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Get FREE Samples & Amazon Gift Cards from Crowdtap!

Get FREE Samples & Amazon Gift Cards from Crowdtap!
06 Aug

Hello! Welcome back to my channel! I'm sure you can tell by the title of this video that it's gonna be something a little bit different than what I've been posting, but I'm super, super pumped and excited to share this with you guys about how I've been receiving free samples and Amazon credit in the mail for free! Completely free! Did I mention that it's free? Please don't mind the mess in the background We are still in the process of moving so not everything is unpacked yet, but I'll hope you'll forgive me and continue to watch this video

So let's get started and talk about Crowdtap and all of the wonderful benefits that it provides When you start, you actually get to choose different topics that you're interested in so for example, Food It'll ask you about what types of food you normally buy or what grocery stores you normally shop at, things like that They also have Business as a topic, Technology, Entertainment, Retail, and Shopping Anything that you're interested in, they have a topic for it so you are bound to have questions that relate to your interests which is super nice

Now the way that they do it is through a point system Typically when you first start out they give you about 500 points and you have to, you have to participate in order to get points to hit that 500 and once you hit that 500 is when you'll get your first Amazon gift card They come in increments of $5 I've only been doing this for about 2 months so far and I've already gotten $30 worth of Amazon credit And they have different types of ways to interact with it

So the first type is simple poll questions They ask you a question, they give you multiple choices to click on, click on whichever ones suit you, hit submit, and you get points for that Another way to interact with it is through comments With comments they will ask you a question, but you actually have to type out your answer A third way to get points with Crowdtap is through photos

They will actually ask you to upload a photo showing off either a a home fragrance that you use or a place in your house that you just decluttered or something, a baked good that you just made, and you'll upload it, you'll add a caption, send it off, and you get points for that The last way to get points and the way to get the free samples I've been talking about is through what they call "missions" These are with different companies, different brands that Crowdtap partners with in order to try their new products So you do have to apply on Crowdtap for it It's not like a job application or anything, you're kind of just going through and saying your different preferences

Most of the products that I have received so far have been for hair care so I'll go through and say my hair is normally straight and I've never colored my hair before, just different things so that when they send you the products they know which ones to send that are best suited for your specific hair type, which is another bonus point It's really personalized to you If you are approved for a particular mission they will let you know if you are approved or if you haven't been chosen and then they will ship it to your house directly Now once you receive the samples in the mail all you have to do is try it out, even just once so that you do have real experience with it You go back onto Crowdtap, let them know which products you received, and then leave reviews on the products that you have

So once you leave the review, leave a picture, you are done You get points for that mission and you get to keep the products, which I think is the best part Now, I wanted to go through all of the products that I have received through the sample missions of Crowdtap Go through what they are, their retail price First off, we have these Suave Professionals They're Rose Oil Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner And I have my laptop over here with their retail prices so that's what I'm looking at when I look down The retail prices for each of these are about $299 each

Now along with those, in the same box, I also received these Suave Professionals We have hairspray here and mousse on this side These retail at about $399 each Next we have, I got five different products in the same box

For this shipment these are all Apothecare Hair Essentials I honestly had never even heard of Apothecare before this, but it is amazing and super expensive normally so I love that I got them all for free I got here the Replenisher Shampoo and Conditioner here and then we also have (and if you can tell I'm currently using this one because it's really good) We have the Mender Shampoo and Conditioner The shampoo and conditioners retail at about $12

99 a piece off of their website You can also get them on Amazon for about $1099 which is what this one, what the body wash was under on Amazon Next samples that I've received, going now to make up, here I have the Revlon Colorstay Brow Kit so this is to fill in your eyebrows and I'm actually using this right now on my eyebrows It's just a little brush basically and then I also got a tweezer

Is it a tweezer or a pair of tweezers? Well, I got this along with it in the same box sample kit, which I am going to do the review of today This brow kit is retail priced for $1299 I know, it's so small and it's basically $13 and the tweezers are retail priced for $799

This is a new box that I just received of samples You open it, every box comes with this little card It says, "Your hand-picked crowdkit is here!" with instructions of leaving your mission or leaving the review and completing the mission online And then they're neatly packaged like so So with these, we have Suave Professionals again, which I actually really like and we have their Anti-Dandruff 2-1 Shampoos here so I'll have to try that out and let you know what I think

We also have the 2 Minute Super Conditioner Now both of these 2-1 shampoos are retailed for about $350 each $350 each and then this conditioner is retailed for about $2

99 Totaling all of the retail prices of these products together, we hit about $105 All I did was fill out an application telling them what kind of hair I have or what color of eyebrows I have so that they can match the brow kit to me specifically I'm leaving a link to the Crowdtap website below in the description box so feel free to check that out and if you have any questions about Crowdtap or the whole process, just leave them as a comment below this video and I will be sure to respond back to you I hope everyone has a wonderful and beautiful day and please share this video with anyone who you think might be interested in getting free things, which should be everyone!

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