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How to Make an Extra $5000 Per Month with Amazon Dropshipping

How to Make an Extra $5000 Per Month with Amazon Dropshipping
01 Aug

what's going on everybody Anoosh Kashefi here and in this video I just wanted to review one of the things that I'm doing or couple of things that I'm doing in my business my amazon drop shipping business to generate thousands of dollars additional net income and write my pocket profit every single month okay and there's a couple tricks that we're going to talk about and they're very easy to implement into your drop shipping business if you're not already doing it okay so stick around and we will get right into it all right so first things first we are over at a site called befrugalcom okay befrugal is a way to absolutely skyrocket profits every single month as you can see you know some orders coming in here on the sixth how does it work okay so be frugal is a third-party site that allows you to go to their site and you can find potential percentages back from the sites that you typically purchase from okay so befrugal you can come up here and say let's go up here and say Walmart and type that in alright and what you can see is that at this point Walmart is offering three percent okay it's a little bit low to be honest typically they offer you know 6 percent 7 percent so it really really can add up and this is just one of our suppliers right and so a lot of our suppliers will use cash back so you can come over here and just type in whatever website you want to get cash back on and see what's being offered and all you have to do to get the cash back it's so simple it just wouldn't make any sense to not do it this way you click the button and it will take you right to overstocks website ok so at this point this special little URL up here this is a special link whatever you want to call it is tracking whatever you purchase on this specific page ok so if you go ahead and you purchase this 279 bedroom set or whatever it is that you purchased you're going to get 4 percent of that back now it's not going to come back in the way of you know onto your credit card or anything like that what happens is it's gonna go right into your be frugal account okay and that's what you guys saw when I clicked into my account here showing you behind the scenes of my business what's going on and you can see that there's you know over $3,000 this was money that would have gone to the supplier it would have gone to some third party it would have gone to somebody else but in this case it comes right back to my pocket okay so instead of spending in this case over at overstock we're getting 4% right so instead of going to overstock and spending a hundred percent of your money at overstock you're going to spend 96 percent and you're gonna get the same exact product from the same exact supplier it makes no sense to purchase anywhere else now some people you know when I started I didn't even see the it's not just some people I and when I started didn't see the power of little 1% so you know if you type in email you're gonna find that hey they're not really offering huge percentages but the point is not how much percentage you're getting back it's that it's free money right if you're not using this you're ripping yourself off and leaving money on the table even in your personal life what I like to do is use this for personal life so for example you can come over here and type in Expedia I love love love to travel the world last year as my business was running on autopilot I went to like six different countries like two cruises so that is the power of this tool every single time I did it I got cash back up to 12% which is not insignificant guys if you do a cruise sorry about that I didn't need to click there it says up to 12% what that means is you're not gonna get 12% on every single purchase but you can get percentages back on different different purchases so where is it cash back turns here you go so you pops up you say cash back terms and they'll tell you what you can get 12% on and that is concluded Expedia Cruise okay so you get 12% under the cruise purchase back right here all you have to do is click go to Expedia click shop now and it'll take you right to Expedia's website where you can purchase directly as usual with the same offers now I do suggest that let's say you're running your drop shipping business here's a tip for you I lost thousands of dollars when I started doing cash back by not doing it properly okay so if you are placing let's say ten orders from Walmart okay you're gonna come in here you're gonna say Walmart

