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How do Amazon Dash Buttons Work?

How do Amazon Dash Buttons Work?
08 Sep

– Amazon Dash Buttons allow you to easily order the items that you use most at the press of a button without needing to log in to Amazon to place the order In this episode, I give you a look at how they work, how to set them up, and how they can end up saving you a bunch of time

What's going on, Tech Squad? Andru Edwards here, Editor-in-Chief of GearLivecom If this is your first time here, this channel's all about tech, gadgets, and gaming, so if you're into that kind of stuff, feel free to hit the Subscribe button down below, along with the bell notification icon, so you don't miss any future videos As I said, today, we are talking about Amazon Dash Buttons A lot of people are unaware that they can get these little guys, these Dash Buttons, end up saving you a lot of time

And also, give you a little bit of piece of mind, knowing that you're never gonna be without the items you use most in your home, or in your office, or wherever it is that you get these things delivered And, by the way, big shout out to Amazon for sending over the Dash Buttons, and for sponsoring this video So, just for those who aren't aware, I'm gonna back up just a second and tell you about what Amazon Dash Buttons are If you're unaware, Amazon Dash Buttons are made exclusively for Amazon Prime members So, if you aren't a Prime Member, they won't apply to your account, but if you're intrigued, I'll leave a link down in the description below, to where you can get a thirty-day free Amazon Prime trial

Amazon Dash Buttons cost $499 each when you place the order, but, you get that entire amount credited back to your account, upon the first time that you use the Dash Button So essentially, you buy it for 499, you use it the first time, you get a credit of 499, making them, essentially, free

Now, if you want to place an order for a Dash Button, you head over to the Amazon Dash Button section, or just type in Amazon Dash Button into the search bar on Amazoncom Now, as soon as you make it over to the Dash Button section, the first impressive thing you're gonna notice is the wide variety and the breadth of the different types of Amazon Dash Buttons that there are In fact, there are almost 300 different Amazon Dash Buttons for all sorts of different products Now, I have seven Dash Buttons here in my own home, and one that I love is this one right here

This is a Nerf Dash Button When I use this button, I know that I have a set of Nerf darts on the way Those are easy to lose, so when you need a replenishment, I just hit that button, and the order is placed Another thing that I need to make sure is always stocked in this house Boom, that is the Pop-Tarts Dash Button That's right, when I'm out of Pop-Tarts, hit the button, and I know Pop-Tarts are on the way I've also got Dash Buttons for Energizer batteries, Burt's Bees Lip Balm, Bounty Paper Towels, simplehuman garbage bags, and I also just got this one, and this is a Philips Sonicare Dash Button, so whenever my toothbrush head goes bad, I don't have to remember later, oh, I need to order more toothbrush heads, because I'm only gonna be thinking about that when I'm brushing my teeth When the head goes bad, I have this right in the drawer next to the toothbrush

I just hit the button, and I know fresh toothbrush heads are on the way So, like I said, you order your Dash Button, they come in, the next step is to get them set up on your home Wi-Fi network The easiest way to do this is just to open the Amazon app on your smartphone Make sure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled on your device Then head to the My Account area, and under Dash Devices, choose Set Up a New Device, and follow the prompts to get it connected to your home network

From there, you're gonna select a specific product that you want to order when the Dash Button is pressed So, again, let's go back to the Pop-Tarts button When I order this button and set it up, Amazon still needs to know what type of Pop-Tarts I want to have sent, when I press the button The buttons aren't pre-programmed to assume what you want You actually get to say what you want to have happen when you press any of these Dash Buttons

And, you could also change that on the fly So, if you decide, after a couple months, I don't like strawberry Pop-Tarts anymore, instead I want S'mores flavored Pop-Tarts, you can go into the app, make that change, so from then on, when you press that button, you get that hot s'mores goodness delivered right to your home Now, after you make a selection for what you want the Dash Button to do when it's pressed, setup is complete, and you're ready to use the button, right then and there And again, when you're ready to place an order, all you need to do is press the Dash Button and you're done When you press it, you notice that the light will blink white, and then turn solid green

That solid green is your confirmation that the order was placed and accepted by Amazon If instead, you get a red light instead of that green light, that means there was an issue with the order going through, and that could be that the item is out of stock That can be that there's a problem with your payment method It could even be that there's a connection issue between the Dash Button and your Wi-Fi network So, if you get a red light, check the Amazon shopping app, and it'll tell you what the issue is, and how you can clear it up

Now, one question I had with the Dash Buttons, and I'm sure you may be thinking this as well, is, what if I press the Dash Button multiple times, or what if my kid gets ahold of the Dash Button, and just starts pressing it a whole bunch of times? Am I gonna get 18 boxes of Pop-Tarts sent over to my house? And, the answer to that, is no There's a safeguard built in, where basically, you press the Dash Button one time, the order is accepted Any more times that you press the Dash Button, between the time the order is placed and when the order is delivered, it will not generate another order Once the order arrives, and is delivered, then the Dash Button will work again for placing another order So, no worries, if you press the button 100 times, it'll only generate one order

But also, if it is someone else who you didn't expect to have access to the Dash Button, who generates that order, any order generated with a Dash Button press will also generate a push notification to your device, so you'll be able to see anytime an order happens to be placed, using any of the Dash Buttons that you have set up on your account One other cool thing Amazon's done with the Dash Buttons, is, include a strip of adhesive on the back The strip is covered when you take it out of the box, so it's not sticky out of the box But, you could actually peel this off, and then stick it anywhere where it might be more convenient for you to use, so you don't have to have a bunch of Dash Buttons just hidden away in a drawer So, one example would be, you have an Amazon Dash Button for Tide laundry detergent

So, whenever you're low on laundry detergent, you press the Dash Button, and then, a couple days, you have a new delivery of your favorite detergent You can take that Dash Button, remove the cover from the adhesive, and stick this button to the side of your washing machine Or, you can stick it up next to the door Or, stick it up on a cabinet, making it easy to find, easy to reach, and easy to know where the Dash Button is, in those types of situations And, of course, any time you press the Dash Button, since it is only for Amazon Prime members, any of those deliveries will ship fast and free with Prime shipping

There you have it guys, that was your look at Amazon Dash Buttons Let me know what you think of these in the comments below Do you use Dash Buttons already? If so, let me know which ones you've ordered, and if not, is it something that you think you'd want to use going forward? Again, let me know in the comments below I'll meet you down there for further discussion If you haven't done so already, please do drop a Like on this video if you enjoyed it, and don't forget, you can click or tap on my face when it appears throughout the bottom of the screen in order to subscribe for free to the channel, so you don't miss any future videos

Thanks so much for watching as always, guys I appreciate your support I'm Andru Edwards, and I'll catch you in the next video (steady rock music)

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