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Credit Cards for Poor Credit Rating

Credit Cards for Poor Credit Rating
13 Sep

With the current financial crisis striking more and more financial institutions, credit card companies and loaners have become stricter in granting new lines of credit to persons not having an excellent credit rating Even for those with no credit history it became just as hard and they are not provided with the chance of building one

People with poor credit rating and with willingness to improve it have, therefore, less and less chances of doing so So what's there to be done in this sort of situation? Even with the current tightening of new credit approvals, there are still companies that offer cards for poor credit rating, out of the need of building up their brand or to entice more customers and to expand their profit They offer a vast variety of cards for poor credit rating, including prepaid, secured or online shopping credit cards With the prepaid and secured types of credit, you have to make an initial deposit, which will cover your monthly spending and will be used to cover the interest rates, in case you fail to pay them in time This is a very good way of acquiring money handling skills and you can also improve that poor rating by controlling your account properly

Even if it sounds incredible, there are plenty of credit card companies which will grant credit to anyone, irrespectively of credit rating or employment status You'll be wondering what the catch is Well, usually you'll be requested a membership fee and higher interest rates will be charged, with the specification that the loaner will have the possibility to raise the interest even higher, if you are late with even one payment Therefore, think thoroughly about the reasons and needs you have for a new line of credit, especially if you already have a poor rating One good example of credit cards for poor rating are the 0% APR credit cards and this is a very good opportunity to seize, if you're interested in saving more money and paying only what you've spent

The 0% annual interest rate is, in most cases, an introductory offer, meaning it will be applied for a determined amount of time Nevertheless, you can enjoy the offer while it lasts and, when it expires, you can close that account and transfer your balance to another credit card with a low interest rate or you can continue to search for 0% APR offers Credit cards for poor credit rating are a real solution for those of us who are tired of getting rejected by usual credit loaners With these special designed products, you are given the chance to improve your credit score, without having to comply with major compromises The most important is to act responsibly and try to figure out ways to pay the interest rates in time

Any lateness fee will reflect in your credit score and this will make it harder and harder to obtain big loans in the future

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