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Credit Card CASH BACK

Credit Card CASH BACK
31 Jul

Researching credit card cash back? Duane here with how to build credit TV And in this video I'm gonna talk to you guys about how I get cash back from using my credit cards and how you can do the very same thing

But before we get started I have a quick message Once again my name is Duane with how to build credit TV and this channel offers 100% free information about how to build credit and ways to improve your credit score We also talked about how to get cash back actual cash money from using credit cards, as well as credit card reviews If this sounds like something whichcincyou're interested be sure to subscribe to our channel and click the notification bell so you don't miss a thing Okay so you're interested in getting cash back from using credit cards

I actually started doing this about two years ago with a Capital One Quicksilver card That was the first credit card that I was using when I was able to get some cash back So basically how it works is you make purchases with their credit card I was just paying for stuff that I normally buy, like my cell phone bill, light bill cable bill, gas I didn't do anything extra I just pay for what I was already spending my money on and I would get 15% cash back on my purchases

So, that was kind of my first experience with cash back and since then I have shifted to the Discover Card where I get 5% cash back on certain purchases in certain categories Discover basically operates this way, there are four quarters in the year and for each quarter they allow you to get 5% cash back on certain purchases So like the first quarter I think it was like gasoline, wholesale clubs This particular quarter is grocery stores so whenever I buy something in the grocery store if I spend up to $1,500 for this quarter I'm able to make $75 cash back on that $1,500 So if I buy fifteen hundred dollars worth of groceries in these in the this three months in the year that I'm able to get back up to $75 in cash back

After that point you basically get one percent cash back on the same purchases which was grocery store So that's kind of how the cash back works I'm gonna show you guys right now because I wanna show proof that the cash back is real I've been able to accumulate a little over six hundred dollars with Discover Card right now So I'm gonna go ahead and log in to the website and show you guys that so I'll see you guys on my laptop

Okay so we're at the discover website here I'm gonna go ahead and login for you guys so that you guys can see some cashback proof that I've gotten in the last ten months with Discover card Okay so I'm logged in my current balance is $57949 cents Here on the right hand side you can see my cash back bonus available is $60853 I've been able to accumulate that in the last ten months with discover

The cool thing about discover is that they actually matched the cash back that you've earned in the first year So currently I have six hundred and eight dollars and Discover Card is going to match that at the end of my first year I think it's up in September and of course I'll be making videos showing you guys and keeping me posted as to how much cash back I've gotten I'll actually make a video showing that this is real money and I can transfer it to my checking account Alright so I'm gonna pull up my last account statement here so you guys can see the amount of cashback I've gotten in the last month and the last ten months accumulated

So I'll go here where it says current which was May 17 to June 16 2018 I'll click on that and it pulls up my statement here and on the right hand side I'll go over here and show you guys Alright so here we go on the right hand side you can see that for this particular statement from May the 17th to June 16 2018 I was able to earn $79 back $79 in cash back which brings my total up to $60853 cents which I showed you guys on the previous screen

As you can see here it's it shows my fees charged, it shows interest charged zero dollars This is very important because I'm earning the cash back but I'm not paying any interest at all and just to kind of show you guys that I haven't gotten any interest at all I'd go back a couple of statements Okay so that was the most current let's go back to April 17th to May 16th I'll click on that and let that load, as you can see over here on the right-hand side it says interest charged, fees charged zeros So this month I got back $85

04 and once again no interest Let me go back and show you another statement here just real quickly let's go back to March 17th to April 16th I click on that one and as you can see over here on the right hand side once again fees charged interest charge $0 and for this month I was able to get 8959 cents of cash back I'll go back I'll do two more I'll go all the way back to I guess the beginning of the year

So February 17 to March 16 2018, on the right hand side again you see fees charge interest charges $0 and I was able to earn $4218 cash back there As you can see and then I'll go back and just show you the last or the first month of this year which is January 17th to February 16th Once again interest charge $0 fees charged $0 cash back earned $4392 Okay so getting cash back with credit cards is one of my favorite things it's actually really cool and the fact that Discover matches the cash back on your first year it's to my benefit to be using Discover card

As a matter of fact I'll put a link below this video if you're interested in signing up for the Discover card you can do so If you use that link we actually get $50 statement credit and you get a $50 statement credit as well within the first 3 months if you use your Discover card on any purchase So both of us get $50 if you use the link in the description below this video Thanks for watching this portion of the video I'll see you guys back in just one second Thanks for watching this video about using credit card to get cash back

By the way what are your experiences with credit cards in regards to getting cash back? What's your favorite cash back credit cards? Let me know in the comments below Also let me know what's the most amount of money you've accumulated using credit cards as far as cash back is concerned If you haven't subscribed to the channel please go ahead and do so If you like this video, give us a THUMBS UP it helps our challenge quite a bit and go ahead and share this video with somebody that you think may find it helpful Once again we talk about everything you need to know in regards to credit

Whether you're looking to establish credit, build credit, rebuild credit or learn more about the FICO score and how it is comprised so you can increase your credit score If this sounds like something in which you're interested be sure to subscribe to our Channel and click that notification bell so you don't miss a thing Thanks again for watching this video once again my name is Duane with how to build credit TV and I approve this video I'll see you guys in the next video until next time take care and be blessed Peace!

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