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How did this Guy buy a Sports Car with a Bad Credit?

22 Sep

“The cars we drive tell a lot about us”

Gone are the days when cars were treated like horses. The four-wheeled machine’s utility is no longer restricted to just commuting from Point A to Point B; a car is more of a fashion statement and a status symbol than a means of transportation.

Due to this modern world stereotype, everyone wants to own a car that fits his/her whims and fancies. Also, stellar technological breakthroughs in the auto-industry leave no stone unturned and this man-made marvel keeps revolutionizing.

The concept of ‘My Dream Car’ pretty much came into existence when people started drooling over the mean machines in their fantasies. Everyone knows their dream car in the back of their minds (mine’s 2018 Dodge Challenger- SXT).

However, some people work their soles off to realize their dream; Ethan Grey’s obsession with cars pushed him to go for it. His machine of dreams? 2018 Subaru-BRZ. Ethan’s adrenaline rush had just a single solution- Left hand on the Wheel, Right foot on the Gas!

His dad’s old-skool Cadillac was Ethan’s first toy- The horsepower in that bad boy was so much that Ethan’s best friend (who had a Corolla) ate dust every time they squared-off on the highway.

That was 13 years ago.

Cut to present; 28 year old H.R. Manager Ethan drives a used 2009 KIA-Rio which he brought from a yard-sale straight out of college. Not the fanciest choice to say the least, but $2,500 for wheels in that condition was a bargain.

Ethan was very much satisfied with his ride; but one day on his way to work, he saw her:

That roaring sound.

Those sleazy eyes.

The curves.

It was the 2018 Subaru-BRZ; the car of his dreams, in flesh.

That day after work, Ethan took a detour from his daily routine and drove straight into the local Subaru dealership. He asked if the new White BRZ was in stock or not, and to his surprise, it was right there.

The representative said the magic words: “Give me $30,000 and take the keys” If it was that easy, If only…

Come to think of it, Ethan has a job that pays quite well. He earns something above $60,000 (give or take) every year; Managing people pays!  He could easily go for an auto loan and get it financed straight up.

But then, reality called; his credit score was not in a good shape. Three years ago, the poor guy missed his student loan payments back-to-back for like, 5 times. He paid ‘em back later alright, but his credit score could not fill its own wounds.

Ask yourself- Can I get a car loan with bad credit? It’s quite rhetoric, isn’t it? Ethan’s credit score was in the red, 465. So the answer is No, not really.

But when a man’s dream becomes his obsession, he skips every hurdle to realize it. Ethan showed up at every car dealer’s shop and asked the same question- Can I get a car loan with bad credit?

He got laughed out of the first dealer’s store. The second dealer asked what his credit score was, and then he laughed him out. The third one was wise though. He narrated Ethan his own story, a time when he was stuck with bad-credit and he was helpless.

He told Ethan about this lender called Auto Credit Express; apparently, they specialize in granting Bad-Credit Auto-Loans and Ethan looked them up online as and when he reached home. He was surprised to find that the wise man showered him with wise advice.

Ethan went through all the specifics, and this is all the info he gathered from Auto Credit Express and their bad-credit auto-loans:


  • Minimum Credit Score: 400
  • Borrower’s Minimum Age: 18 years
  • Employment status: Fixed income of $1,500 per month
  • Vehicle Type: New/ Used (not more than 10 years old)

Terms & Rates

  • Loan Amount: $3,500 to $45,000
  • Payback Period: Up-to 72 months
  • Interest Rate: Fixed
  • APR: Variable, according to Credit Score


  • Origination Fee: $0
  • Prepayment Fee: $0
  • Application Fee: $0
  • Late payment Fee: Yes

Realizing that there aren’t any more doors left to knock, Ethan filled up the online application at Auto Credit Express.

Within 48 hours, Ethan’s application was approved and he had an appointment set-up with an Auto Credit Express associate. They agreed on a 60-month finance loan with a decent and fixed APR.

All the paperwork was done, and after seven days, Ethan walked back to the Subaru dealership. It was Showtime!

He didn’t have a briefcase full of $30,000 in his hand; he had something equally powerful – An approved auto-loan application for the 2018 Subaru-BRZ, courtesy of Auto Express Loan! The 28-year old H.R. manager went from a used-sedan to an A-Grade Sports Car in a matter of one week.

When we asked Ethan how it feels to finally own something he dreamt about, he said (and we quote):

“When you have a fast car and bad luck, it’s a lot easier to handle than having a slow car and bad luck.” You get full points for being cocky, Ethan, Go ahead! You’ve earned the right!

Also, if you’re thinking “Can I get a car loan with bad credit?” Now would be the right time to make your move!

Visit Auto Credit Express auto-loans and get yourself a new car today!

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