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How To Get A Free Virtual Credit Card In 2018

How To Get A Free Virtual Credit Card In 2018
31 Jul

hey what's up guys Hazet here back with another video and in today's video I will be showing you guys how to get a virtual credit card for free ok so what the first let me just explain to all the benefits of a credit card pop course you can use this card as your payment method to buy things in online but for that you have to pay money from your pocket but for free you will get a virtual credit card without any balance but still you can able to sing up for different trail offers like you can sing up for Netflix for Amazon even for twitch and can verify your account like PayPal so let's get into the video ok at the first all you need to do is just go to the link of the video description and this will bring you to this page now this page could be load up in Russian language for you so if you don't understand Russian then don't worry go to the second link at the video description and download the Opera browser then when you will open up this page with opera browser this page will auto translate in English now when you are inside this page click on start a wallet now just fill this page with all your real information now make sure you fill up your phone number with your country code so if you don't know what's your country code is then just search on Google and type it in and continue now after that they will send you a verification code to your phone so just check your phone and put the code and now press start a wallet now after that this will bring you to this page from here click on bank cards select the Yandex money card now click on get a card from here just select get a new password and this will send you another code to your phone just type it in and proceed and now there you have your free virtual credit card you will also get your expiration and CVC code to your phone number so now you can do whatever with your card you can also deposit your money in this card and use it as your main payment method ok guys so that's it for today's video I hope you find this video helpful if it was please make sure to hit the like button and also if you are new to the channel make sure to subscribe because I do make these types of tutorial and Technology related videos like this so thanks for watching my name is hazard and see you on the next one

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