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How To Get Amazon Prime FOR FREE! 🤑

How To Get Amazon Prime FOR FREE! 🤑
29 Aug

[intro music plays] So, I have an addiction But I think an addiction's only a problem if it has a negative impact on your health, right? They didn't say anything about my wallet

Whatup, YouTube? It's BMAC! So, yes, I'll admit it I have a serious Amazon Prime addiction I actually used to use sites like eBay and Google Shopping to purchase everything online but that was before Amazon Prime came along, swept me off my feet, and offered to embark with me on a long, committed, loving relationship

OK, that was a little weird But it's true! Nowadays, I use Amazon Prime for everything and I'm going to give you three reasons why Amazon Prime is the coolest thing to be invented since the humankind invented sushi and how you can try Amazon Prime for free! The very first thing on the list of why Amazon Prime is the illest service of all time: Free Two-Day Shipping! If you're anything like me, you absolutely hate the amount of time that it actually takes for something to be shipped to you after you've purchased it online I'm literally the kind of kid who will just stand there and keep clicking the "refresh button" to see how far away my shipment actually is *Click* *Click* *Click* I used to have wait days sometimes even weeks for my packages to actually arrive in the mail – but that was before God blessed with one of his greatest gifts of all time: Amazon Prime! With every single Amazon Prime membership you get free two-day shipping on practically everything in the Amazon Store! Wanna buy some protein? Free two-day shipping! Want to buy some books? Free two-day shipping! Want to buy some toilet paper? This is probably a really bad idea but, yes! Amazon Prime has it – free two-day shipping! I actually just recently renewed my Amazon Prime membership and I'm like 99% sure I've already received my money's worth with the amount of items I've actually had shipped to me in two days! Two-day shipping – it adds up! Do you have any idea how much all those items would have cost to have shipped to me outright? Probably like twice my student loan debt, probably AKA, a lot! But it's not just about the free two-day shipping! Amazon keeps changing the game with all of the services that they keep including with an Amazon Prime membership

I mean, Amazon Prime memberships even come with Amazon Music and Amazon Video now – it's almost unfair! With Amazon Music and Amazon Video – those two bad boys alone – you get access to like hundreds of thousands of music, videos, TV shows, movies, you name it – all with, like, the click of a button! It's insane! Never seen "Interstellar"? Guess what – it's on Amazon Prime! Want to catch up on "Teen Wolf"? Yup! It's on Amazon Prime! Want to eat a gallon of ice cream and ball your eyes out while you're listening to the new Adele album because you're 24 and still single? You can do that With Amazon Prime Take all of the movies, all of the TV shows, and all of the music albums that are available to stream with an Amazon Prime membership – put those together – it's a no-brainer! But, wait, there's more! If you're anything like myself, you're also an avid book reader! I'll read anything from the most messed up, twisted horror books to the most romantic, sappy love novels and there's like thousands of them available for instant download right to your Kindle device because of your Amazon Prime membership It just keeps going! It's like a snowball effect of Amazon Prime benefits – it's nuts! Listen, don't get me wrong, the library's dope, OK? I like going to the library from time to time but sometimes you're just so eager to start a new book and there's nothing than reaching right into your own pocket, here – having a little trouble, hold on, pants are a little tight – gotta stop eating those donuts in the morning and taking out your device and downloading one of the Amazon Prime-eligible eBooks right to your device within seconds! Amazon Prime's got your free two-day shipping, it's got your streaming access to thousands of movies, TV shows, and music albums, and there's even a library of hundreds of digital books to download to your Kindle device within seconds! But if you're not convinced that Amazon Prime is the coolest thing of all time – that's cool, no problem, no big deal You can continue to pay for all of your services separately while cool guys like me get everything bundled into one with Amazon Prime, but that's cool – do your own thing But if you are convinced that Amazon Prime is the coolest thing of all time but you kind of want to just try it out for yourself and see if it lives up to the hype – spoiler alert: it will! You can do so! If you're watching this and you want to give Amazon Prime a try you can completely for free! Yessir, you guys can experience all of the perks, benefits, and features of an Amazon Prime membership for free for a full 30 days with Amazon's "30-Day Amazon Prime Free Trial"! And you guys can sign up for that Amazon Prime Free Trial by clicking the link directly below this video in the video description box! Once you click that link you'll be brought to the Amazon Prime Free Trial page and after taking a few minutes to sign up you'll instantly unlock access to all of the amazing features which make Amazon Prime, in my humble opinion, the illest shopping site of all time

If, for some bizarre reason, within that 30 days you decide, "Hey, Amazon Prime's not really for me," I don't know how that's possible, but if it's possible, and that's how you're feeling, don't worry, you can cancel and you won't pay a single penny – I promise! Something tells me if you guys haven't tried Amazon Prime yet before you guys are going to end up singing up, you're going to love it, but if you just want to take things slow, just check it out, just see what it's all about without, you know, paying for anything yet, that's exactly what that free trial link's for Check it out, check it out! If you guys thought this video was funny or helpful, please don't forget to smash that "thumbs up" button and don't forget to share this video with all of your friends on Twitter and Facebook so that we can all enjoy our Amazon Prime Free Trials together! And, also, while you're at it, take a second to comment down below your favorite features of Amazon Prime! I feel like every other day there's some new feature that I'm discovering and I'm like, "That's dope!" So comment your favorite feature down below – maybe I'm missing something! And, of course, don't forget to subscribe to the BMACadelic YouTube channel and BMACadelic Email list for exclusive new videos and updates on this channel each and every Friday at 12 PM! And don't forget- *door bell rings* Oh! That's probably my delivery guy – probably another Amazon Prime package, I bet ya! I'm going to go see what it is I'll see you guys next week Peace! [outro music plays]

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