com and here we go we got three percent that's awesome now you're gonna want to click shop now okay and it's gonna take you right to Walmart as you but the point is if you have 10 purchases on Walmart and you just try to make every purchase through this specific link here that's not gonna work ok what you need to do is actually click every single time from your cashback website and this is not obviously the only cashback website there's many of them top cashback I'll leave some links for you guys below topcashback, befrugal will upromise those are my top three those are the ones that I made thousands of dollars with as you saw them this is just money that goes right to our supplier when we can get it right back to ourselves okay so very very cool stuff here just make a purchase as usual and again make sure if you're gonna purchase multiple items and different orders that you just go back to your cash back site and make sure that you're you're clicking it each and every time because I didn't do that and let me tell you what I didn't realize that they weren't tracking the orders after I had initially clicked and open the first page right so I placed 10 orders at this point and they wouldn't track the other nine or you know most of the other orders so I found that by clicking the link each and every time then it will track and so man so that's a huge tip for you guys when you start doing cashback don't lose out on these huge percentages guys make sure you click it each time so I won't cover that again I said it like a million times sorry guys but the next thing up is another cashback option okay and you don't have to do all of them but if you imagine if we have cash back from overstock at 4 percent right and then we get come over here and we get a cash back card ok credit card if you don't have great credit not a not a big deal this is not a requirement when I started I didn't have great you know great credit I didn't have a cash back card so you know we just make it work you don't have to make this an obstacle like oh I can't I can't do it now I can't do dropshipping because the other guys have percentages of cash back now screw that take action get results and then start building on that ok and this is what I suggest come check out cash back cards that are potentially eligible for you to build your business on right so you know there's tons of them there's tons of them what you want to look for is like 2% is like I think the best right now and I personally like cash I like to have the cash rather than travel rewards because I find that you know there's all these stipulations and things with rewards if you don't use them in time I just don't like to play that game I just want the cash and I want to be able to take that cash and put it into my business or my personal life whatever the hell I want to do with it it's mine right so that's what that's what I like if you like to travel the world and you want to put in on miles card no problem it doesn't matter but hey this can really add up and let's do a little bit of math here guys let me pull up my calculator because last month alone we did about let's say a hundred seventy-five thousand dollars in sales that's gross sales you know if Amazon's fees comes out of that there's a lot of things that come out of that but you know how much did we spend on the products to purchase and get them shipped to our customers let's just go ahead and for math purposes let's do a hundred thousand okay let's just say I spent a hundred thousand dollars okay on product and if we go ahead and forget about any anything else let's just talk about the credit card right now if we just go ahead and get a two percent card okay we spent a hundred thousand we're gonna get two percent here and we're talking about two thousand dollars additional profit all I had to do instead swiping my debit card I swiped a credit card that gives me cash back and this will come right back onto my card I can put it right into my business I can transfer it to my bank account I can do whatever the heck I want with it right it's my money and it's free all I had to do is swipe that card so that's an additional two thousand dollars now you could get crazy about it and start talking you know if you if your overstock or Walmart was your main supplier you got three percent here you have another two percent here we're talking about five percent and on top of that there are other avenues that we can use to increase those margins now this third option this is gift cards okay and this one I'll tell you that honestly I've never been too much into the gift cards because I find that it becomes very much time-consuming to track and to keep up on so eventually I think I may train my team to start doing this stuff and keep track of it all but at this point I'm losing out on these percentages where other people are gaining these massive percentages now the thing about these gift cards you come on here you'll purchase a gift card and they'll give you let's say 1 percent or 59 percent of you by Sears so each person each place is different now what I found the reason why I haven't done too much more in these gift card is because look the value you're getting here is ten dollars without you're getting here is 40 dollars when I'm running a hundred thousand dollar store six figures store to come in here and buy a little fifty dollar gift cards or $50 dollar just to me it doesn't make sense but when you're really when you're starting out this is a really powerful way to you know make additional income okay some of these they don't even give you percentages I don't know why you would buy here and this one's just one percent but as we as we go back you know we talked about three percent here two percent here an additional one percent this really can add up and make you thousands of dollars more every month okay so don't don't kind of like look away from it because it's only one percent I will say that when I did the gift cards when I was doing it myself what I found is it does is it does take a little bit more time but you are protected if the as you can see one year money-back guarantee let's say you go ahead and buy the gift card from raise and there's no money on the card they're very good about getting you your money back so that's not a problem it just takes up time that when I was running the business myself that I didn't really want to waste so one time I bought a card and the money wasn't on it I had to get on the live chat may help be extremely fast it's just another hiccup and then you have to look for the refund make sure you got the money it became a money little bit too much of a hassle so for me the gift card is a lesser option if you will but I really I don't run my business without the external cash back as I call it from these third-party sites and my cash back card okay so be sure that you're using these guys if let's go back to the calculator here let's say on a two hundred thousand dollar store you're spending a hundred twenty thousand dollars and let's just let's just round it off it and say we're getting a nice four percent on that okay so we're talking about an additional $5,000 a month all we had to do was purchase and click up a couple links purchase with a special credit card and that's it okay and so even on a smaller store let's go ahead and say that you have a store you're spending for math purposes five thousand dollars okay so we spent five thousand and on that five thousand let's just say we get five percent back that's gonna be 250 bucks that we're gonna get right back into our pocket we can put it towards our business next month with some grow faster and scale up we can put it towards personal life if we want to go on like party with it or just go on a trip or something whatever that you want to do with it okay so be sure to tap on the power of cashback there is other alternatives to if you're doing FBA or if you're doing a Shopify and you're doing like Aliexpress let's say Aliexpress I know they have an affiliate offer so if you purchase through your link you can make more money right so these are all avenues guys that we need to stack stack stack stack so that we can make that money imagine this like Shark Tank right you they don't want to give up these percentages of their business they want to keep those percentages for themselves and this is the same exact thing just because you're not building a billion-dollar business doesn't mean that you shouldn't be worried just as much about those smaller percentages okay so try to stack stack stack get as many of these opportunities going for you and just watch your bank account explode it's absolutely insane guys so I hope you enjoy the power of this go sign up to Be Frugal we'll have some links below guys to my top cash back sites as I mentioned was be frugal you promise and top cashback why they're my favorite is because they actually do pay out right that's important you don't want to go through some like bad cash back site that just takes your money and they don't track and read all your orders or all that stuff okay so those are the three I'll recommend I'll put links below as far as the card what do I suggest for you you know there is the capital I think it's spark business 2% there was a Upromise card I don't think that's available anymore but you promised five percent colored I used to tell my students to to get this card because imagine it has to be online purchases keep that in mind guys but it used to be 5% on online purchases from your from your card so let me see I'm not gonna look it up guys but go check that out I don't know if they have it if they discontinued that but that used to be available imagine 5% and then you stack it with all these other options you can you can imagine you'd be doing like $10,000 in additional profit in your pocket on like $100,000 store right or you know six figures store so get out there and start stacking up these profit engines and you know skyrocket your business guys and if you need some help be sure to you know leave a comment below because I'm trying to create some awesome videos for you guys what kind of information you looking for what kind of tips and tricks do you need to build an awesome drop shipping business ecommerce business that works for you let me know in the comments like and subscribe to this channel beca use there's going to be more content just like this all right thank you guys very much for checking this out I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you guys on the next video

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