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Caller: Forgive Student Debt? Why not my Credit Cards?

Caller: Forgive Student Debt? Why not my Credit Cards?
18 Aug

brian amal plus in south carolina you disagree with my idea that we should pay off student loans dad bit better agriculture credit card debt picking up your credit card debt or they weren't rationale quality that the other paid at all out there but i could get the government bailout that don't yet on your credit card debt is not an investment in the future of america it was probably beard pizza and bat is not the commons that's not the future of this country education is the commons it is the future the country and that's why i agree with thomas jefferson and abraham lincoln and maneuvers other presidents and legislatures over the years that education in the united states should be free there yet you're still not uh uh it but i don't care if the dot but there are all corporate break right are there are all aren't prayer but what did well but a lot of their work uh

you note paper me but that's that's and that's not the future of this country that said that you know midmane deep putting money on your credit card bill and saying that that's the same thing saying that there's a moral equivalence between our countries saying we should simply writing a payoff everybody's credit card tab verses we should have a jubilee a dead jubilee we should pay off everybody's student loans they're completely different things education you know after world war two my father's generation came back my dad went to college on the g_i_ bill and and my wife's father went to college on the g_i_ bill and my dad didn't finish college she dropped out because my mom got pregnant with many went to work in a steel mill at all the malays were killed and from uh asbestos uh indictment will feel like mesothelium and he got a law degree any view is the assistant regional for the state of michigan he worked his way all the way up to that because the federal government underdog white eisenhower said you'd you served in world war two but it was actually a little bit after the war but you served during that era and here you volunteered for service during world war two is what happened with both our fathers and is therefore you are going to get a free college education and in fact they both got stipends to go to college she in addition to the free college education and what we did with that g_i_ bill by providing free college education as we went from around six or seven percent college graduates in the united states two in the teens i was sixteen or eighteen percent but and the the the g_i_ bill had had premised petered out by the end of the fifties early sixties and and that then caused america in the fifties sixties and seventies to be the leader in innovation the world we invented there the to the transistor we invented the did the integrated circuit we invented the computer we invented all these things because we educated generation of americans and then reagan came along and said are are that's terrible you know used to have these have free college education california like you know long long long long time and then ronald reagan came along as governor inside white shark bait for the education kids who are protesting against me any and that the federal level when he became president he'd be a he started killing education free educational across this country answers for thirty three years dot of reaganomics it's gotten more and more and more expensive ad rating came into office college tuition about eighty percent of college tuition was covered right by the colleges are by state or federal government now it's around twenty percent of college is much more expensive and so what's happened it's what's happening instead of the haas creating engineers and leading the world innovation india is now creating engineers radio innovation the surprise being you know the at the high tech capital of china is becoming a high-tech battle because they're investing in their students in a so it is i have heard this before from conservatives file yahoo i a line students to go to college for free paid for by credit that they provide beer and pizza paid for by around whatever bit concerned a completely different you're listening to the trial mark munro hasn't come hardman dot com for audio and video or and this is really the thing that is so sad about this conservative world view is that there's no was that invest in the future all now in the future

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