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FeedbackExpress – Reviewing Positive Amazon Feedback

FeedbackExpress – Reviewing Positive Amazon Feedback
01 Aug

Hi there and welcome back In this FeedbackExpress video we're gonna have a look at your "Positive Feedback," how you can get a feel for it and also how you can pull back a list of it

You'll notice as soon as you log in that feedback is all over your Dashboard This is because this is one of the most important parts of FeedbackExpress You'll notice right there, dead-centre you've got the number of "Positive Feedback" you've received in the past calendar month You can also change that value if you'd like Further down on the right you'll also see the positive feedback chart this gives you a good idea of how the feedbacks coming in and they're coming in thick and fast or has a slow Dyne scrolling further time you also get your most recent feedbacks if you change this to the positive to have you'll get the most recent positive feedback you've received if you also hover over the product you'll get a bit of a bit of information about the order and the product that was ordered if you'd like to get more details in general about your positive feedback you can go to feedback on the top of your screen this pulls back the feedback page which you can filter by positive neutral or negative feedback in order to pull back positive you would of course click the positive tab this gives you a full list of all the positive feedback in the period that you've chosen you can of course change this to be the past 7 days 30 days 6 days or even a custom period you can really pull back a lot of history here you can also filter the details by the campaigns which allows you to see how each of them are performing or by just searching specific customers or order IDs for each of these orders like on the front screen you can also click to bring up more information about them if you'd like to know more about other feedback types you can of course filter through and see the negatives and the neutrals as well which are of course the ones you're going to want to resolve where possible thanks for joining us today and have a great day

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