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How to Save $3000 a Year: The A to Z of a Sustainable Savings Plan

21 Mar

There are countless articles on the internet that advice you Save Money as if it were some divine law which needs be followed. However, seldom will you find a piece which takes things beyond the mere redundancy of wisdom and preaching of conservatism.

This piece is different, at least by the anatomy. This doesn’t feed you with some otherworldly pieces of advice, instead, it breaks down things you need to do to be able to save more than $3000 a year.

So here’s how to save $3000 a year.

Save money on Car Insurance

So we have talked about how getting your car serviced from time to time helps you in saving money over the long haul. Regular servicing spares you extra cash in the form of durable clutch plates, timing belt, radiator, and clean injectors. These all parts are required to be replaced if you miss out on getting your car service after covering certain miles behind the wheels.

Now, there is yet another expense attached to the car that is often ignored in terms of value for money; car insurance. All drivers are different, the numbers of hours they put behind the wheel differ, and everyone’s driving needs are different. Some only commute to their offices and some drive around (probably their occupation demands so).

These days, a new form of car insurance is disrupting the market – Pay per mile insurance. Pay per insurance decides quotes on how much time is the driver putting behind the wheels. This makes sense to people whose car sits pretty in their garages most of the time.

Metromile is one of the pioneer pay per mile of insurance service providers. It charges a base fee after assessing driving history, age and other conventional elements in addition to a per mile expense.

Metromile doesn’t use telematics, so people who are concerned about their privacy don’t have to worry about its infringement.

Moreover, you can also make the way you drive count in deciding your insurance quote through Root insurance. Root insurance examines the way you drive via telematics (how else would the provider know?).

It takes into accounts the way you throttle, the way you corner, and the way you apply brakes. Basically, it rewards disciplined drivers because they are less likely to ram into someone.

Save more money for accounts

Blooom– Think you are cut out on saving each penny, think again. Since we are discussing saving every buck for the greater good of putting them to best possible use, we should shed some light on our accounts as well.

Seldom do we inquire into our employee sponsored 401 (k) accounts let alone optimizing it. What if we tell you that you could save significantly more by the time you retire provided that you periodically optimize your 401 (k)s. Don’t know how to get about it? Look no further than Bloom.

Blooom offers a free detailed analysis of your 401 (k), so it won’t hurt your pocket to visit the site and inquire further. Moreover, Bloom costs you an upfront fee of $10, no matter what your account size is.

Save money on the mobile bill

Twigby– Your mobile phone bill is yet another area which is often overlooked in terms of value that you get for the money. Twigby is a mobile virtual network operator which operates on various networks beyond Sprint and Verizon.

The best part about Twigby is that it offers you a highly customized plan depending on your usage of the cell phone. For instance, some users might have the need to make more ISD calls or some might need to have more data for internet browsing.

Twigby ensures that you only pay for what you are using, thereby saving you extra dollars which you were spending in vain earlier.

Save money on bank fees and charges

Cushion Bill Negotiator – You would have come across many apps that negotiate with Comcast. However, Cushion bill negotiator is a different breed, it negotiates with banks to remove the charges.

It is likely that you would have never thought of any such service, but Cushion bill negotiator is cut on helping you save money on bank fee and other miscellaneous charges.

When you sign up for Cushion bill, you will have to provide bank account information by the means of which this service interface with the bank accounts.

When Cushion Bill Negotiator finds a fee or a penalty, it browses through your bank history. It scrutinizes how you have been handling your financial commitments in the past to negotiate with the bank based on that.

Cushion bill uses artificial intelligence to send correspondence to the bank via email or chat box. It asks your permission before reaching out to the bank and it lets you know within 24 hours whether you charge/fee will be pardoned or refunded.

Save money on e-commerce

Paribus – It has positioned itself as the prosecutor of the common man. What Paribus does is simple – it asks for refunds from the e-commerce site and gives it back to the customers. Unlike other best deals site, Paribus helps customers to find the best bargain after they have made the purchase.

Paribus scrabbles through your emails and finds the receipts sent by the e-commerce entities into your inbox. Paribus identifies the price for which you have bought a particular product or service. It stores the same log on to its database and monitors whether the price has dropped because of dynamic pricing.

These days e-commerce giants increase the prices of the products/services (dynamic pricing) on which most queries are made. This way, they are duping customers by charging higher than reasonable for a particular product or a service. Further, it’s very difficult to monitor fluctuations in pricing manually.

Enters Paribus, it keeps a watchful gaze on such absurd changes in the pricing through its algorithm and sends a query for the refund to the online seller

Save money on what not

Coupons are a real blessing in disguise. They are the keys to the treasuries whose bounties are countless. This analogy might seem a bit exaggerated to you but those who know to scrabble the depths of the coupon site, wouldn’t differ.

The point is, most coupon sites offer discount across various categories of products and services. One has to figure out which site provides what, and then one can always juggle across his/her first and second choice (discounts dupe us to do so).

Coupons appeal to savvy creatures, who want to make the most out of present opportunities and buy products and services which would sail their boat. People who get delusions of grandeur; a frame of mind where they would buy only those things which have caught their fancy, won’t get much from coupons.

Swagbucks is a prolific site for online rewards, a combo of every popular way of making money online. You can earn various rewards for shopping, searching through its search engine, watching videos etc. Swagbucks gives you coupons to save money at Amazon store while adding SBs to your tally as and when you purchase.

You earn SBs for every coupon you use, which again gives you a cashback of 10 cents. If you want to know the real perks of using a coupon based site, look no further than Swagbucks.

No words can do justice to the charismatic appeal of the Groupon. It offers exciting discounts on restaurants, apparel, travel, accommodation, theatres, spas and much more. Groupon buck is the native currency of the site and you get to earn Groupon bucks for almost anything; from referring to friends to registering on the site.

These rewards often translate to sparing yourself a handful of bucks on every purchase that you make through the site.

Ebates is a cash-back shopping site where you can get a cashback of up to 25% by shopping from online retailers.

You earn these rebates by shopping via Ebates’ portal. The access is super easy, you don’t have to pay any upfront fees or redeem your points to get extra money. Sounds like Scam? Well, it isn’t. It is actually an affiliate marketing site where sellers pay to Ebates a commission for every purchase that is made through Ebates site.

Save money on Travel

Travel is yet another important sphere of our lives which soaks up a major chunk of our savings. Even though there are many articles on the internet which talks about traveling on a shoe-string budget, only a handful of articles talks about the importance of getting your itinerary insured.

When you are leaving the den, you are throwing yourself into the wild where anything could go wrong. You could get injured, your possessions may get lost, your health could worsen, imagine if any such thing befalls you in a foreign land where your pack hasn’t got your back.

As scary as it might sound, it’s very much possible. To insure you against all kinds of probable ordeals, World Nomads insures your complete travel.

Right from inclusions which indemnify you for the theft of your DSLR to evacuating you if a war breaks out in the land to which you have traveled, World Nomads has got it all.

You have got to admit, ‘how to save $3000 a year’ was an enigma before you skimmed through this piece. Not only we have told you how to save money on various verticals, but we have also educated you on ditching the probable ordeals and risk associated with different categories of products and services that you buy.


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