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How to Buy from Amazon to Philippines

How to Buy from Amazon to Philippines
01 Aug

Ei guys! My name is Nehemiah and on this video, we're going to talk about Amazon shopping from the Philippines So we all know that Amazon is the biggest online store out there You know, the biggest brands, the new toys, tech and gadgets that are not available in the Philippines You can probably find them on Amazoncom Problem is, it's in the U

S So it's going to be international shipping which is just very common nowadays I tell you it's very possible and very easy Alright, I'm not going to make this video very long because I've already written some tutorials a couple of years ago about this – the complete steps on how to make this thing work

I just felt the need to create a video because a lot of people are asking me if this is legit and others are still having difficulties understanding the written articles So I've created this video to tell you personally that this is definitely legit and for you to better understand the process So if you're watching this video on YouTube right now, you should see the links to the articles in the description below or if you're watching this one directly on our website, you should see the steps somewhere above or just below the video just scroll up or down and see what's on there So basically when shopping from the Philippines, there are two ways you can ship the products or your shopping items to your home

The first one is "Direct Shipping" Well actually this is just a normal way, afterall Amazon can just ship the package directly to our country, right? To do this, just go to Amazoncom Create your account and just do your shopping like you would normally do You know, just pick the items you want and add them to your shopping cart Once you're done, just you go to checkout and simply put your Philippine home address as the shipping address where you want your items to be shipped And there you go Amazon will automatically calculate the shipping cost, taxes and the estimated delivery time to the Philippines Okay, Direct Shipping, I do not consider as the best way because if you do this an international courier is going to take care of your package like DHL or maybe Fedex and sometimes they just don't care and international shipping – of course involves customs inspections Well you know what people say about the bad reputation of our Bureau of Customs

I'm just afraid that you'll lose your package, or it could get delayed or something And the thing is not all amazon sellers can ship directly to Philippines anyway So if that's the case Here's the second option you have, is to use "Third Party Shipping" or what they call a "freight forwarder" Well this is what it actually recommend and this is why I always, always use when shopping at Amazon or any online stores in the US

The service that I'm currently using is Shipping Cart You can find their website at shippingcartcom So basically you'll have to go to their website first and sign up for an account Once you got the account, you will also be given a US

address or what they call a "Virtual Shipping address" Now remember, this will be the address that you will then use on Amazon as your shipping address when you finally checkout and finish your shopping What's going to happen is, Amazon will deliver your shopping items to this virtual US address, then shipping cart will take care of the rest by forwarding your package to Philippines I'm not going to elaborate this further, so if you want the step-by-step instructions Then you should just check out the links below I think Shipping Cart has a better way of handling our package whether it is delivered by air or by sea

I guess they monitor the Customs inspection because I haven't experienced any problems with them yet Another good thing about Shipping cart is you can save more money because their shipping rates are cheap They determine the cost by measuring the weight or size of your items And they allow you to consolidate them especially if you're shopping for many items They even offer sea Cargo wherein they ship your package using an actual ship "A boat" So whenever your items are too large or too heavy shipping via sea cargo would be a very good deal

So there you have them Those are the two easy ways you can do your shipping from Amazon to your doorsteps here in the Philippines Well, I almost forgot unless you have an Amazon gift card We all need a credit card to shop at Amazon That is why I've created another tutorial on there wherein you can shop on Amazon using a virtual credit card from Globe Gcash AmEx That is an American Express credit card It is a prepaid card of course, you will have to put some money in it before you can use it to purchase things online I actually just transfer money from my BPI bank account to my Gcash account, which is very convenient

If Gcash AmEx doesn't work for you, well Globe also offers Gcash Mastercard I believe that's what they're promoting right now You can sign up for it online or go to a Globe outlet store Other virtual credit cards I've used are PayMaya and BPI ePay (if you have a BPI bank account, go get that one) So these are all the cards I've tried and they all work seamlessly on Amazoncom So that's pretty much everything I have for this video

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them on our website at Asiatechguidecom If your questions are not already mentioned in the articles, I'll be more than glad to answer those for you Okay Oh and one more thing

If you're watching this video on YouTube right now and find it helpful, please do me a favor by hitting thumbs up below I would appreciate it So that's about it! Again my name is Nehemiah And you take care now Thanks for watching! Cheers and God bless you

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