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everyone this is Greg with creditors says this is a very quick video its am

question taggants lots of searches every month from Google so we just went to quickly arm the difference between a prepay credit card and credit cards for bad credit people who are searching asking what is the best secured credit card so you already know that a prepaid credit card is you you have to preload the money they do not report to the credit bureau it does absolutely nothing to help your credit it's great for not having to carry cash around to go on mine pay bills the lost does source is being sent there except it everywhere but they're not gonna help your credit so if you're looking for that damn what you want is a Secured Credit Card Visa specifically for people with bad credit you know if you get bad credit and no one's gonna just send you a regular credit card in just let you go off and start charging on it everyone is gone required some sort of security in a way it works is that she was stabbed a sec an account a complete 300 500 whatever the amount you establish you set it up in a account they say new a credit card equal to the balance that's in the account there are some companies they will do doubled would stay here so if you have a 250 in a in your camp don't give you a credit limit above 500 there's others that will start of with matching it so 250 a 250 credit card but once you've made regular payments and no improve in hurr you know reliable with your payments you can get it raised without having to add more money into data camp and the question is what is to Beth's secured credit card and there's a company card open sky and four quite a few years now they've been rated at Smith and esters lasts a secured credit card companies out there but open sky has been related as one the best with the lowest fees the best terms and you can apply on Mon now are website we have a paid specifically for that if you go to bad credit assistance dot com would d page for sis can explain the difference between credit cards and debit cards and how each one works and if you scroll for the down you would see a link where you can actually apply for the open sky car we're going to put the link to a page right arm the Lotus BDO are so you can get more tips just like this absolutely free when ships in 3 is our free credit tips me courage everyone to sign up for that has allowed a great information and it is gonna help you improve your credit from where you are now so that's it for now we just wanted to answer that question at thanks for tuning in and we'll see you again on an ex credit Asus help tips take care

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