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Go Hard or Go Home! Here’s How You can Get Paid for Losing Weight

Don’t you just loathe over the thought of waking up in the morning, try a million clothes on, and realize that you cannot wear what you want because it’s too tight? God! A moment of towering rage and fury when you decide not to eat anything for next 45 days and drink all green tea in the world, just for your extreme makeover. You know this isn’t going to last long (and yes, we know you promised yourself), but we have a way to incentivize you into losing weight, not only will you lose weight this time out, but you’d get paid to lose weight.

We all can agree on one thing- nothing gets work done better than good ol’ stash of cash; and if anything requires a push, it has to be a weight loss mission.  HealthyWage wellness program has you covered for this. Now all you got to do is shed some calories and get paid to lose weight. Now we know you come across craigslist advertisements like these at least 20 times in a week, so we’ll clear this doubt at the start- This is not a Sham. We tried to place our bets on HealthyWage ourselves and it is straight up real (not to mention the fact that we failed to lose weight miserably and couldn’t make the most of it).

Now you must be thinking, “Why should I place my bet on HealthyWage when I could try and lose weight without earning extra money?” Well for a start, your life would become a thousand times better if you shed those extra pounds and your confidence level would skyrocket. You were dreaming of this moment for a long time, and now that you’re going to get paid to lose weight it means that you won’t back out anytime soon.

The best part of losing your weight with HealthyWage is that it’s a fun-filled journey to a better lifestyle. Either you can go solo and place monthly bets on the amount you want to get paid to lose weight, or pick out a companion and challenge him/her on the amazing race to a healthy life. Got a group of friends who want to be in this adventure? HealthyWage and its wellness programs are open to individuals, couples, families, and even organizational groups. So it’s a case of more the merrier and the more people place their bets in losing weight, more you get paid to lose weight.

Now it’s about time you hit Walmart, get yourself some workout gear and joggers, stretch yourself, tie up your shoelaces, and get ready to turn your life around- while getting paid to lose weight. But first, let us understand How HealthyWage and its wellness program works:

1. HealthyWage Prize Calculator

Your first step to motivation is the HealthyWage Prize Calculator, Here you:

  • Enter your current weight
  • Enter how much weight you want to lose
  • There’s no preset condition, it should be minimum 10 pounds/ 10% of your starting weight
  • There’s a maximum cap of 150 pounds per person

2. Punch in your Target

Before we move on to the money talk, HealthyWage wants to know what you expect of yourself. So you have to specify:

  • What’s your monthly weight loss target?
  • How long would it take for you to achieve this target? (Between six to eighteen months)

3. Show me the Money!

Now it’s time to decide how much you wish to get paid to lose weight. It all depends on how much you bet and this time, the outcome of the bet is in your hands.

  • You can bet from $20 to $150 a month
  • More bet money means a bigger prize.
  • If you take up a big monthly bet and fail to achieve your target, you lose the money.

4. The Last Thought

After this, the calculator determines your prize amount in accordance with your bet money, the maximum limit being $10,000. You can toy around with the bet amounts and prize money until you get the prize and goal just right, and you’ll know your prize amount before officially placing your bet. Sign up with HealthyWage and lay down your bet. With that, you agree to pay the monthly amount till the wellness challenge goes on.

5. Get to Work…out!

That’s it! You’re all set to do your thing- prepare a workout schedule, hit the gym, stick to a healthy diet; in short, you do anything you got to do to achieve your weight loss goal. However, here are some things you have to do and show to HealthyWage in order to keep track of your progress:

  • You’ll start and end your challenge with a video-recorded weigh-in
  • Throughout the challenge, you’ll log weekly weigh-ins (not on video)
  • These ensure you’re losing weight in a healthy way, not through extreme measures.

6. The Final Countdown

  • Follow your weight-loss regimen week-in and out, and make sure that you achieve your weight loss target in order to get paid to lose weight.
  • If you hit your weight loss target in the designated time span, Congratulations! HealthyWage would be delighted to pay you the prize money.
  • Due to some reason, if you miss out on your target, your money goes to support HealthyWage, including prizes for others who achieve their goals.

7. The Aftermath

Once you swim through the muddle of blood and sweat to come out as a changed, new person; you’d notice the changes in yourself. The clothes aren’t tight anymore, no more shopping in plus size section, and a big wad of prize money cash in your hands. HealthyWage does a full-fledged cover story on you and you shall become an inspiration to millions of Americans who are battling obesity every day. Make this your side-gig, start going to open-mic sessions and narrate your story of hard work and success to a large audience (Register as a motivational speaker on Fiverr). You’re a legend because of what you did. Be proud of that.

If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up. Once there are dollar bills motivating you to lose weight, nothing seems better than sweating it out. So take up the HealthyWage wellness program, turn your life’s fortunes for good, and get paid to lose weight…Go Hard or Go Home!

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