have enough credit bill yeah I A start getting revolving credit card specially without providing a social security number and remember it do provide the social your personal credit is gonna be poll in most cases that personal credit will be used the approval said so you have that personal credit you but the social Amir you gonna get did I you gonna get that I based on your personal credit he's waiting for his father said talk about let our I without social then they can even pull your purse her and this Ops II nobody can't deny you for your personal credit a cable polgar okay if you're not even getting on the social they can even whole your personal credit so most traditions will approve you with your SSN if you're yeah I credit is stronger okay so that means you know or if you're yeah I and after meets most creditors will approve you without your social security number yeah I A Crack stronger yang credit is not good enough might be quite involves ASCII upon your perspective seal lose any K only your social yeah worst-case near the gonna tell you they did you try to look like with it and if you know your credit score did you may decide to you may be decided bill more credits you doin before you're quite yet but no matter what eagerness and it tells you credit can be attained a caer yeah I and only get I just talked about that most people are telling you know they can't be done because they're trying to be published they just don't even know cell so you gotta start star who built your caps you c'mon girl this this looks so like I I need this all caps and ball in cheats or you must start business credit profiles for starter then your caps so when I'm talking about star who vendors these are ones who give you initial credit even if you have no credit knows score or no trade my now was the biggest mistakes I made a air that I see people may is they apply right here at stores like state know they go and they think I I tried to go by districts okay weird at first question asked this when you apply did you put yourself in the mirror yeah its they usually say yes I certainly get you that that's an instant fail and the next thing I ask this will lead you quoi you know where jewel state with you have any credit we have plastic with no a war fruit okay so in order for you to get approval real business credit you have to start with starter Ventura traps these are not stores you going to state courts he going to low city go in the Home Depot target mates Walmart all these people will give you this is Trent but none of these companies will give you your very first rental now that's not surprising they will do it for you in the consumer world leader I get you have no credit just the house you can't walk into Walmart or Target get a credit card it will improve the they're gonna make you get credit elsewhere first then with the staff a straight line profiles or you can walk into a Stargate Walmart Macy's and get revolving credit hot through when talking about a starter tell these are vendors will give you initial credit even if you have no credit no scores no trademarks just based on your were 11 just based on your yeah those are lemme real starter Ben first and if you're not using real starter vendors then don't try to score stores will not approve you permission credit you will get the nod a try to look quite so instead happy girl with real starter viagra capsules look at some La Quinta said sheets lot associates yield corporate set up blacks K that actually what they did so you will need to get incorporated initially if you want corporate compliance to make sure your corporations and complex if you want anything to do with corporation filing type: services than La Quinta so she's is a good solution now they report Xperia clearport use coal a trade xj8 Cali payment experienced Houston so if they report to theory and Dun & Bradstreet that would be to painted experience masking to come here yet or your few minutes so the airport to its period which he/she one payment experience they will report to one place experience very commonplace buttons or sister or a only look at 411 E yeah so did you can get through it you'll or almost a you have it yeah I am Number only ever look at anything else to approve which guess now its all time together that's why I told you this but I don't have these two things done because their sources like wind at all be approved you if you have those two things yet nothing else ok rue 21 they usually takes 30-60 days better or net 30 terms this is a great starter but your cal the drawback is you might not need or what I'll other serbs maybe you don't need corporate compliance stay that definitely a drawl lock on but beyond that they were poor you get it right reference are you get a pain experienced you get approved with very little required their report quickly you get better terms so perfect starter venture cap now another what sixth school East having no now another one that actually show you in a minute is oMG spade slot I need she had 6 X schemes did key record %uh okay so a nother get your credit terror I talked about her terribly toll while I'll funny is where credit era was first presented he acted like hubbell we're already ABC's Altima like 'em by a lot resists until I started using want to start using absolutely love but here's what's cool is that they were or shoots theory and then the brightest so not only for less than 30 but steady access your credit file which the first let's be honest you need any strike you gonna do district gotta what credit on average and the EU deve spirit in India bonus experience t you personal school so you get credit moderate business impersonal and it combines a lot of forces so that helps you save a ton of money must buy non /url am report to its theory in the hot seat which is like stricken also you get to payments spirits remember I told you a payment experience is the report into one credit reporting agency credit airports 22 these are coal mine anybody to reports to remove coal mines you get set up were home and you get to pain experienced because they were 42 now wire payment experience to support well because you need to have X amount of pain experiences to start getting revolving credit so the more these pain experiences get the faster you get to revolving