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Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card(s) Review | Increased Sign Up Bonus to Get Companion Pass!

31 Jul

What's up everyone today, I wanted to do a review of the Southwest plus and premiere cards Which both have elevated sign of bonuses at the moment, but if this is your first time here My name is Jason from the founder of Nomad travel hacker comm I'm a travel rewards consultant And I teach people how to use travel points and miles for free travel so be sure and subscribe so you don't miss anything Okay, so just talking about The to Southwest personal credit cards here the plus and the premiere Both of these have escalated signup bonuses at the moment which is Fantastic definitely a great time to sign up for these cards which are very similar So Southwest is by far my favorite airline in the US Many times I would just book a trip on Southwest and not even sure if I wanted to take or not because Southwest gives you Flexibility like no other airline in the US or really on any other airline that I know of does So for example you can book a trip, and then you can basically just cancel your trip And they will they won't give you the money back, but they will keep that money That you can use for another trip, and if it's points it will be the same thing so Also, you can book a trip, and then you can change the dates, and if it is a more expensive flight There's no fee to change it all you pay is the difference and if it is a less expensive flight They actually give you the money back in a credit or they give you the points back, which is just incredible? I've used that feature so many times and is really the only reason why they are my favorite airline They're nice People to deal with if you miss a flight you have some issues They will oftentimes help you out when the other Lane ron's you know you're pretty much screwed So um with Southwest you already get two free checked bags, so these cards don't really offer anything like that What they what they do offer is pretty much points here really the only other value outside of the signup bonuses Are you get double points for any Southwest purchases? But I guess and their hotel and car rental partners, but that's pretty much it but Both of these cards normally have 40,000 points signup bonuses and the plus card right here They are almost identical the plus card is got 50,000 at the moment when you hit 8 mm

My mum spend, but there is a $69 annual fee, that is not waived the first year and the only other bonus really of this card is you get three thousand points On your anniversary date if you renew the card now The Southwest premier card is really this card is almost identical The only difference is here is a ninety nine dollar annual fee, and then six thousand point bonus when you renew Now what these cards could be really fantastic for is if you're going for the Southwest companion pass which is basically a plus one for all flights that you book for Southwest using points or cash and For example if you got this right now and January of 2018 you would have this companion pass for the end of 2018 and all of 2019 so basically it is for one full year and The rest of the year that you are in Anytime over a 12-month period so if you got these two cards right here and then hit both of the minimum spins you would be at a hundred and four thousand points and To get that companion passed it is a hundred and ten thousand points Believe you are also allowed to change the person that is your companion three different times So in my opinion This is probably the best deal in travel hacking by far the best deal for domestic and Southwest has just added, Hawaii Oh actually where I am at the moment they have had just added Hawaii to their list of destinations, which they will be flying on later and 2018 they haven't given us the date exactly but Believe it will be towards the end of 2018 so you could fly around trip to Hawaii with a companion With this companion pass so Overall I think this is these are great cards to have um One thing to note is these definitely are under the chaise 524 rules so if you have More than five cards in the last 24 months You will not be approved for these cards and if you were under 524 definitely be you know very careful with these cards because they do count towards that five months and 24 cards from Chase But I think right now when they both have escalated signup bonuses is definitely a great time to sign up for them There's also a business card that will not count towards that Chase 5:24 that has a 60,000 point signup bonus at the moment so really if you got to pay one of the premier or plus cards and the business card Then you would immediately hit that a hundred and ten thousand points, so Again, you know I really love Southwest They're the only airline I feel like is truly good people to deal with I trust them

I like them They're always nice They're fun You know the seats are not the most comfortable There's really not like a first class or business class type experience But having the free check bags and really the ability to the flexibility to change Your trip as you see fit is what makes them my favorite So I hope this video was helpful guys if it was please give it a thumbs up Comment down below and let me know do you have any of these Southwest credit cards? Or if Southwest is not your favorite airline Let me know what it is if you have not already go ahead and subscribe so you don't miss any upcoming videos and Thank you for your time

I will talk to you guys soon You

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