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14 Jan

yo games and points with this point you can redeem codes keep cards as you can see get some offers a lot of them are gone because I've done it and this is karma place October later you'll see each one has an offer amount of points that it will give you for doing a certain thing so if you complete this they will sing you the points and at the bottom we can add in codes you get a daily check-in bonus as well and as you can see I have team bed with each batch will give you points if you do a certain achievement to complete a few stuff maybe get 10 people to do you in that good but that's not one and basically what happens is you give cod prices range from three thousand up to two hundred thousand karma points and as you can see as my earning history I started as you can see that the bottom a daily check-in on the 29th of the twelve and if you go up and we're there we go as you can see they redeem points I actually redeemed a three dollar gift card to see if it works and it does actually and I'll show you it right now and as you can see it really actually works and you can redeem your points for gift cards such as PayPal Amazon iTunes as you can see in PayPal you get five dollars ten dollars and Amazon get $3 $5 my favorite is a free to play though I don't know why you get iTunes five dollars ten dollars yeah um Google Play which is actually also stock which is actually they said for your Starbucks Xbox all of these four areas you can see die you go the less you pay you see because if you duck if you like if you purchase $18 you pay 9500 which is five times per five bucks see and you know you get roblox like to know what this is and I am do you also know that in my reload she can see the $3 give caught that I redeemed Amazon there's the code no it does not work because I redeemed it anyway and I'm as you can see it worked here's my difficult balance so new in the app and you know so basically this app is the fastest way it's faster than a car is in a bounty and is faster than cash reps because they do not offer in all the countries if you do want a beautiful room you may use King Cheetos 11 screen right now it's King cheaters as a referral for some extra points and yeah basically I will be putting down a link in the description and for each invite that you get you get 30% of what they make so it's like a win-win situation but the other thing does not translate Aaron anyway um I'll have the link in the description down below okay all the sweet fruit subdued energy most of the offices your easy to do not let you thousand artifacts sounds a lot it's not and they have a Facebook page if you go you can get points and they will I give you more karma points where but you're watching author I'll do is um I am going to put the link down in the description and you passionate you will get a pop-up of we'd go for when app and the only one in the gusto OSHA food to refill just put in King Cheetos but anyway cause let's go on here we go yeah remember this link will be in the description below asking she opened up the app for meters already have it but this is the app in the Play Store as you can see and you're this feel really really really good as you can see some em bitches of the and what he can do so I'm just along going to scroll through and show you guys all of this team points achievement bonus bonus bonus but yeah that's about it so yeah thanks guys for watching and this drop alike and was my lost in video space

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