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Earn Flexible Rewards Miles for Your Holiday Travel

Earn Flexible Rewards Miles for Your Holiday Travel
16 Sep

[Music] Chances are you or your loved ones may be traveling this holiday season, I know I'm coming back to sunny Florida to hang out with my parents, but did you know that you can get rewarded for that travel? How you asked? Well I'm joined by Rachana Bhatt from Barclaycard who's here to tell us all about the perks, the miles, and more that are simply available by choosing the right card Thank you so much for being here

Absolutely, thank you I am so psyched to do this because everybody who knows me knows I'm always pushing points, points, points and I've actually traveled the world using my Barclaycard I've been a member for years That's great, well you're not alone we have thousands of customers that have enjoyed the benefits of Barclaycard travel rewards, one thing we have heard from our customers is sometimes people find it confusing; how do I earn the miles, how do I redeem for my rewards, but with Barclaycard Arrival Plus we make it super easy It is so easy and I think one misconception people have is that you know with a lot of the travel rewards card you're tied to one airline, one hotel, but that's not the case with this card

Yeah absolutely with Barclaycard Arrival Plus you can use your miles toward any airline, any hotel, you can even use it toward cruise lines We make it super easy and super flexible and with Barclaycard Arrival Plus right now we're giving in a very exciting sign-on bonus and you can earn double miles for every purchase– use it everywhere you are planning to shop anyway, and you're earning double miles which you'll rack up towards a really exciting trip that you're planning And then finally when you do redeem it's easy to get additional miles we are giving you a 5% redemption bonus so you're bank of miles is never empty, you always have miles in there One of the things that I really love about the Barclaycard Arrival Plus is that it's got great security benefits, can you talk about some of those? Yeah, absolutely When you have Barclaycard Arrival Plus you can be confident and secure using it wherever you go

first and foremost your miles never expire so as long as your card is open and in good standing you'll have your miles there for any of your travel abroad or anywhere that you want to go and with Barclaycard Arrival Plus you have chip and PIN capability so your card will work at any terminal that you go to, and you can be confident that when you're using your card abroad in different currencies like pounds you don't have to worry about the foreign exchange fees, we do all the math for you, we don't charge you any extra fees– you can be confident and secure using this card anywhere And I've gotta say one of the coolest things about this card that I haven't found on any other credit card is that you reward for social interaction Yes absolutely, when you're traveling you're taking pictures, if you post these pictures on Barclaycard travel community you can earn even more rewards And if you're looking to find out what your next trip should be you can get inspired by all of the other customers that are posting their stories on our travel community It's so cool I need to go, I mean I went to Turks and Caicos on my Barclaycard points, we've been to Greece, so I'll have to upload those pictures

Absolutely If people want to know more about this fantastic card where do we go? Go to Barclaycard arrival dot com, you'll learn all about the exciting sign-on bonus right now, as well as the double miles for every purchase and the 5% Redemption bonus all of this makes Barclaycard Arrival Plus such an awesome card to have right now and one that I love I mean Rachana thank you so much for being here– I feel like just for doing our holiday shopping, just for doing our regular shopping, we can take a vacation and we all kind of want a vacation after the holidays, right? Absolutely, we all deserve one All right if you want to know more about the Barclaycard Arrival Plus you can go to BarclaycardArrival

com Of course we'll always have information on our website at thebalancingactcom Happy traveling this holiday season [Music]

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