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How to Shop on Amazon & US Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines with PayMaya & Johnny Air Cargo

How to Shop on Amazon & US Online Shopping Sites in the Philippines with PayMaya & Johnny Air Cargo
12 Aug

What? Can’t you see I’m busy playing my game here? Yes, I see you window shopping hopelessly for Amazon’s newest voice control device Show which ships out in the US on June 28 What do you want me to do? Stop dreaming George

On top of the fact that you’d be on a preorder list, it’s going to take much longer for it to actually get here ♫Click♫ What just happened there? Why did George have the audacity to still proceed on putting an item in his Amazon Shopping Cart when it’s so difficult to get it here in the Philippines? And why do I have a fancy chroma key background now? What’s that Frank? We need to look more professional now so our viewers would take us more seriously? Ok fine Anyway, let’s get back to a more natural background Aside from dealing with expensive international shipping costs, the hassle of going to the post office and paying for ridiculous taxation of imported goods is such a turn off Looks like George has something up his sleeves

Ok ok, fine I’ll tell them the secret about the cheapest and most convenient way on how to go shopping on Amazoncom while here in the Philippines After, we roll out the intro! ROLL INTRO ♫Glitch♫ So here’s the thing What George is trying to do earlier was just the first step in actually purchasing any item from Amazon or from any US based online shopping website and ultimately get it to our front door here in the Philippines Aside from the fact that we found a very convenient way to do it, we also figured out how do it without the need of dealing with importation taxes, paying a visit to our local post office, and saving a lot more money and time compared to purchasing the latest high tech goods locally

This is Barry your sort of anonymous but definitely awesome host And in this video, George and I will show you how we here at Think Tank TV PH shop for the latest gadgets and gizmos abroad and getting them here months ahead of when local distributors and retailers introduce it to the Philippine market And as a disclaimer, the companies we will mention are not sponsors As if ThinkTank TV PH is that popular to have sponsors to begin with ♫BABY GIGGLING♫ We’re doing this guide slash tutorial to share to you our test proven and most efficient way to get our tech safely here in Pinas from abroad

Mind you we’ve tried multiple ways with different logistical scenarios through other vendors and even to the point where we had to decline certain government employee offers to slip a few hundred pesos under the table to evade importation taxes ♫HOMIES HOWLING♫ Anyway, there are three things you need to have to make this work Firstly some kind of mode of payment needs to be taken cared of This could be with a credit card you already have granted that you’ve informed your bank that you have authorized international transactions This could also be done with PayPal

Quite a convenient way to get payments through as long as you already have a bank account with Paypal’s preferred banking partners like Unionbank or RCBC But these mentioned modes of payments are unfortunately not that easily attained by the average Filipino In fact according to a World Bank study done in 2014, 69% of Filipinos do not have bank accounts of their own or maintained one with someone else That means only 3 out of 10 Filipinos actually put savings into a bank and the remaining 7 are either hiding their riches under a mattress or not saving at all ♫Lil Jon – What!?!♫ Ok ok, I’ll stop myself there

We don’t want this video dinged for controversial content and disallow us to monetize our video Hehe! Now to get back on track, we introduce to you a virtual prepaid debit card option with PayMaya where you won’t need much requirements to open and to fund You can simply download an app onto your IOS or Android Smartphone then go to your closest 7-11 to actually make a deposit We won’t get into the details of opening an account with PayMaya, but it’s easy as 1-2-3 Check out Gadget Addict’s link in the description below for his tutorial on how to get it done

You might be tempted to check out his other videos that’s filled with really informative tech related stuff, but wait! Put a separate tab for his channel on your browser We still have to focus on getting you to shop on Amazon the easiest and cheapest way possible Speaking of Amazon, the second thing you need is an Amazoncom account Once again, we won’t bore you of the details on how to do it since Youtube is littered with many step by step videos on how to open up an account

