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How to Open & Set Up Your Amazon Seller Account (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

How to Open & Set Up Your Amazon Seller Account (Step-by-Step Tutorial)
15 Sep

Hey, guys, Will Mitchell here from Startup Rose and eCommerce Empire Just wanted to make this quick video to show you how to sign up for your Amazon account, actually get set up to start selling

We got a ton of questions about this, and it's really simple So I'm just going to walk you through it really quickly If you actually open your account right now, Amazon is offering a one month free trial for the professional version of your seller's account So right now is actually a great time to do this, jump on this offer I will include a link so you can get this one month free

You can also just go to Google and search for open Amazon seller account, and within one of those first two links you should find this page as well So all we're going to do here, guys, is click Sell, obviously Go ahead and put in whatever e-mail address or whatever you want I'm going to put our [email protected]

We'll create a new password since we're just signing up now And then it's going to ask you first and last name So for me it's going to be Will Mitchell Type in that support email address again Set up some sort of password

This is all easy for you As I said, this is pretty simple stuff, but a lot of people are intimidated by it So go ahead, type that Captcha in And then it's going to ask you for a few things This is where people start to get confused

You know, for a legal name this is just going to be basically who's paying the taxes, basically So if you have a legal business name, go ahead and put that in here If not, just go ahead and register as your individual, personal name So we'll do that for now And like I said, it's very simple to switch this account over to a business account at any point in the future

The big thing right now is just to get your seller account up and start selling Let's worry about the structure and the classification of it later So then you're going to do your display name This display name is what's going to show on the consumer side of Amazoncom, so when people are actually buying your product they'll see this store name

Now, if you're selling something generic, it's probably smart to do some type of generic name Obviously if you're only selling soap, then you're going to want some soap-related name But since ideally or in theory I'm just going to be selling a bunch of different products, so I'm going to make some generic name Maybe I'll make it Big Savings Depot or something like that So we'll go and check the availability

I'm sure that's available Then we'll go ahead and type in our address and all that fun stuff Our phone number I will take out my personal cell phone number from there And then you can select this if you want

You definitely don't have to, but feel free to do that if there's going to be some main category I'll just put Everything Else just for fun So moving on, clicking Save and Continue This going to take you to the next spot here This is going to ask you for your credit card number

You're going to need a credit card number or some type of debit card or something for Amazon to put on file and just verify that you are who you say you are So I'm going to go ahead and click my credit card number in here I will of course hide that in the actual recording And then we just click Save and Continue again Like I said, guys, super simple to do this

Here is to verify your identity once again I'm going to have to type in my personal cell phone number on this, because I can't get text messages on our toll-free number So I'm going to click Send Me a Text Message Just reading this, if you're international use that leading one I'm not international

I'm within the US, so I'm just going to type my cell phone number in Go ahead and click Text Me Now, and then I will go ahead and wait for this if I can find my phone And it looks like I already got the code, so I'm going to go ahead and type that in Verify PIN And that should take us to the next step of the registration

Just click Continue So this is going to be the tax interview Again, this is simple stuff, guys So you're basically just letting Amazon know who you are, because they have to register with the IRS who they're paying as third-party sellers So you're just going to want to yes

I am a US person This is basically the same as many different tax forms that you would have filled out before Now again, if you are already a company, then you should know whichever one of these you are If you're an LLC, then you're a Limited Liability Company SCorp, whatever it is

If you don't have your company set up yet, then just sign up as an individual or a sole proprietor So that's what I'm going to do So you know, no business or trade name I'm just signing up under my personal name, and then obviously filling out the rest of this information Then it's going to ask you for either your SSN or EIN

These are basically tax identification numbers So again, if you're an individual person, you're going to use your Social Security Number That's your tax ID If you are registering as a company, then you're going to have an EIN That's going to be your tax ID as a company

Again, I'm just signing up as an individual, so I'll go ahead and put this info in I will make sure to hide this field in the recording And then I was not born 60 days ago, so I won't click that box Then Save and Continue, and we'll see where we end up here It's going to validate our tax identification, just make sure we are who we say we are

And then it's going to give us this W-9 This is basically what we were just filling out, so just automatically filled out that W-9 there Go ahead and Save and Continue once again Consent to just basically signing electronically this W-9 form So give it that electronic signature right here

And then go ahead and click Submit once again That's going to have the signature on that W-9 now You just click Exit Interview We're done with the tax interview, so that is that And then go ahead and click Complete Registration

And I believe that is it I believe we are now registered and set up to sell on Amazon If we wanted to, we could go list inventory right now and have it up for sale for Amazon customers So let's go ahead and make sure that this completed And as you can see, we are completely done here

We got to Help box and all these different things But we are set up to sell We have our Amazon Seller Central Account We can go manage our inventory, start listing inventory, set up FDA orders, whatever you want to do It might be smart to go through and if this is your first time selling on Amazon, checking out this Quick Start Guide over on the side

But other than that, guys, we're up, running, and ready to sell So get out there and sell All right, guys, it's that easy So go create your Amazon seller account, and let's start selling

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