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Get Unlimited Netflix & Hulu Trials

Get Unlimited Netflix & Hulu Trials
31 Jul

Netflix and Hulu are both very generous and give you a one-month trial period to see if their service is worth paying for While many people do pay for these monthly, not everyone is willing to fork out nearly $10 a month

So the question is: how do you continue using their services without paying? Trials Both companies have already thought of this, and if you try to do another trial they’ll block it because you’re using the same email address To do this, most people would just use one of their other email accounts and make a new account Eventually you’ll run out of email address, but I’ve got a solution When signing up for a new account, you can use any email address that you want, no matter if you’ve used it before to make an account

To trick Netflix or Hulu into thinking it’s a different account, we’ll add a plus sign right before the @ and then type anything else we want If you’re going to be doing this a lot, you may want to make some sort of naming method For me, I’ll just say plug june 18 The way this works is all emails that are sent to that will be automatically directed to your normal email account, just like the plug was never there Another option if you own a website domain is making redirects

You just go into your email settings, make an email address, and have any emails sent to that automatically redirected to one inbox You can make an unlimited number of them, and delete it when you’re done with the trial Now that we’ve got an account, let’s deal with payment options You can use your real credit card number, but sometimes they don’t let you use the same number twice There’s also no way to make sure that they don’t charge you

To fix this we’ll use a free service called Privacy Privacy is a 100% free service that allows you to make new credit card numbers that link to your bank account What’s really cool is that you can also set a limit on the card, and even make it destroy itself after a single use It’s a really awesome service, and when your trial is done you can just make a new card and get more trials To ensure that we don’t get charged at the end of the trial, you can set a limit on the card

That way if we forget to cancel the trial, you won’t actually get charged the full amount Privacy is not paying us at all, and this is 100% free, but if you want to earn 1% cash back at the same time, just use our code in the description below and unlock cashback It’s super simple and easy, free, and you even make money using it Links will be down below Well, that’s it

That’s pretty much all you need to do in order to get unlimited trials of Netflix and Hulu Just don’t forget to cancel your trial as soon as you start it Both companies will continue with your subscription during the trial period, even if you cancel it ahead of time If you like this video, leave it a like and hit that subscribe button for more videos like this This is Mark with iappletech128, and I’ll see you in the next one

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