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How To Cancel An Amazon Order and Get Your Money Back (2018) – Amazon Order Cancellation Policy

How To Cancel An Amazon Order and Get Your Money Back (2018) – Amazon Order Cancellation Policy
14 Sep

So you've just placed an order on Amazon, but for some reason you need to cancel it, maybe it was an accidental order Maybe you ordered the wrong items or maybe you just changed your mind Whatever the reason you want to make sure that the order is canceled and that you won't be charged so in this video I'm going to show you how to cancel an order on Amazon that hasn't shipped yet and get your money back Let's unbox that! Hello friends Rasheed here from Proceed 2 Checkout again where we do tips and tutorials for Amazon customers just like you

So if you'd like to see more videos like that then please consider subscribing and also check out the description and show notes below where I'll put a link to where you can cancel your orders as well as to any other pages mentioned in this video Just a few notes quickly in this video I'm going to show you how to cancel an order that has not shipped yet So stay till the end Because I'll also explain what you need to know about getting your money back for that order So if the status of your order Is preparing for shipment or it's already shipped, then check out another video where I show you how to cancel those? I'll put a link in the description And also on the screen as well Now if you don't know what the status of your order is then sign in to your account, go up to the top bar, and then you can either hover your mouse over Hello, your name and then from the drop down menu click on your orders, or simply click on orders over here

And then this is the Your Orders page so find the right order and below the arrival date You'll see the status If it says not yet shipped then stay on this video And if it says preparing for shipment, or shipped, then check out the other video I mentioned Now getting back to this video on the your orders page You can see and manage all your orders from the last six years You can search your orders, so just type in anything you remember, then the orders are also filtered in some way over here So if you don't see the orders you're looking for make sure you choose the right filter: orders, open orders are orders that haven't been completed yet, digital orders like Kindle books or movies or mp3 downloads etc, and cancelled orders And you can also filter by when the order was placed So you can choose to see orders from the past six months this year or any year before that Okay now with all of that out of the way, I've just placed an order for batteries and shoes and I want to cancel that whole order but notice that Amazon split that into two separate orders And that's because these will be two separate shipments

This batteries are shipped by Amazon, and the shoes are coming from a third-party seller so even though to me I only placed one order, to Amazon it's actually two orders, and the reason I need to watch out for that is because if I want to cancel everything then I'll have to cancel both of these orders right? Does that make sense? Okay so let's do that one by one First the batteries, if an order is not yet shipped and it's sold by Amazon Then there'll be a button over here where you can cancel the order yourself So click on cancel items and on the next page you can simply select which individual items you want to cancel I want to cancel everything so I'll select all the items Now you don't have to explain to Amazon why you want to cancel so when it says reason for cancellation this is completely optional

You don't have to do this, but I'm just gonna select ordered by mistake and then click on cancel checked items and then immediately the order has been cancelled, and I also get an email confirmation for that And by the way someone asked me "will Amazon hold it against you if you cancel orders?" The answer to that is simply no not at all, if you want to cancel 50 orders you can do that, it really doesn't matter to Amazon Okay now remember I still have to cancel those shoes, so I'll click on orders again, and there's the shoes, but here's the difference, these shoes are not sold by Amazon so Amazon can't simply cancel it, It's not their decision to make and that's why there's no cancel items option over here And it doesn't matter what the status is, whether it's not yet shipped or preparing for shipment, what you need to do is click on Request cancellation over here, and what you're doing is contacting the seller, sending them a message with Amazon as a go-between So select "I need assistance with an order I placed", make sure it's the right order, if not click on this to find the right order, then select the subject and you'll see there are quite a few options

Select cancel order, and you'll notice this message "cancellation is not guaranteed" so that's because Amazon isn't 100% certain what the status of the order is, maybe the seller is already preparing the order or shipped it already, Amazon doesn't know this unless the seller updates Amazon Also, it depends on the seller's own cancellation policy And that's why it's a good idea to check those policies before you place the order Having said that though, in most cases a third party seller won't have any problems with cancelling your order especially if they haven't shipped it yet Okay, so next you're gonna click on write message and then just type in whatever is relevant to you, so for example: I placed this order by mistake Please cancel the order, or if you just want to say cancel the order that's fine too

You also definitely don't want to give the seller any personal info like your card number or email address and so on Once you're done click on send email and you'll get a confirmation that your message was sent and to give the seller two business days to respond, so if you go back to your orders you won't see any changes yet In my case though, a few hours later I got the confirmation emails from Amazon and the seller saying that the order was cancelled So if I go back to your orders now I can see that both orders are canceled Now If you're wondering: okay but what about getting my money back

The short answer to that is the money is still in your bank account Amazon only charges your card once the order ships out, but these orders haven't been shipped So that means you haven't been charged yet Okay, but I know some of you will have a look at your bank account and sometimes you'll see what looks like a charge That's not an actual charge

That's what's called an authorization So what's an authorization? After you place an order amazon sends the order details to the bank and then the bank will do an authorization That just means the bank reserves the amount in your account, the money isn't taken out of your account, so if you cancel the order and Amazon doesn't charge the card then your bank will simply reverse the authorization and this usually happens within a few days depending on your bank Okay and that's basically all there is to cancelling an unshipped order If it's sold by Amazon you can cancel it yourself

If it's sold by a third party, request cancellation If I've left anything out, and I hope I haven't, or you have any questions, leave a comment below And I hope you found this video useful If you did, give it a like if you didn't, give it a dislike

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