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GoBearTV Ep 5 | Wow! Credit Card Rewards!

GoBearTV Ep 5 | Wow! Credit Card Rewards!
28 Aug

Hi guys! Welcome back to GoBearTV Today, we’re gonna about talk about a topic that’s close to our hearts

And that’s right, it’s gonna be all about shopping! Now, you may have seen or even own co-branded credit cards What are they? Let us tell you more First, we have the OCBC Robinsons , which offers you 5% cashback at 17 retail brands under the Robinsons Group These include: Robinsons, Marks & Spencer and Royal Sporting House, to name a few Oh, but the cashback rate is much lower when you use it outside of the Robinsons Group

There is also no cap on rebates, and they are credited immediately As a member, you get exclusive invitations to events And also enjoy additional discounts and promotions But, the Amex Capita offers 5% cashback at 60 outlets across participating CapitaMalls CapitaMalls are everywhere in Singapore, so swipe away But, like the OCBC Robinsons , cashback for shopping outside of those malls are much lower

By the way, if you drive, you get three hours complimentary parking at their malls Well, the DBS Takashimaya American Express card offers 6% cashback when you spend at Takashimaya stores in Singapore Outside of Takashimaya, the cashback is once again, much lower Additionally, you can get $6 topped up to your CashCard to offset your parking charges when you spend $250 at Takashimaya Whoa, that's a lot to digest! So, why not head on over to gobear

com and start your comparison? If you enjoyed our video, don't forget to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel If you’d like us to cover another topic, just drop us a comment below, and we might just feature them So stay tuned to our next video, where we'll talk about the different cashback credit cards in the market! See ya!

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