credit the fastest way to get a red ball bead store credit is to start getting up router sources that report will aidid multiple experienced like right here moments fear AMD NB awesome it's also also because you did something you need any to me you're going to build this is Trey credit other to your gay something need a mic loughlin so she is it something you really eat and you get to gaming experiences which awesome a and there's no approval or like it all I did all looking a detail stop personal creditor any bank to approve the sows is easy to get approved just sign credit air 30 but and get approved now to is a drawback tear it takes about six months to report train now visually that will change but this is what happened in order any company to report to the business for 20 agencies monthly they need to have a certain amount a wreck a lot of this case I think it's 2000 records but they have have a poorly to be able to report monthly ok red kerzner they just don't have enough people using them yet to be able to get a monthly report and they will services phenomenal key so they'll grow that day right now they're not paying so they can only sinbad to de- about every six months because that's how long it takes and getting a records get report but as they grow they will go to a monthly report so I me it's really good place to stay with them but you have to keep in mind that will credit your it takes six months the even trade mine to be established lot longer than most the senseless shootings today and net 30 terms because they just charge every 30 months 30 days credit moderate just like most up monthly credit cards step I'll there okay so another true better is quill cool office supplies basically is has gotten their name because they helped build this trade I nobody at the 2010 ok well what if they get report this track but they actually sell of course allies packaging cleaning supplies and they purport to Dun & Bradstreet now with quill you know what I cases you got a place in initial order first unless you have a deep peace for staffed so if you already have some credit dnt 30 get you up a text for you don't need will probably get credit right way minute not your no credit was gonna happen is there gonna come in and I can request took place in order first here's a cold if you don't have to like by fifty or a hundred twenty dollars for stuff you could buy like five dollars a ten dollar work Highlanders tends to make this work okay so you go in you try to get credit they say no goodbye something an initial order then you look like again they say no you keep that cycle girl so usually up which one a 90-day repayment schedule okay so if you do gay approved a link for example the which 1i need a repayment schedule a few order items each month for those three months the now typically a tribute from 38 caps see coming you say hey I want to buy twenty hours were stuff from Nick well and they say okay will you have any hard to sell us or not gonna give you a net 30 tell what we will do is give you 90 days as: twenty dollars back and then if you keep ordering stuff and pay each month about ninety day cycle in about three months they will get here at 38 we keep in mind it could take you again ninety days to get it reminds was here verses like La Quinta so she switched like me okay so drawbacks negatives and positives in each where the sources and that's why you might use a combination sources it's your what a now another church starter vendor account is called get quotes and get worse of us work supplies and products a report to DMB and you got a place that initial were over fifty dollars a select invoice me option left hand soap on the checkout if something it's called invoice me and they will call the business credit and if they don't approve you because you just don't have any credit established then know what your prepaid the order and you just keep doing ski purchasing in choosing him with the option NT get approved for network-attached so kinda like will they might request two or three orders from you before they say okay we see you're going to be a regular customer now will get you in 38 that are you placed order over $50 bucks choose in with me this option what pop-up nesler's over 50 hit a couple your business credit either prove you are don't a dull you keep repay keep doing this if you do this a few times should be able to get group again this is just a song like by just something I make not this is just literally based on what see thousands and thousands client asks esler reliable of the supplies this office supplies obviously and promotional products airport all sleepy so this is like get my coal mine because you can get for repayment experiences here from one company is the best she can get GB experience and applesauce which sauce and it's a number double bonus because most people don't report Equifax so to get a source like this that reports equifax really awesome and the fact they're word 2003 is even more awesome yet repayment experiences one-shot there now gave you got a place in initial order to request your order be in with the bill to your company the pool your business credit if not group keep order in requesting to be in Boyceville no different things get worse the only difference is they don't have fifty dollar minimum order so you just order from them then you tell him that you want to be at least to build a clear business card they say no though did not pay you pay each keep doing it after a few cycles they still this person keeps worry-free me he's ordered for me arm so let's give them a little bit crack so not approved keep order request to be a voice for bill the more you place the better your chance recruiter net for terms usually takes about 3 orders with these kinda companies they want from the ones at Mitch's how pre-orders wire to get pretty you lie shipping supplies shifting packaging industrial supplies airport Deeb and you got to have your DUNS number strapless out dance numbers 3d get cost you any money you can go I 83 DUNS number and get access to one just keep in mind YouTube anything with Dun & Bradstreet credibility okay dun bradstreet not the same as Dun & Bradstreet credibility and if anybody ever calls you tries to sell you something dun bradstreet it's not done pressure