EntrepreneurGirl explained it best at 1:34 of her video link below There are a couple of things though we will be specific on how you open up an account, which are the addresses you will be using for your billing and your shipping For the billing, the address is obviously going to be identical with the address you jotted down with PayMaya On the other hand, the shipping address won’t be the same No, we’re not asking you to place ThinkTank TV PH’s headquarters on the address tab

I mean don’t get me wrong We like getting free gifts from our viewers But this video is for you and for you to spoil yourself with tech bought with your hard earned money Jokes aside, it will be a US address of a forwarding company Now this forwarding company will be importing your tech at a fraction of the cost of overpriced international shipping charges

Well there are several forwarding companies to choose from We’ve tried several and the one we found most convenient and most cost effective is with Johnny Air Cargo At a mere $649 per pound of your package’s weight, not only do you get the item shipped to your front door from their US address, but that covers importation taxes and fees and the heavenly convenience without worrying about the paper trail and the hassle you may encounter with the post office And when I mean hassle, I mean having to avoid going through lengthy wait times while on queue and to save us the weird and awkward stares when they rip the package open anticipating a ticking time bomb to explode in our faces

Seriously, do I look suspicious to you? Anyway going back to that US address, I would suggest to get in touch with your closest branch so they can recommend which US address to assign to you This will also start a great relationship with one of their agents They usually have certain perks and discounts if you stick with one contact Fortunate for us, our agent is very accommodating to our needs From informing us the status of our packages through email and text to all the way to even personally bringing our items to our local address

Isn’t she a sweetheart? So lets just say you got an address assigned to you Time to save that in your Amazon address book and that should be the bulk of setting up your Amazoncom account Then finally the fun begins! Go browse through Amazon’s awesome deals Find what you’ve been drooling over

Possibly the Amazon Echo that we talked about in our previous video Add it to your shopping cart Proceed to checkout Place your order Make sure that your billing information coincides with your PayMaya details on your app

Make sure you select free or the cheapest shipping option to your US address Get all giggly with the confirmation number Wait on your confirmation email for the actual shipping Forward that email to your Johnny Air Cargo agent Wait about 10 days to 2 weeks

Eat Sleep Go to the bathroom Go get some work done Go play some CS:GO

Get a text from your Johnny Air Cargo agent that the item is on its way to you! Now, breathe it all in… Smile… Open the door Hand the agent the shipping COD payment Sign the receipt Open the package Voila! You have now completed your very first Amazon purchase! Wasn’t that just easy peasy? Well, for the most part yes

I do have one gripe with Johnny Air Cargo which is not being able to pay them with US Dollars in hand Their exchange rate is a bit higher than the daily FOREX rate But according to our JAC agent, this may change in the near future Crossing fingers to that savings! Speaking of savings, what if I told you we found a way to save you at least 14% and up to 30% of your next purchase and future purchases through Amazon? Ok now don’t get too excited The video’s getting too long and explaining this other secret would take at least another 10 minutes

We’ll save that juicy info for another episode So lets just wrap up this PayMaya, Amazon, and Johnny Air Cargo guide to awesome international online shopping There are links below the description of the gear we purchased and links to PayMaya, Amazon, and Johnny Air Cargo for more specific information about each company We hope you enjoyed our guide so much that it’s making you itch to go smash that like button But if you didn’t, well hey go hit that dislike button so we can see how much more room we have to improve

But we’d prefer that you don’t because we’d wanna get you to subscribe, click on the notification settings, write a comment below too and tell us what tech you’ll be buying after watching this video Until then, this is Barry your not so anonymous but ever so awesome host and George signing off for Think Tank TV PH where we enjoy taking Tech from all over the world and fitting it in a Pinoy Budget Meal If you think it, we’ll make it! ♫Music By Chuki Beats – Real Chill Old School Hip Hop Instrumentals Rap Beat #3♫ ♫Glitch♫ ♫Static♫

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