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CASHBACK with Discover Card

CASHBACK with Discover Card
31 Jul

Hey Duane here with how to build credit TV and in this video I'm gonna be showing you my credit card statement with Discover Card and how I was able to accumulate over three hundred dollars worth of cashback But before we get started I have a quick message

Once again my name is Duane with how to build credit TV This channel offers 100% free information about how to build credit, how to get cash back actual cash money using credit cards, as well as credit card reviews So if this sounds like something in which you're interested be sure to subscribe and click the notification bells so you don't miss a thing Alright guys so I I thought it was important for me to do a video and just kind of show you my monthly statement because that way there's there's no hiding this is just 100% proof of how I was able to get over $300 worth of cashback and this is pretty much how it will work for you as well if you decide to get a credit card that offers cashback or a credit card that has like 5% in certain categories like the Discover card As well as the Chase Freedom Card I have that card as well I'll do videos on that card as well

Coming soon, but what I'll do is I'll go and hop on over to my laptop and I'll login to my discover account and show you guys my statements Alright so I'm gonna go ahead and go to this Discover website and log into my account here and show you guys my statement balances from when I initially got the Discover card until now Of course I'll have to block out this information here as I log into my account Alright so I'm in my account here and on the right side here you can see my current cashback bonus available is three hundred fifty four dollars and ninety cents and I also have cashback match well which they will match September 2018 I'm not gonna spend this money because I want to just wait and until I get my my cashback match because I think would be really awesome if I can get five hundred dollars cash back and they match five hundred dollars

So it'll be a thousand dollars, the cool thing about Discover Card is that I can actually transfer the money into my checking account so I don't have to redeem it towards my credit card statement I could transfer the money to my account so it's actual cash money in my account direct deposit So that's pretty cool alright so I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys my statements here give me a second I actually never get on the website I use my app for everything Okay so I got to find it here alright cool so I'll go ahead and start back with the first statement back on back in August August to September 2017 I'll click on that kind of show you guys and on the right side here you can see that I got cashback I earned eleven dollars and sixteen cents The cool thing about all the cashback that I'm able to get is that I'm getting all this cashback and I'm paying 0% interest

So as I go through my statements you'll see here on the right hand side where it says interest charge 0% there was one time I had a fee I don't remember what it was about but I call them and they actually credited my account back I don't remember what the fee was about but it was 20 bucks and that really kind of upsets me because I'm like man I wanted to show you guys like zero dollars all the way across Alright so I'll go back and I'll show you the next statement here so we'll go with September to October Alright September to October here on the right hand side and as you can see I had 11 dollars from a previous statement on this statement I earned 39 dollars and 28 cents which brought my total cash back balance up to 50 dollars and 44 cents after 2 months After the first month I was like cool I got 11 dollars cash back I was like I'm really gonna try to maximize this and that's exactly what I did so I'll keep going here and show you guys the next statement I'll go to October to November 2017 alright and on the right hand side for that period I got 35 dollars and 63 cents cash back altogether that totals 86 dollars and seven cents alright we'll keep it going to the next statement

We'll go with November 17th to December 16th this one I think is a big one because there was the Amazon and target for the 5% cash back and I think I got I think I got in with that offer so this is a pretty big statement here Alright so on the right hand side you see my previous balance which was 86 dollars and seven cents and then the current cashback for this particular billing statement was 106 dollars and four cents I know for a fact that I got over $60 worth of cashback because I purchased a lot of stuff on Amazon and Target now all these purchases I made were just regular purchases I had to buy gifts with my kids gifts for whoever and so I did a lot of purchasing on Amazon and Target and I got 5% cash back the 5% cash back is up to $1,500 So that's actually 75 dollars that I could have gotten over three months I know I didn't get 75 dollars but I got pretty close I know I got like 60 bucks worth of cash back from Target and Amazon purchases

Once again as you can see on the right hand side here interest paid zero interest okay so my balance is now currently up to one hundred and ninety two dollars and eleven cents no interest paid at all I pay my bill I pay my balance off in full every single month even though there is a balance when they send me my statement, that balance never carries over until the next statement and therefore I never pay interest Let's go back alright the next one here is December 17th to January 2018 alright then we'll scroll down here this was another big big time cash back I think this was also kind of still within that Amazon target right before January right so the tail end of December I was still getting those Amazon and Target purchases and for this statement I got back seventy six dollars and 69 cents which brought my total cash back up to two hundred and sixty eight dollars and eighty cents Alright we'll go to the next statement here alright the next statement is January to February on this statement I got back forty three dollars and ninety two cents A lot of these purchases I don't remember what the first with the cashback was for this quarter I think it was gas and whole food wholesale wholesale clubs so like sams and Costco

I didn't really do a lot of purchasing in Sams and Cosco but I got up like five percent back on gas and and then one percent of everything else so I got forty three dollars back for this statement and then let's go ahead and go to the most current statement I think from February to March 2018 Alright over here I got back 42 dollars and 18 cents which brought my total up to three hundred fifty four dollars and ninety cents I also want to show right here where it says interest charged once again no interest no interest at all and that's three hundred and fifty four dollars worth of cashback Guys you could totally do this all you have to do is just be in the know know what the categories are as far as what you get five percent back on if you can't get five percent that's okay just spend like you normally do Use your credit card for everything I never use my debit card I never use cash I always use my credit card

Alright so thanks for watching this video guys I'll see you back in one second Thank you so much for watching this video if you have any questions at all please be sure to leave a comment below be sure to LIKE and subscribe, share this video with someone that you think that may think this is useful Thanks again for watching until next time take care and be blessed Peace!

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