is down to brass regret bill whole different company privately-owned nasa the massive federal trade complaints against this company don't buy bottom line yes you never need to buy anything combated bradstreet to build a credit report score and they'll tell you different tell you I'm a liar they'll tell you after higher charge 800 twelve hundred dollars by some credibility package bill be and that includes a dozen you need 8 and summers 3 got dun bradstreet get it done summer no cost easy takes about 30 days you don't wanna ATM to get and you have this you will need to get a group you I alaska to trade references a bank reference the first few words my E to be prepaid to initially get group met her teacher I remember if you wish to Lachlan if you went to credit era these people that don't require these pre orders and got through them first with aidid reporter you probably be able to go to you I'm no wish you get better if you're starting with you why did nobody else they might require these prepaid orders slime give you access to a lot sauce today some require purchase some don't require perks summer 138 for work ninety so this way you have the best monopolize your marketplace a house like a marquee CD set and CDs report to experience nurture starter cap help from anybody okay they don't have a qualification requirements and or fairly quickly oh yeah news hey Mike four payments 60 bucks you buy their CDs for game is 68 finance it any get you get credit excessive whenever work 38 so this is a phenomenal support no pre-orders no nothing you buy what you're selling they'll get you 1 credit airport it straight and you get and asset oh yeah a out yeah I and regular 200 best get the stuff that their male set at so vendor accounts you need to have a total I pay many spirits to start getting revolving store credit and again to pay ministration reporting to Capital One report ATC so an account supported scary in don't brag sheet for example cast to pain experienced you gotta pay $8 your accounts in ball went on time remember your distance for only based on this one so you have to pay these bills are higher to have a good business credit score educational out I'm member poor again as I showed some a six-month report 738 6898 I told you that I pray to get you look at the patients' sometimes a month's report and it typically takes three cycles at them to build business credit scores dun bradstreet ICC up three cycles before they get you up a 2×4 for example he might have had those accounts reported on your well three months to get a score in our case that happens fast even a sense 36k most merchants in major retailer to our business credit so most worst advertised a just ago have age don't advertise it because there's no benefit and a lot of people asked like this suspense secret war because if you're willing to give staples your social security number personally guaranteed a they're not gonna tell you there's another option it is your business it's so big he gets yes votes then CEO's know about this stuff so they'll need the company to the right source the bottom line is state with us know interested telling a lonely little small business owner the business credit exist they won't even advertise and promote it instead they were lie on the bigger businesses to come to them already knowing so exist most people operate they just don't promote it okay so make sure that you know that it exists and exist in more stores on so you know what you can use your business trips were once you actually start getting a true EastEnder sake have reached a high pain experienced staff list you can ensure 818 revolving credit sources are outs revolving accounts for cards you know you could use pay like little rich girl normal credit card that you're probably familiar with revolving account approvals will begin coming from stores first so after that you have to be so sacred stuff like that so you get your bike a man experiences then you can get a stable star Carlos card Home Depot and whatever we have 10 total pain experiences is when you want to start gate Lisa cards MasterCard index cards I'm stuff like that and i cud other webinars videos I've done all my beauty channel RAM walkthrough the steps in building this is Trent I look some small caps so most orders will not approve you for credit unless you happen to still stabbed her profile in popup already and vendor accounts must be used first list obviously profound score then ask for credit to be don't try to apply it stores first you get night a usually takes only ninety days a restless which strike robots turn so that gives you a good idea how to do it I just told you the actual steps make sure your best seller credibly get your reports did your role he plays heated dispute stuff and again in the chat box right now for those near the Kenyan late is a link to where you can get credit honor last 30 bucks get like with you DA BX your AT&T personal what school then once you have that done then you need to get in there and start getting starter bender out don't try apply with the social security number lead to social at the apt and go to the sources I told year now because she attended the split our state on the decidual kite it's letting our so that you could cause it right last 13 SC make sure you get all the information but don't try to apply for credit storage gonna fail okay it is gonna happen it you gotta start the starter vendor cast he you 10 payment experience here today's webinar you only need I to be able to move on to recall outside gate text like a double the amount that you're ever gonna need probably more than you ever gonna see any so now you have heard any one or more mobility discredit you us well we're our team in our technology with checks out its net not com forward slash discredit I also duration: offering this credit financing for customers make my a lot of money alongside at helping a lot of people then this will give you more information on this stupid credits legal com forward slash district here's my email my phone number you have any questions free guess all and hope you got a lot of this letter again I will send you a plate as well pretending I want to thank everybody for taking the time to tens for be a great day

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