Monday, 30 November 2020

How To CANCEL Amazon Prime

How To CANCEL Amazon Prime
01 Sep

Hey everyone In this quick video, I wanted to show you how you could cancel your Amazon Prime membership or free trial

Amazon Prime recently raised their price, so I had a few requests on how you cancel it I still think it's very valuable because I buy a lot of my stuff here, and I get free shipping But if you've made up your mind, this is how you go about cancelling it so on the home page here I'm already logged in but if you're not go ahead and log in and once you log in Under your account you want to go down to your Prime membership Go ahead and click that and once you're on this page You'll have all your information your annual plan or your monthly plan membership here And then the bottom of the page you says in membership and benefit So if you just click that it'll bring you to this page and in this page is just showing you some of the benefits that Prime gives you, but if you already made up your mind go ahead and press and benefit the one in the middle here and It's gonna give you one more page again You could say keep my membership, but again to continue You're cancelling go to Continue to cancel and here the only thing you have to do is press end and it'll give you the date Which your benefit will end so if you press that the membership will end and just like every other page It says keep my membership, so you could change your mind in any of these pages But if you press this it will complete the process if you have any issues with this process I noticed that Amazon Chat works very well, so Amazon chat if you just googled AG you get the Amazon life chat here And you could go ahead through the live chat and talk to someone to cancel your membership for you But this process should work, just fine

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