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Halifax Credit Cards- Choosing the right credit card

Halifax Credit Cards- Choosing the right credit card
02 Sep

Sarah: There are so many different types of card to choose from, and sometimes it’s hard to know which might be the right one for you With the help of a few friends, we looked at some of the things that people might find important when choosing a card… Sarah: When my husband and I first looked at credit cards, we thought “Wow! there’s so many!”

But it soon made sense which one was right for us Gary: Yeah when I looked for mine the really important thing was figuring out what I wanted the card to do Was it to get a better deal, for large purchases or for day-to-day use? Sarah: Totally, it’s really important to compare everything like for like and work out what you need We’ve got a year old girl and had a bunch of credit cards from when she was born, so we wanted a better deal that would help us reduce our interest payments to all of them but still give us a safety net Naomi: So what kind of card did you choose in the end? Sarah: We went for a card that we got a good deal on transferring balances from other cards – it will help us afford the next mountain of nappies

Naomi: I have family in the Caribbean and travel a lot, so I went for a card that was ideal for paying for things and taking out money when I’m overseas Which helps me do all the nice things I like doing when I’m away! Jackie: How lovely, lots of travelling That would be nice – although we might have to stick to the seaside till the kids are through college! We wanted to spend some money on the house, so we shopped around and found a card that was ideal for making bigger purchases, like our new wardrobes and fridge Gary: We looked for something similar when we moved into our new house It’s about a card that helps you manage your money really

Jackie: …or not In the case of our youngest! (More laughter) Our eldest has really got her head screwed on though, and she’s got a Student Credit Card, just in case of any problems It gives us a bit of peace of mind if we’re away Sarah: Oh, college I guess we’ve got all of that to look forward to! Jackie: It’ll be there before you know it! Gary: Everyone’s life is different, which is why all credit cards aren’t the same

Hopefully this has given you some idea of which type of card may be best for you

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