Saturday, 16 October 2021

Find your best credit card |

Find your best credit card |
16 Aug

This is CardCruncher Our automated service matches users' real spending history with credit card rewards programs to offer personalized recommendations, making it quick and simple to find the perfect credit card We database and structure the terms and conditions of over 100 top credit cards' rewards programs from leading banking institutions in the United States Through partnerships with financial aggregating services, we're able to offer bank-level security when using the platform Getting started is as simple as entering your credentials for a credit card or bank login

Our design focuses on reducing friction by eliminating any signup form fields on the path to crunching you're spending history The crunching process usually takes less than 15 seconds Once complete, the first output you'll see is the credit card that will return the most value We coined this value as crunch value It's an amount that is comprised of total rewards earnings, bonuses, annual credits and associated fees

Credit card rewards programs have many contingencies on earning and redeeming rewards These are all factored into the recommendation logic The crunch value is a value representative of the associated rewards for a year's worth of spending To get full access to all crunch values for all credit cards, simply provide an email or connect with Facebook or Google The last step is to apply for the card that's right for you

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