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Exclusive Discover It Credit Card Review

Exclusive Discover It Credit Card Review
14 Aug

Hey there, I'm Lucy and I want to make this video talking about the Discover It credit card, because that's the card I use So I'm a college student and they do have a Discover It option for college students

It's a little bit different than the actual one It has an $800 limit, but it's really great I couldn't be happier for my first credit card There's no late fee on the first late payment There's no annual fee

No over the limit fee And you interest rate does not go up due to late fees, just to name a few of the advantages of this compared to other cards I have been kinda worried you know, choosing my first credit card cause a lot could go wrong, but things have been going really great with the Discover It They do have great customer support whenever I call with a question So that's really awesome

But my favorite part of the Discover It credit card is their cash back So currently I am signed up for 5% cash back on gas stations which is really great cause everyone knows how expensive gas is and it's pretty hard paying for that as a college student It is nice to get 5% back when I'd be buying gas anyway Also on their website they do have a bunch of different stores that you can buy from, you know stores that I normally shop at all the time They offer cash back

Currently they are offering more cash back on certain websites because of back to school sales So that's really great They have do have like Nordstrom, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, just to name a few of my favorite places that I shop and if I'm shopping there anyway, I might as well do it online and use my Discover credit card Sorry I keep rambling, but I could just go on and on about what a fantastic credit card this is and you should check it out for yourself Bye everybody

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