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How To Get Any Credit Card 2018

How To Get Any Credit Card 2018
09 Aug

What's up, buddha's this video is going to be great for you beginners today i'm gonna take you, exactly through how, i tell, my, own credit card applications from beginning to end All right, what's up? Buddhas? How's it going it's friday it's a good, day start in the weekend, thought i'd get a little quick video in here for you and just explain to you how i do, my, own credit card applications and everything that i put into them, well you need to be looking for specifically, what's important and Yep, so let's just jump in and get right to it yeah so i like to start out, my applications with a, new, private window Sometimes i use chrome and in that case i'll use incognito i don't do it every time but when you're filling out a bunch of Applications through the same websites in the same banks they'll start to use cookies and other internet tools to see that you're applying for multiple Cards and your likeliness of getting approved will go down, so i'm gonna start off with this incognito window And For this application today one of my students is letting me fill out an application for them and All right so we're gonna do the Chase sapphire precision Chase sapphire preferred So we'll go to chase? find this credit card And i usually just like to go to their, main website usually this is where their best offers will come up they aren't usually different but sometimes they can be All right we're looking for the preferred, which right now has 80,000 points so it's a good deal go hard Alright so learn more If any of you guys, don't already know, about this chase sapphire preferred It is probably one of the best cards to keep in your wallet at all times and use on multiple things again, you get to chase you are points, which are one of my favorites and You get two x points on travel and dining so this is a great card if you want to travel and do everything that i'm doing for traveling travel hacking credit cards traveling for free this is one of your staple cards that you have So yeah, i will go ahead now and start this application so you're, gonna fill out your name and your address Again, this is not my so so i can't pull it out quite as quick so fill out an application normally and the great state of nebraska come on in here All right so Super easy first step just your name address City state all the good stuff and this is important so i one of my students has had their credit card Not declined but put into like a hold situation because she put this is a business credit card so it's a little bit different but You just need, to make sure she put her Current, address but that, wasn't her permanent address, and when credit card companies go through And they verify this information they're looking for what your permanent address is so unless you have, some sort of? Any sort of documentation saying that that's your permanent address, don't do it otherwise it makes a lot more difficult to get the card I'll write some financial information So if you have a bank account i would just always select one of these they're Not going to check it and it makes you look, better The student rents 600 in income 8,000 Okay, so here this brings me to another important point Don't ever lie, about this stuff But i have a student that just Graduated from college and she went through, and put that she makes 3,000 a, year and that she's a student on her credit card application and It was for a southwest credit card and she obviously didn't get approved But she's moving to new, york and she has a New, job so that's the case, and put what you're going to make by The time you get this card or in the short future you What they're really looking for is that you're making enough money and you don't have Expenses that exceed so you have money to spend and use their card otherwise you're not a good customer to these banks all right source of income employed you just put your employer in here All this is pretty straightforward? few more details Your, social security number Another important point most of these credit cards that i talked, about are only available for us students There's different credit cards available for canada, and there's some emerging in the europe market but most of the stuff i talked About that has to do with credit cards is only applicable to u

s Citizens But that's not to say, that all the other travel stuff i talked about Isn't applicable you can, apply it for any airline point any hotel point any i Don't you all the other stuff i talked, about figuring out the cheapest, ways to get from here to here they're Different things that require paying for flights all that stuff is applicable to anyone Just the credit cards are us Well there's a maiden, name ciccone question, asked

By credit card companies to verify, who you are So remember, what you put and easiest thing to do is just put the accurate answer I usually, don't get any authorized users on my cards explain more about those in another video and submit And we just wait it's the hardest part waiting and waiting and waiting Whoa, and we got approved? Yes all right he'll be happy about that All right, so i'll go ahead and figure out, what he wants to do for Signing up and all this other stuff i know that filling out a credit card application Seems pretty simple especially if you've ever done it before but it can Actually be pretty daunting a lot of my students that are my Age they're, millennials they never had anything to do with credit or a credit card, they just have No, idea what any of this, means so i just wanted to take This, video, today to kind of explain ends outs of an application it's pretty easy You, don't want to i you, want to be honest and you just want to basically Explain to the bank's that you are a good, borrower are aware and you will be a good customer Also if you haven't joined the facebook group, do that now it's called travel hacking Buddha's the most advanced travel hacking information out there in a facebook group There's so much good info that's being put out there i post every single day i got a good tip here gets it there last week i put a tip out on how to get 30 points per dollar spent i Spent a hundred dollars and ended up getting four thousand, five hundred points through this one trick there's Some just cool information that's going on in there so again the links in the description i'm Also, gonna, link it in a comment below, so just pay attention join, that now all right thanks everyone see you on the next one

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