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Gangs on the Dark Web: Credit Card Scammers

Gangs on the Dark Web: Credit Card Scammers
31 Jul

Everything revolves around money Kind, who's the idiot who wants to go home with not even $ 1,000 every two weeks? And after that, you still have to pay the taxes

There, I'm going to make 1000 fucking dollars in front of you Right away You understood ? That's how it happens We even have the chip thing 4-5-7-8

3-6 3-5 0-7 That's how we make wheat The crooks of the blue card For 10 years, CB fraud has increased in the whole world

In 2016, losses reached $ 24 billion Nearly half of these frauds took place in the United States It's been 10 years since I worked, man Yes, because before, I worked I tried

But it's going too slowly Do not forget that an average guy earns about 100 dollars a day working eight fucking hours Can I feed my children? OK, you want your kids to eat, right? My children eat I am like everybody else You need Bitcoins

Basically, it's a currency that allows you to remain anonymous You do not have to use your real money It's harder to draw Everyone uses that There are two Bitcoin agencies on the other side of the street

That's it, I get up in the morning, take my money, I send it where it needs to go, and here I am, recovering the wheat It's not complicated anymore We arrive at the hideout You can buy everything, there Drug

We're trading stuff We'll show you everything How all that becomes feared Yo, it rolls? OK ? How are you ? -And you ? -Yeah, sir -You want it ? -No, keep it

I go on the darknet, I buy stuff Basically, the darknet is like Google, except that normal people who work do not know You can buy drugs You can buy a kidney No, but who can buy a kidney? Finally

it's whew! This is called a blank card You understand ? It's a blank card Look well

The thing is still in its packaging Come here Do you see what he wrote? There are numbers on it I will remove these numbers and replace them with mine You understood ? So

At work You put that there Come, I'll show you how we do, you understand? You erase everything

Absolutely everything Do you see how that goes? And we will put others in the place You see how well that shit? It is magic ! You take something like this There is still a little, but here it's just to show you There, I will burn the numbers I bought on the darknet And guess what ? It's wheat time! At work It's the drugs that brought me here You know what I mean ? But when you deal, the money comes more slowly

For drugs, you have to see people, make transactions But with that, you can make yourself two thousand dollars in a day by doing nothing What would you choose? To be honest, I've been doing this for ten years

There are some who have just started I have a friend right now, he's like 17, he does not even have his license and he drives an Infiniti M37 Where does it come from? They learn business They listen to the music that is playing right now and they start Everyone is in there

It's in the music Hey, what are you doing here? You're not from here, man! Get out of here ! Zoe God: Slang to designate a person who swindles or robs people or companies It's very common Many people talk about it Everyone does it, everyone talks about it

There are many people who do what they hear They're going to make a song about what's pleasing right now, no matter what it is It's me who brought this thing to life You see, I made Zoe God's first song You have to recognize what I did, that's all

It's my job In fact, I'm going to count them two by two It's real tickets! Look at this Tickets of 100! There are no tickets of 20! Tickets of 100! Tickets of 100! I make money every day, see? And there are others who are coming Four, five, six, seven, eight

I went to college, you know, I have a degree Finally, who is the con who wants to go home? with not even $ 1,000 every two weeks? And after, you have taxes There, I'm going to make 1000 fucking dollars in front of you Do you hear that? Do you hear that noise? They `re my best friend Do you see this computer? They `re my best friend

You see that thing, right there? This is my other best friend I could take him everywhere with me Yeah, wait And that's the Bluetooth There, I could be at the mall, on the parking lot and have my computer with me

I have a hot spot on my phone I retrieve information from a distance They try to make it difficult for us with their little chip system, but you know what? It will turn against them because I too use fleas! So you see? So, now, what I'm doing I have two people, girls, blacks, whatever I tell them exactly what it is, what are we going to work for? For example, today, it could be PS4 I get some cards, I put their name on them, and when they are ready, I send them to the store You see, I take them an Uber I send them to the store

Take as much PS4 as you can And I get cash for each PS4 So as soon as I have all the goods I'm going nowhere I put nothing on Le Bon Coin or on eBay I'm just going to one place I get my money, I pay my employees And everyone leaves on his side

When I'm not busy with my traffic, when I do not get cards out, I have another way of making wheat I stay at home, far from radars, I order some stuff I will show you the process so that you all see how it works There, my boys and I, we are setting up a studio And we will order equipment for the studio

I need a mixer What else do I need for the studio? What else do I need? I need a fucking office This office looks so cool $ 2,000 Nothing to beat, add to cart

It'll do in the Damn, almost $ 5,000, if we round to the hundred That's it, right here

So I go to my site with my phone, I choose a credit card number And there, look good I have card numbers of people all over the world And there, look, I checked I do not know if you see, but wrote: "valid"

So that means this number works Great, so now, I'll go home I will change the delivery address And it should go "Thank you for your order

" Did you see ? It's that simple It should happen tomorrow Oh, my God, it's so easy, damn! I do not even rap But I like that It's not even a problem for normal people who work, because you know what? They look at their bank account and

"It's not me !" And they get their money back So I'm doing nothing wrong In the United States, victims are generally not held responsible for fraudulent activities made with their bank card

But in the long run, the costs of these frauds inevitably affect businesses Banks also scam people And this message is for the banks You swindle people so I scam you You earn millions of dollars

If I take you two thousand, one hundred thousand it's that slab If they do, why can not I? Why would not I have the right? And I spend in everything and anything Yesterday, I won almost $ 3,000 I made $ 3,000 Easy

And I went to drink glasses at Hennessy for $ 22, damn Do you wanna go to the strip bar tonight? I'll take you I'll take you all and make you have a great evening You can not prevent the money from circulating It will never stop

That's it, America Everything revolves around the money You understand ? So you have to make money, as you can And put aside If you made $ 3,000 a day There, I'll slam $ 1,000 with you, with my friends The remaining 2,000, where do you think they are going? I must put aside The average guy is not wheat like that When you start thinking about negative sides, to tell you that you will be caught by the cops, that's where it happens to you This is where it happens to you so I try not to think about it at all

I continue When you start thinking about it, that's where it's fair That thing is I mean, it takes time I want to say I'm using someone's data for my own benefit

It's at the federal level You'll see me more for two years, man My future is that I will buy a house You see ? I'm going to buy a house Create a cocoon for my children, make sure they live well

You understand ? It can not last I will not do this all my life Once I have my family settled, I will stop You'll see me again For more discoveries, more personal journeys, more culture, more justice, register here

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